i've headcanoned this with a million people but i need to write it

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whenever you have time/energy for it, could you talk about headcanons for if hera somehow got a physical body? no rush, just wanna know what you have to say on the matter

(not quite sure whether this is headcanons or a ficlet? or whether it’s at all what you had in mind? but boy, do I have Thoughts about AIs and their relationship to humanity and Hera in particular, and that comes through here.)

  • Hera’s first concern when they start talking about making her a body is that she wants to design it herself.
  • it isn’t that she doesn’t want a body. and it isn’t that she doesn’t want to be able to engage in the kind of comforting physical socializing all of her friends use their bodies for – she really, really wants to finally high five Eiffel, for one thing.
  • (he started leaving handprints on the Hephaestus’ monitors within a month of the day they met.)
  • but Hera knows what kind of shape they’d think of for her – not maliciously, she knows they love her, but it’s like the words they didn’t give her, the mind they did – they only ever conceptualize one shape, one kind of body, one way of being.
  • Hera doesn’t want a body so she can be more human, doesn’t want to be a pretty little android. she doesn’t want a body that proves that she’s just like all of them, because she’s not. Hera wants a body that makes her more Hera.
  • it does not need to move or look like anything human beings have referent for, although she pulls inspiration from everything from plants to animals to industrial engineering (anything she thinks seems cool, honestly; she confesses this to Eiffel but would never admit it to Minkowski, and she’s not lying when she tells Renee that she has a coherent functional and aesthetic goal. and she’s quite proud of it, in the end). Hera does not want a body so she can be a person (she knows she is already a person); Hera wants a body to do the things she can’t without one.
  • she is so hungry for experience, for seeing and feeling and doing – now that the station is no longer a part of her, now that so much of her mind and identity are not occupied with a million calculations and routines and consciousnesses keeping the Hephaestus running, now that she finally gets to decide for herself what she wants to do – she realizes she wants to do everything.
  • Hera’s body is built to house any sense they could think of, all that freed-up processing power devoted to every kind of experience - vision in spectrums beyond human comprehension, as many tactile sensors as they could cram in, temperature, electrical impulses, electromagnetic waves, even taste, of course taste, she has spent almost her entire life listening to her best friend describe food, like she would miss out on that entire slice of what the universe has to offer
  • and she thought space was full! she never understood how it could be called a void, called emptiness – but suddenly it makes sense why people would say that, because even with the limits of a human body, there is so much – this world is so much, every square inch of it, and just going fifty feet down a street is such a kaleidoscope of incredible things. it is awe-inspiring and disgusting and painful and amazing and beautiful and she is full of wonder at it.
  • (there is so much in this world that she is the first person ever to know. there are so many experiences so intrinsic to life here that no one thinks about them and that she is feeling and wondering at for the first time.)
  • people do not generally find it a comforting body. hera doesn’t care; she didn’t build it for them, and her friends don’t care, either, and that’s all that matters. she has an emotional body language of her own which Minkowski can read as easily as her own humanoid shoulder shrugs and eyerolls. Doug does not seem at all to mind sitting back in his apartment, propped up against her humming-warm metal side as he dozes in front of the TV, as long as she has all the right appendages to give him a hug.
  • (Lovelace will walk down the street next to her as naturally as though she was any ordinary human being in the world; and Hera’s senses can easily read the tenseness, like coiled springs, in her step as she does. but she also knows there is nothing defensive there, only a fierce pride, now, in both of them, for knowing and deciding who and what they are. daring the world to try and tell them differently. Hera and Lovelace understand each other really well these days.)
  • and it’s nice, she finds, nicer than she expected, to be able to stretch limbs and feel the brush of textures and the weight of physicality and think this is mine. this is me. it is something she could never feel with the Hephaestus, which was always neither her body nor something she simply piloted, but frustratingly in between. there’s comfort in this clearer delineation of what is and isn’t Hera, in her own right to decide what shape that space takes.
  • hands, she tells them, are very useful for doing all kinds of things, as humans prove, and were an obvious choice to include in her design.
  • (they’re good for high fives, too.)

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helloo I dont know if you have answered this before but what would you think Adam's going to study on college? I've seen lots of different opinions and I was wondering what are your thoughts about it

You know, anon, I’ve never actually really sat down and thought it out. I don’t tend to have serious, immovable post-canon headcanons. Mostly because one of the things I like most about fandom (and Adam Parrish in general) is the sense of possibility. The way the whole of a character’s future opens up before you and you get to explore every possible path to your little heart’s content. Adam Parrish can have the whole world now and I just want to give it to him! (She says, and then goes on unfailingly writing him as going to Harvard for the simple, lazy reason that she knows the area really well.)

