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pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

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  • Society: *Expects teenagers to be in high level classes while maintaining good grades, join plenty of extracurricular activities and be in honor societies, and students don't ever have enough homework and are always exhausted so let's have teachers give them work all day everyday to keep them focused, they should also have a job by possibly sophomore year working ridiculous hours so they can buy a car and start saving for college so they don't end up in student debt, then of course you should have a social life, but don't forget to apply for all those scholarships because the last thing the government wants is money out of your pockets, but of course volunteering in the free time that's just lying around looks awesome on resumes so let's just throw that in there, and remember that after all that you can totally find a job and an apartment so you'll be completely set after college.*

And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy


Legends of Tomorrow | SDCC17 | Doug the Pug (x)

Bye bye.

Entangled Arms (or a vacant space)

Entangled Arms (or a vacant space)

author: vinoharry 

artist: lovingityeah

rating: explicit

pairing: harry styles/zayn malik


When Harry first approached him at the bar, hips swinging and walking dick first, Zayn thought it was going to a night of perfunctory small talk before they fell into bed together.
But Zayn got so much more than he bargained for.

word count: 43,736

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  • Someone: I wish Yana would confirm the 2CT
  • The Monkey's Paw: *one finger curls*
  • Kuroshitsuji canon: Agni dies, Lizzy runs away, shit goes down
  • Kuroshitsuji discourse wank 2018-2020: anon hate/death threats/vagueblogging/50,000 word essays on twincest vs anti-twincest, daily fights over which twin is "precious cinnamon roll uwu" vs irredeemable shit garbage- no in between, 8000 posts on which twin deserves Lizzie as a trophy wife, all other characters are forgotten
Neverland (7/?)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

c/w for this chapter: Gore/graphic violence (not inflicted on a main character)

Part 1  Part 6  AO3

xi. bad decisions

Clayton says he saved him a lot, and sometimes Gavin almost believes it.

Sometimes he thinks about how he ended up in this mess, and every time it boils down to being his fault, right? His own fucking stupidity.

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