i've just finished watching this movie


what do you mean I have a new crush… it’s just your imagination ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Yesterday I went to watch this movie for the second time, because I want to throw all my money to the ones who have made it, and also because I FREAKING LOVED IT. I could be like… 5 days talking about it nonstop, and I feel sorry for my friends who have to listen to me talk about this movie 24/7.

Stay strong my friends 

Just finished watching Pride and Prejudice and now I’m off to bed to finish reading “What’s It Gonna Be” by @lemonoclefox ! 💙

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diaryofevilqueensister  asked:

What is the best thing about playing Jafar?

// Jafar is a character I’ve had a deep love for since I was a child.

I watched the animated Aladdin movie so many times in my life that I literally can recite it from start to finish from memory. I’ve always been a person who liked the villains in everything I watch, and something about Jafar just really clicked with me and never went away. If I ever go get a tattoo, it would probably be something Jafar-related, because he’s been a huge part of my life and who I am. My interests and obsessions have come and gone over the years, but Jafar is one of the few character obsessions that never went away for me. He’s been my favorite character for pretty much my whole life, and the recent Once Upon a Time in Wonderland show boosted that love even more.

So, for me, the best part about playing him is feeling like I’m doing justice to the character. As an RPer, character accuracy is important to me. I don’t do anything that I feel is out of character for my muses. And for me to roleplay Jafar, and have people enjoy my portrayal of him and tell me how similar he is to the canon portrayals of Jafar, really means a lot to me and draws a lot of enjoyment out of me. :)