i've just finished this and i luv it

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Currently listening to your OC playlists. I just finished the Trish playlist, and right now I'm on Janis. I am OBSESSED. Literally every time you make a new video I'm like always hyped to see what songs you'll choose. I've literally watched your vids back to back because of the music lol. They bring back so many good vibes from last summer. Keep up the good work. Luv ya!

ahhh thank you so much  ^ U ^  dude that makes me so happy! Glad you liked them <3 I’m posting Ruca’s today <3
Trish’s Playlist  Janis Playlist

  • what i've noticed about myself as a human being while writing my first ever non-merthur fic....
  • writing a merthur fic: pain! everyone must s u f f e r at every point!!!
  • writing destiel fic: just be happy and kiss a lot thx i luv u bbs

u know it was a good day when u manage to take not one, but two semi-decent selfies !!!! // also my lockscreen is gr8 i love that lyric 🙌🙌