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Yes, there had been a chance that Seth would disagree, deny to help him with this, and there was still the fear that he would betray him. Fernando didn’t want to believe it, but he had thought about the possibility very carefully. 

Would he really be ready to destroy this man if he had to?“ 

Fernando Constantino and Seth Navez. I’m just getting rid of all the things I wanted to draw over the last months and couldn’t. Hence the wide variety of subjects :’)

The Stable Girl, Chapter 1

TITLE: The Stable Girl
AUTHOR: fanficshiddles
GENRE: Romance, Adventure
FIC SUMMARY: Loki finally meets the new stable hand, Evelyn. They have a lot in common, though Evelyn is hiding a few secrets. Will they fall in love and get a happy ending?
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for this chapter. 

Evelyn’s POV

I hadn’t been on Asgard long. I used to stay on Midgard, but now I had a new life here on Asgard. I was the stable hand. I looked after 9 horses at the moment that were stabled in the royal stables. I loved my job. 

The only thing I did not like, was I had to attend some celebrations in the royal palace. I was not really a people person. At all. I was much better with animals. 

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