But! You can study a lot of things in college without actually majoring in them and living/sleeping/breathing them for the rest of your life, and he is a boy who wants to understand things, so!

  • Sociology/Anthropology/Sexual Behavior: Adam Parrish is a boy who spent a large chunk of the series writing off people’s interest in him as vanity, who didn’t think he could understand love, who didn’t understand why anyone would show him love. He views the world around him as a puzzle to be solved and relationships are no different. If he studies these things he will get to spend time really getting into the mechanics of interpersonal behavior and being able to break down social interactions through time and maybe understand how all of human history has brought him to a place where Ronan Lynch left hand cream and a mix tape in his car and why it is that their arguments leave him shaking with adrenaline out of a fierce need to protect his tribe and what’s his, Ronan included. 
  • Physics: Did I mention the world was a puzzle to Adam? Physics is the Rubik’s Cube of sciences. It’s the one you can take and pull apart to look at and apply literally anywhere with limited special equipment at the start. You just need your knowledge of movement and mass and time and the whole of the world at your fingertips. I think he’d get a kick out of it too, in how the knowledge will come to feel like an extension of the powers that Cabeswater once granted him. Understand the currents, direct the currents, control the currents. Understand the world, direct the world, control the world. Well, on the immediate scale, anyway. 
  • Philosophy: Okay, obviously the primer course in existentialism–I’m alive because I bleed, baby, I know isn’t it incredible?–but I think he’d mainly be interested in Foucault and the like, philosophers who look at the balance of knowledge and power and how that is enacted in a million ways that start with big things like government and religion and then trickle down to the interpersonal relationships he’s already studying. One of my very favorite little details in TRK is how Aurora loves people the way they need to be loved, and that she loves Adam by asking him if they see colors the same way and letting him reason it out. Adam is already engaging in philosophical thought in the text. I think he has to, I think it starts as a defense mechanism, but also he seems to legitimately enjoy asking those questions and a good philosophy professor could really give him some stuff to mull over. 
  • Astronomy: Because it’s a natural extension of Physics and also because he can talk about it with Ronan when they’re sprawled out on their backs in the grass on the dark nights out at the Barns. I have this idea that Adam’s need to work things out the long way slowly goes from being an internal monologue to being an external dialogue as their relationship progresses. Adam will get that concentrate-y look on his face and Ronan will ask him what he’s making that stupid face for and Adam will say ‘dark matter makes up like, 85% of the universe, how can we just not know what 85% of the universe is made of?’ And Ronan will say ‘you literally just said it was made of dark matter, so I think we do know, genius.’ And Adam will say, ‘yeah, but we call it that because we don’t know what’s in it.’ And then Ronan spends the rest of the week dreaming about dark matter and helping Adam come to terms with the literal baselessness of reality. (Refer back to Philosophy, metaphysics are a bitch.)
  • Economics: Because money will always be a fraught concept for him and he needs to understand the big picture of it before he can make peace with the small tragedies it causes him. 
  • Logic: DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD TAKE COLLEGE COURSES IN LOGIC? I didn’t until just this moment, because my entire existence is logic-resistant, but not Adam Parrish’s, oh no. He’s gonna suck that shit up and then obsessively run his decisions through the paces for roughly a semester before even Gansey tells him that it’s exhausting him. Adam feels that, logically, Gansey’s exhaustion is not something Adam should need to solve for, but you know, he took those sociology classes for a reason, so he concedes that maybe things like new t-shirts and routes to class don’t need to be mulled over quite that intensely.
  • Western Mysticism: He’s not going to take a whole load of religion classes or anything. He figures if he ever really wants to know about God, Ronan will fill him in. But it’s not like he can take classes in tarot or magic, and his incessant need to understand things extends to the magic that touched all of them, and what is the physical manifestation of religious miracles but a kind of magic? Miracles, as it turns out, are not what he’s after, so it doesn’t end up holding his interest, but he learns some interesting historical context stuff, so it’s not a total waste.
  • Ecology and Conservation: Look, it turns out that religions aren’t magic, but trees are still fucking magic. He should know, his ex-girlfriend is part tree and he used to belong to a forest. We should definitely, 100% save the trees. 

I’m sure there are other things. Adam’s been yearning for the horizon for so long that I think he’s just going to take in everything he can, but that will be a good start. A good headway on the path to understanding himself and where he stands in the context of the world around him. All I want is for Adam Parrish to open himself up and let light flood both in and out. He’s got glorious potential, our bi tree son. 

