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Hey I'm like literally crushing on you so bad lmao but I've come to deliver a simple prompt. Nicky making vines of the foxes. So many brotp moments with him and matt. So many sassy comments at Allison. So many sickeningly cute vines with Erik. He has a collection called "me just videoing Neil because he's beautiful." And "Andrew before he tries to kill me." And "Inside the life of Kevin Day" end me Nicky I'll forever love you


au where tfc takes place during 2016? yes pls

  • nicky hemmick vines
  • in fact, nicky is a POPULAR viner
  • he has so many vines
  • nicky vines almost everything the foxes do because he wants to document it ALL
  • neil josten showing up? He takes a vine and saves it to his drafts for when neil is announced and he can actually post it
    • the vine is just nicky whispering “oh no he’s hot” and zooming in on neil’s face
    • there’s also the infamous neil zoom again where nicky’s whispering “i’m gonna fu
    • ck him” and aaron says “ur not gonna fuck him.” and nicky whispers “gonna do it”

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Okay sooooo before E3 (and before Nomura confirmed he was the Master of Masters, so not all of this matters but its still a cool thought) my boy David and I were talking about the KHX Back Cover, and came to the theory that the man in the black coat in Daybreak town might be DiZ. Now before you think “Uhhh no.” Let me explain: Not Diz himself, but Diz possessed by Xehanort. DiZ may be a vessel because in his Reports in KH2, he states that Apprentice Xehanort banished him, Ansem the Wise, into the Realm of Darkness (Between BBS and KH1). And there he was overwhelmed by the darkness in heart because of the hatred he had for his apprentices and the revenge he wanted to bring upon them. This makes him a candidate for being a vessel of Xehanort. This would have changed his physical appearance (In a similar way to Riku in KH2), and really- it does.

Under DiZ’s coverings you can see his skin is darker, his eyes are golden, and he has no facial hair. This is not the face of Ansem the Wise, but of Ansem the Seeker of Darkness. Much like how when Riku gave into the darkness his appearance was transformed into Ansem SoD, as was DiZ’s. This would allow him to have the same body structure as the Man in the Black Coat in Daybreak Town (Not to mention a completely different voice actor for the man like Apprentice Xehanort).

You would also notice that the Man in the Black Coat is quoting pages from the Book of Prophecies, and probably took it’s missing page. He very well could have enlightened Master Xehanort about it’s contents. If all this were the case, then some of the events of KHX would all be an attempt by xehanort to further understand the keyblade war. Of course, at the end of DDD, Vessel Diz would have had to return to his time due to Master Xehanort’s time “running out”, leaving all this knowledge behind him.

Keep in mind that I do not mean the same Ansem the Wise that Aqua was talking to at the end of KH2 (time wise. their conversation was shown in BBS). It’s 100% possible that Ansem the Wise and Vessel DiZ could exist at the same time, due to time-travel.

But this could be the same with any Vessel? What makes us think it’s DiZ specifically? Because DiZ has a higher chance of visiting Daybreak Town as a dream world. There has been another theory going around that the Mansion in Twilight Town was built by Ira/Unicornis from KHX. It’s heavily decorated with unicorns, and existed long before DiZ and Namine set camp there. If that theory were true, it would be very interesting on why he would have pods inside his basement

There are seven pods in the hallway (one more is out of frame), but there are possibly much more pods as they appear to be on an inactive rotation track. The purpose of these pods are to safely contain a person while they sleep long term. While it is unknown how old the mansion and these pods are, when examined, it’s stated that the pods have been used before, even besides Donald and Goofy. Is it possible that Ira held some/all members of the Dandelions within these pods at one point? Is it also possible that he recorded these dreams and translated them into a data world? While dreams end, data if protected and cared for can last forever. We also know data worlds can exist because of Data Twilight Town and the Data Worlds of Jiminy’s Journal. DiZ learning of this through studying the basement computers may have even been what gave him the idea to do something similar to Roxas in KH2.

So in the same way that Roxas was in Data Twilight Town in KH2, and Mickey and co in the Datascape of Jiminy’s Journal, it’s possible that DiZ could have entered a Data Daybreak town, tease the foretellers about the Keyblade War, and collect the information regarding the Book of Prophecies.

Not to mention the fact that since they were both announced, Nomura said KHX and KHuX “are the same-yet different” but won’t specify how. He also said the KHuX will get a sort of “season 2” that KHX won’t get. It’s possible that KHX may be the real event, and KHuX may be a dream or data projection of the dream. 

But of course, like usual, there are missing pieces to this theory. Like why or how did Ira leave Daybreak Town? What would incite him to create a lab to experiment with memories or dreams? What happened to him and the Dandelions after they woke up? Well it doesn’t matter because once again Nomura destroys our theories lmao- with something better, mind you. The fact that the mysterious man is the Master of Masters is a real twist (one i kinda wished we discovered while watching the movie but its cool nomura its cool)