i've had this in my drafts for a while so

@kintatsujo‘s Team Ishtar au.

I found these in a folder from 2015!! :0 I think I asked ages ago if I could colour  something of yours back then. Well… apparently I did? I remember having planned to do the whole team ishtar au, but this is all that got done in the end.

Image heavy under the cut.

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we as a community should be more forgiving to people who make a mistake in their self-diagnosis.

you can do everything you’re supposed to do but still find out later that you misinterpreted something about your own behavior or that another disorder explains your symptoms much better than the one you originally thought. professionals make these mistakes, too.

not to mention the fact that when someone tries to self-diagnose but is visibly unaware of how it’s supposed to be done, everyone is so…hostile. why? why can’t we help them out instead of shaming them for not knowing better?

under the cut are #21 small and medium semi-faceless gifs of aquakinesis (otherwise known as water manipulation). none of these gifs are mine and full credit goes to the owners, but i did resize a few. please like and/or reblog if you found this useful!

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BK: The idea for Zuko’s disguise and the plot for “The Blue Spirit” came to us very quickly, but initially in the writers’ room we thought of him as the Red Spirit. I researched scores of masks from various Asian cultures and filled up a sketchbook with concepts for what he could look like. He needed to seem creepy and a little supernatural. Unfortunately, with the red mask he as looking a bit like an ancient Korean version of Spider-Man. Anthony Lioi, one of our directors at the time, thought the red mask would seem to be associated with the Fire Nation, thereby giving away Zuko’s identity to the audience too easily. We changed him to the Blue Spirit and that was the shift I needed to finalize the design. I found a mask of the character Dragon King Nuo from Chinese drama. He was definitely spooky and his smile added a menacing playfulness that seemed to be the missing ingredient. The decorative paint on the mask was far too elaborate to work for TV animation, so I streamlined the shapes while trying to retain the graphic power of the visage. Zuko was already my favorite character, and the Blue Spirit added a whole new level to his appeal. The disguise evolved into something of an alter ego for Zuko, one that seemed to be free of the burden of his fall from grace. 

Designs by Bryan Konietzko. Color by Hye Jung Kim.



it’s like a story of l o v e

Days of Outlaw Queen 

caejose modern au


  • joseph is back from uni for the summer and gets a job at the daycare because he loooooves kids
  • (maybe the daycare is run by uncle speedy???? i love the idea of speedwagon taking care of all these kiddos)
  • and every day caesar drops off like three kids right as the daycare opening and comes to pick them up right before closing time
  • joseph is super curious about him because he LOVES gossip and caesar can’t be more than a few years older than him but he already has three kids???
  • and sometimes a teenage girl comes to pick them up instead like?? is she their sister??? or the mom???? like what’s going on
  • uncle speedy tells him the truth before joseph gets too excited
  • turns out caesar’s parents are dead so as the oldest of five siblings he takes it on himself to take care of his family
  • the second oldest is in high school and has a summer job so she can’t take care of the other kiddos
  • literally they’re both working like crazy to make ends meet
  • uncle speedy gave them a discount for daycare fees
  • he offered to do it for free because he was nonno zeppeli’s bff and he has known caesar since he was a baby
  • but ofc caesar refused, it was all speedy could do to make him take the discounted price
  • anyway joseph is a quick favourite amongst the kids
  • and one day he meets the whole zeppeli clan shopping for groceries
  • (ofc joseph’s trolley is full of like pop tarts and doritos and ready meals)
  • (caesar’s is all proper food because they make a huge batch of food during the weekend and then keep leftovers for the week)
  • the kiddos swarm joseph and are generally super excited
  • and caesar’s just like “ah yes hello the daycare guy, joseph right?”
  • and they have a bit of an awkward chat in the cereal aisle
  • the kids are a good buffer and joseph isn’t like SUPER awkward he just feels like it because caesar is a very attractive man and he seems to have his life together while joseph is just. a potato
  • but it’s fine and on monday caesar sends a slice of the lasagne he made to daycare with the kiddos
  • and that evening when caesar comes to pick em up joseph is just like play it cool play it cool
  • “thanks for the lasagne it was super good how did you make it like that you should give me the recipe” #CASUAL
  • “oh yea def what’s your email i’ll send it to you”
  • and the communication begins
  • i don’t know exactly where this goes but they like start hanging out and stuff and the kids are there and love them both 
  • and uncle speedy is just in the background sighing like ‘ah… youth…’ 
  • and sometimes joseph comes over to the zeppeli hosue to babysit and caesar comes home to his four siblings sprawled out over joseph’s huge body, all fast asleep while frozen plays on the tv
  • aaaaaaaaaaa