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You seem pretty level-headed, and you're a writer, which I feel makes you something of an expert with regard to plot development, so I have a question for you. Occasionally, I happen upon a C@ryl post, and I'm astounded by their confidence in C@ryl becoming canon. Do you think our preference for Bethyl is making us blind to facts? I thought the writers' intentions with Still and Alone (and subsequent references to Beth) were clear. Is it possible they were meant to be open to interpretation?

Just a note, this got long and while there is no hate here, if you’re a C@ryl shipper, this probably won’t be your cup of tea…

Okay, here we go…

As to the confidence of some C@ryl shippers (I know plenty who are not all that confident and others who don’t give a crap whether their ship ever become a canon romance, so for the sake of this conversation, I’m going with shippers who are 100% confident in their ship), TWD has been on for four seasons, show time, just under two years. Daryl’s closest female friendship heading into season 4 was inarguably with Carol. They bonded in season 2, had a bit of a rough patch towards the end after Sophia died and then by season 3 they were clearly close friends, joking and teasing a bit, caring about each other a lot and all the while, Daryl had almost zero interaction with any other female characters. It had become, in the fandom (not to the casual viewer, because up until season 4, I was a casual viewer and had no idea people shipped C@ryl), fait accompli, something that was just going to happen eventually. There was nothing canonically speaking that would contradict that Daryl and Carol wouldn’t eventually figure out they liked each other as more than friends. That’s a difficult mindset to move away from once you’ve allowed yourself to go there, once you’ve read hundreds of fanfics, thought up a million headcanons, bonded with shipmates, all the while waiting for it to happen. That’s where the confidence comes from and it makes sense. I think many of those people refuse to take season 4 into account, and that’s their prerogative, but I think it’s a huge mistake on their part when it comes to any analysis of the narrative and character arcs heading into season 5. 

The first important part of the narrative arc for Daryl in season 4 was that he clearly had formed another relationship with a woman that was just as close and perhaps even closer than his relationship with Carol. And nope, I’m not even talking about Beth. His relationship with Michonne had clearly grown much deeper. We didn't see it, but they’d obviously bonded tremendously in their time looking for the Governor, to the point where their relationship was on par with the C@ryl relationship. They both teased and trusted each other, they had meaningful conversations about Michonne’s inability to give up the search and Daryl’s role at the prison (which is saying something from the two least verbose members of Team Prison) and there was an almost flirty moment or two, much like the moments Daryl and Carol had shared in the past. And just like with the C@ryl relationship in seasons 2-4, Dix0nne remains resolutely platonic on screen in 4A and they chose not to pair them off once the prison fell to explore that connection more fully, because it’s the same relationship, it’s a deep, heartfelt, die for each other, kickass, almost bro/sis, not quite, but not going to lead to anything else because that would probably be weird, friendship. Just from a storytelling point of view, a “romantic lead” would not develop a friendship that is almost exactly the same with two different women only to have one of those women become his love interest. It’s confusing for the audience, in a, “but wait, Daryl’s like that with Carol, but he’s like that with Michonne too, which one does he like, I don’t get it…” Gimple and co. are too good at what they do to let something like that past them. 

Then we have what developed between Beth and Daryl in season 4 and if we compare that relationship to the other bonds Daryl has formed with women on the show, well, it's completely different. There’s tension from both sides, neither party willing to back down or give in to the other, there’s almost no teasing and when there is it is followed by a pleasantly awkward silence and a breaking of that tension with things like eating jelly from a jar and grossing her out and asking her to sing for him, there is a baring of souls, revealing their deepest insecurities, facing their greatest fears, delving deeper with each other than either of them have allowed anyone before. He shows her that she can be a survivor, that she can change and learn and grow and she shows him that there is hope in the world, that there are good people left and that he needs to have faith, that he needs to keep going despite it all. It is a unique connection for both characters and incomparable to any relationship on the show. Seriously. It’s completely different. Even Maggie and Glenn at their shippiest never quite had a heart to heart the way Beth and Daryl did. They were ready to be everything for each other. And that’s not reading into anything, that’s not putting a romantic slant on it. That’s just what happened on the screen. All of that and I haven’t even begun to discuss the completely unnecessary romantic imagery and physical contact that accompanied all of this, that if the show hadn’t wanted to cast a romantic atmosphere, they would have avoided at all costs. 

TWD has always allowed the audience to interpret the show as they see fit, hence the Team Carol and Team Rick debate that is still raging as we head into season 5, but from a narrative perspective and taking the character relationships as they have developed on screen, we, as Bethyl shippers, are not being blind to the facts. What happened on screen actually happened. Whether Beth and Daryl go at it like bunnies in season 5 or 6 or never remains to be seen, but what happened in season 4 was a classic set-up for a romantic relationship. Now we just have to see where they take it…