i've just been procrastinating


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day with Cats

(yes super late I know, hence only minimal coloring… and no, this isn’t the Vday doujinshi I’m still working on Orz)

when it finally hits you that this season is actually over


Happy birthday !!! @dreamy-94

(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later


Chara! You aren’t supposed to surprise someone who’s getting ready to cosplay!

         He’d been searching for her for years. No one missed ℓα∂у Lydia like he did; not her mother, or guards, no one. He’d known her since they were children, she had been his closest friend since his father had died. And just when he had entered King Uther’s knights, she vanished. He was heartbroken, convinced she had been taken from Camelot by bandits. But without a ransom or a body (God help the bastards if he ever found her body), he wasn’t allowed to do a thing. There had been a small, initial search party sent out to find her, but they never did.

         He was older now, the ache in his chest
         from the absence left by the redhead
         was now gone. And he was a knight.

         There were travelers being robbed and killed on one of the less traveled paths to the kingdom, Jeremy had volunteered to search the area to locate their camp and capture if possible. Prince Arthur had offered to send a few men with him, but Jeremy, for all he was worth, preferred to work alone. And that’s where he found himself, riding in the direction the peasants who had approached the King had pointed them in. The woods were silent, in an almost eerie way, and his horse slowed in response, as uneasy as her rider.

         The thicker the feeling of uneasiness became, the harder it was to navigate through the trees. Eventually he had to abandon his ride and continue on foot; irritated and on edge, Jeremy finally stopped to take a moment to assess his surroundings. The hairs standing up on the back of his neck, he slowly turned in place, searing between the trees to locate the source of his discomfort.

                   But there was nothing but silence.

Headcanon that Sam actually plays the cello and that’s why she has such excellent upper body strength and listens to Bach’s cello suite no. 1 while taking a friggin 3 hour bath (Because her muscles are really sore from practicing).

summer-nights-and-sea-breezes  asked:

I've been procrastinating all morning and I've just seen all of the photos that you've posted so it made me feel guilty haha!

I hope you don’t mind that I published your ask, but I think this is very important.

Studyblrs procrastinate. I procrastinate way more than I should, but it is still less than before I started my studyblr. I have improved. But still, we procrastinate just as much as anyone else. Just because I reblog pictures like that, or even when I post my own pictures, it does not necessarily mean that I’m working. And if I am working, I’m not necessarily working on what I should be working on.

I don’t mean to patronise you, like not at all. I am very glad if my blog can get anyone to get their work done, because we all need that push sometimes. I just mean that you shouldn’t feel guilty for not working because you see those photos. At least in my case those photos don’t always mean hard work. I could (and should) probably be working way harder than I am.

This has been your daily reminded that studyblrs, even those you look up to, are just people, just students, just like yourself. We sleep in, we procrastinate and we make mistakes. There is a lot more to us than the pretty pictures we post of our books.