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novel!wolfram appreciation
  • prettier than god according to a guy who knew god personally
  • not interested in being polite or heterosexual
  • here to drink wine and call out Yuuri’s bullshit
  • can and will drink you under the table btw
  • and then claim you promised him something while you were drunk that you don’t remember and didn’t actually say but you have no way of knowing that (get rekd Adalbert)
  • actual bamf
  • just wants to get laid
  • constantly baffled by the English language
  • fascinated by tan lines
  • fell in the snow and hurt his back trying to look cool
  • ready to swordfight a room full of armed pirates in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around his head
  • brags about his daughter to other dads
  • actually apologized for badmouthing Yuuri’s mom (like several books later but still RECOGNIZES AND CORRECTS OWN BIGOTRY)
  • he grows up So Much and I am So Proud
  • is a srs actor who takes his role as Predator in Yuuri’s Alien vs. Predator musical adaptation Very Srsly
  • somehow manages to sleep through important shit
  • motherfucker so confident he stops Yuuri from introducing him to the king of their biggest rival country who proceeds to spend the next five novels fucking them over not knowing they’re engaged
  • what’s good Saralegui
  • don’t worry Sara he’ll probably send you a wedding invite
  • stated his love and devotion to his fiance and king with impassioned sincerity right before punching him in the gut
  • carries a marriage registration form at all times
  • reads Yuuri’s diaries
  • has nightmares about sand bears
  • clingy sleeper
  • constant paranoia about giant squid
  • seriously every time they’re on a boat and something happens he’s like OMG GIANT SQUID idk if he’s been scarred for life after that one time or he just really likes calamari
  • reads the local tabloid gossip columns about him and Yuuri
  • gets mad when anyone other than him calls Yuuri a wimp
  • spent an indeterminate amount of time hiding in a box of oranges with Yuuri 
  • spends the majority of every story arc tracking down Yuuri and saving his sorry butt from whatever new mess he’s gotten into
  • will probably spend the rest of his life chasing Yuuri halfway across the globe to stop him from doing something dumb
  • is probably totally cool with that
i have conversations with everyone  i’ve ever thought i was in love with while sitting in my bathtub, and even the faucet doesn’t reply. i am trying to find a way to call him but make it go straight to voicemail. there was once a way to do that, and maybe there still is,
but i’m afraid of fucking that up too.  i am listening to all the songs i associated with painful love as a child. the kind that make men in leather jackets shatter like icicles adoring the asphalt in all the videos. i listen to The Fray while looking through old pictures, and reassure my downstairs neighbor that i am totally ok. my childhood best friend and i have been talking about what it means to be angsty as an adult. we still listen to Panic! At the Disco and Bon Iver while thinking about every mouth that will never say it back, but now we pay bills. we still put our phones on silent after sending risky text messages, but now we’re just trying to qualify for a credit card. we still don’t when it’s truly 2:30AM or when we’re just alone.
—  over my head (14/365) (after something @8rai texted me 20 minutes ago), Lydia Havens

it’s like a story of l o v e

Days of Outlaw Queen 

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Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry. The name comes from the Ancient Greek “améthystos” – a- (“not”) and méthystos (“intoxicated”)– a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks wore amethyst and made drinking vessels decorated with it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication while Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battle in the belief that amethysts heal people and keep them cool-headed. 

The origin of these beliefs stemmed from the myth of Dionysus and his initial struggle with Hera’s curse. Shortly after Ampelos’ death and Dionysus’ acceptance of immortality, Hera struck the young god with a curse to deter him from setting forth to Greece and to prevent him from completing the tasks required of him in order for him to ascend to heaven as an Olympian. In his madness, he wandered Egypt and Syria aimlessly for many years, completely out of tune with reality. It wasn’t until he came across Rhea in Phyrgia (modern day Turkey and where Dionysus was raised) that he was able to find a way to subdue his curse:

❝ To Dionysos alone had Rheia given the amethyst, which preserves the winedrinker from the tyranny of madness.❞ (DIONYSIACA. book 12. )

Since then, Dionysus has always branded a pendant of amethyst to better control his madness, and while it aids him in keeping his head cool, it does little to help Dionysus if he doesn’t have a strong will to fight off the madness in the first place– which usually happens when he’s wronged by someone or provoked beyond that which he can tolerate and gives in to his anger and/or grief. However, once he does enter his state of madness, the amethyst is the only thing that can assure that he’ll eventually come back from his spell. Without it, there’s little that can be done to bring him back to reality.


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [1/10] anime series » Zankyou no Terror

“Father, Oedipus, killing his father… Riddles, bombs, and plutonium… How in the world are they all connected?”

Min rants

Hey guyss //laughs// The blog’s been quiet for a while now and, as always I apologize, but also I want to update y’all about my life status for the rest of the year–

Min is swamped with final year at college right now- assignments and final year projects and tryna find a possible training place for at the end of the year; it’s all just a messed piled on rubble- It’s highly likely that min won’t be able to post anything for a couple months starting last month since teachers are hounding us for work

Also, min will start internship on 27 Nov this year until 27 April next year (I’m gonna miss the third anniversary TTTTT) so I have to leave you guys early and there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to go online as my course is really physically taxing i just hope i don’t get kitchen duty man i hate kitchen duty--

I’ll try to be around as much as I can during my internship but I can’t promise you anything at the moment ;; v ;; I hope you understand! Aaaand be nice to admin cali while I’m away! Bye bye! Have a nice weekend!

In the dim light that the lamp cast over his younger brother, he seemed to have changed, the features on his face highlighted and darkened, making him seem ageless.

And while those shadows scared Dean it made Sam beautiful. It made Sam a creature that was almost too beautiful for him to touch.

But Dean had touched him.

And held him.

And kissed him.

And darkened his blood and every little word that he uttered into Sam’s ear about how perfect he was and how there was nothing wrong with him and that he was so pure was all a lie. Dean could see that so fucking clearly now.

Sam wasn’t perfect. He was far beyond that. He was a broken mirror with edges that cut.

And Dean wanted to be cut.