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Take a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust

Happy (10/9) Hina ❤ Kage Day !! [Here’s the video version of this]

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Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

So, I finally watched some videos from the blue boi @crankgameplays, and now I just really really really want to be his friend??? I like him

do you ever have those childhood memories where you’re not sure if they’re real or your brain just came up with them?

and you really want to know whether or not they actually happened, especially if those memories hint toward repressed trauma you may or may not have experienced

I guess the thing that has me the most upset about this riffraff with Crosby and pride tape is that some of y’all were so quick to be disappointed.  As if his past record on LGBTQ+ matters wasn’t relevant, as if participating in this one thing was the only way to truly show that he was supportive of the community.  Listen up people, a player using pride tape doesn’t mean they’re a great ally, and a player not using the tape doesn’t mean they’re a homophobe.  Look at what they’ve done in the past and weigh that far more heavily than whether or not they participated in this minor (and frankly hollow) gesture.

some asshat: anti johnlock people are homophobic
me, a person who knows aromanticism and asexuality exist: why are you in my living room


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

happy birthday @boleynqueens!!!

I’ve been trying to learn German for so long and I really want to practice and get better but I’m still terrible so the idea of asking someone to, like, talk with me to help me practice just seems like a terrible idea.


Poe working out with BB8 but that’s just a bad idea

it’s like one of those work outs when someone sits on your back as you pump iron but.. BB8 is.. round.. and push ups mean he needs more effort to keep on Poe’s back.. soo… silliness ensues :0 are you guys ticklish on your back? I am… to a certain degree :u

this was an interesting angle? like.. i’m quite.. inflexible with my angles and i’ve never tried work out poses.. so this was.. a challenge to some point :) -wipes brow-

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Poe and BB8©Star Wars

3:07pm: needed a change of scenery so I moved down to the kitchen for the afternoon; it’s a bit chilly, but it’ll do. Things are going okay — not really well but ‘okay’. Still stressed about my exams and I still don’t think I’ll do the best I could do, which is annoying, but really, I just want to pass and for these exams to be over. Revising this much material almost non-stop for 4 whole weeks, is very exhausting. Don’t try it kids.

he’s quite the fighter



Back to indoor lighting. idk if this is actually how cafes work, i kinda forget…. I just wanted to feature myself lol.

sorry for all the asks I haven’t answered, I will get to them i promise

and if anyone can get me info on how exactly honey can magically cure hyperacusis/tinnitus/misophonia it’ll be much appreciated :)

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Me: Oh yeah the fidget cube, that seems nice but it’s not really my thing, I have other ways of dealing with anxiety/needing to fidget/etc

Me, at 2AM, the day before an interview, thinking about tomorrow’s D&D session: God I need that fucking…… cube………. 


Big Hero 6 parallels