i've hit a block

yours, ‘that slytherin chaser.’

character: lai guanlin.

genre: fluff, comedy (?), hogwarts!au.

word count: 1,888w.

summary: you wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the head with a bludger. but maybe if it hit the object of your hidden affection instead?

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i’m actually laughing why am i getting hate on here 


∪*ゝω・)ノ~☆ What a unique-looking bunch of villagers! ☆


shoutout to @lionmettled for receiving and answering my tumblr message of ‘ok but what if they were really jedi before Rogue One happened’ at 12am

the essentials: Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe are Jedi Masters who are deployed in joint-command over a Battalion (their first experience as Dads) during the Clone Wars. They defect from the Jedi Order right before Order 66, because of their ‘attachment’ to each other, relocating to their home-planet Jedha wherein they take up positions as Guardians of the Whills (better title than ‘Imperial disruptor’).

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anonymous asked:

I've hit a road block in my art and it's slowly killing me help what do I do? Also I have this bald spot on my head near my bangs and I can't cover it up and I'm on the bus to school help

tbh draw literally anything!! scribble shit and draw lil legs and arms on them boom u got a lil scribble friend or draw anything near u bam u got somethin!! u dont have to finish anything but its good to just doodle

also mb try wearing a hat aaa :O?? i’ve had tht problem bfore but i didnt have a hat so i just kind of used bobby pins and cover it w some of my other hair?? idk hsjdfff

late night doodles. i was feeling art block and since I’ve been on a bit of a Xeno/gears / saga kick, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try some style imitation.

Turns out it’s influenced my art more than I actually noticed, especially in the torso’s and hair styles/parts). So while Mase was asleep (save me he’s up and super raring to go while i wanna get ready to pass out), i took advantage of it and started some as a warm up doodle. 30 minutes passed and what do you know, he’s up again. So i ended up doing some more style imitations the playable cast of the first darkwings, and then it turned into style comparison, darkwings no title milt comparison and then finally, shading/color practice on and off the past 5 hours.

I’ll try to be on here a bit tomorrow and get those starter’s done. i haven’t forgotten em! just been busy with a happy but as mentioned before super energetic kitten. i’ve never had a kitten kitten so this has been new and a little more draining that expected lol.


Random things cause why not

• the nomad alien’s name is Vha'Nixxa. The ‘Vha’ part is the equivalent to her last name/family name.

• she is smol! (But that won’t stop her from taking on the universe!)

• Lances misses his bayard, so Nixxa mods all his guns so that they’re awesome.

• during their time together they help each other grow and change. Lance becomes more sure of himself. He knows what he brings to their partnership.

• the team is shocked by the difference in their former team mate when they finally meet up again.

• Lance had a crush on one of the other paladins (was it keith? Was it hunk? Was it shiro? Was it allura? Well, I can’t tell you what I decided cause that would spoil the fic XD) and he gets ALL THE FEELS from seeing them again.

its-randommadness  asked:

Can I ask for some advice? I'm making an Undertale comic, "Sins of the Pacifist", but I've hit a few blocks. Aside from procrastination and a growing disinterest in Undertale, I just don't know how I want to write the story; my original plan was having Frisk go through a "sinful pacifist" run, hence the name, but the more I thought about it the more I think it sounds like a copy/paste of the original story. I've done what I can to make it more original, but it doesn't seem like enough. Thoughts?

Just throw in some cool ass headcanons. Make Frisk into some kind of evil mastermind who goes through the pacifist route knowing it’ll turn out the best for them- not necessarily because they want everyone else to be happy. Make em do some sinful shit like getting frustrated with someone who messes up their plans and beating the shit out of them or something- just have fun!

anonymous asked:

Thank you Ania. Thank you for being the first inspiration I had in several years. I started improving my art because of you, I got some new friends online (Though we don't talk much anymore...) I had fun. Your dubs were entertaining and gave me more motivation with each video. I hit art block again so I've come back here to relive my old experience. So thank you Ania for your content. ^U^ - Anon Komirru

Yar welcome matey!

(Don’t know why I went pirate)