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February 9, 1981

Happy 36th Birthday precious snowflake !


I was sad, and when I’m sad I write sad things. This is basically a non-canon version of the ending of the House of Hades. (Word count: 971 words.)

Percy thinks that deep down, a part of him always knew it was going to end this way. 

For as the world crashes down around him, as fire reigns, as monsters howl yet all Percy can hear is the blood rushing through his body, as he looks at Annabeth, he wonders how could it ever have gone any different? 

They were heroes. And heroes, especially the Greek ones, never got a happy ending. 

It started when Bob fell. They were going strong, and despite the odds hope glimmered in Percy, but then Tartarus arrived. And Percy had known Bob hadn’t stood a chance. 

The look on Annabeth’s face when Damasen had arrived had been enough to make Percy’s heart soar, and believe for a second they still had a hope. But then the monsters had overcome him too, Tartarus’ shadows beating him down. Damasen still struggled a short distance away from them. He thrashed many monsters into dust, and kept them away from Percy and Annabeth. 

Annabeth turns to face him. “Percy,” she croaks. Her face is grimy, wounds feasting on her skin, but her grey eyes remain as unbroken as ever. To Percy, she is more beautiful than ever, and he is overcome by emotion. He wants to grab her, and kiss her, and tell her he loves her over and over again. He wants to take her into his arms and protect her and shield her. More than anything he wants to live with her, grow old with her, have kids with her. He wants to do all the things with her they deserved to do. 

Somehow, despite not a word reaching his lips, Annabeth’s face perceptibly changes. Percy thinks she’s understood what he was thinking. 

“Percy,” she says, quieter now. They’ve both forgotten the monsters: Small Bob is prowling around them, the last of them that remains strong, protecting them from any incoming beasts. “We need to get the doors. We need to do that–for them–” Annabeth breaks off. She doesn’t need to finish. 

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HEY CHAOS KIDS, it’s everyone’s favorite piece of garbage, WeatherQuest, aka BidoofDaily! I finally broke 500, and I want to show you all how much I appreciate each one of you!

I’ll be doing another giveaway, this time a little less obtuse than the last.

The Rules

1. You gotta be following BidoofDaily.

2. Only reblogs will count, and you can only enter once!

3. The deadline to enter is May 13th, when the winners will be chosen.

4. You need your IMs or your ask box open–I need some way to get in contact with you.

The Prizes

Examples of what I’m capable of lmao:

First place prize will be a full-size, full-color image, maximum size of 8.5x11 inches (standard A5 printer paper size). Up to two characters/subjects possible, full background optional.

Second place prize will be a medium-size, partial-color image. Up to two characters/subjects possible, each in full color, with a solid color background optional.

Third place prize will be a small-size, partial color image. Only one subject possible, but you can choose between either a single sketch will extensive color, or a sketch page with color accents (not including frames).

The winners will be chosen by a random number generator. I WILL NOT draw anything I consider to be N//s/f//w/, but anything is up for grabs. I default to digital for drawings, but winners can ask for traditional art if they so wish. Full drawings will be posted here as they are finished, and winners can request that the full files are emailed to them.

Anyways, thank you everyone! Good luck if you enter!

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Brixia babies went to visit Vanessa at the hospital a few days ago 💜

i will be the most supportive friend you have ever had. like, you say some random crap— i will never ignore it, if we’re in a group chat with lots of people talking at once, i will strive to make sure never feel disregarded or ignored, i will make you feel counted. the “looking like you care less is cooler” mentality really grates on me. it’s brave to show you care, it’s cowardly to pretend you don’t, especially for your own egotistic reputation. if you’re having a bad day, i will sit & talk everything through with you & help how i can & offer all the solutions i can muster. i will leave you be when you need it & never let you go when you are in need of attention. i will try to talk the blinding spectrum of intense emotion out of your head so you can see the realities a little more clearly & make things better, so you can get a handle on it & ride that bitch of an issue into the sunset. you create a post ; a meta ; a graphic ; a promo ; a theme? i will like & reblog the shit out of it, whatever it takes to make sure you know you matter, that your creative exploration is supported. i will encourage all your healthy endeavours & i’ll sit & be bitter about the world with you whilst you’re sad. i will never make you feel alienated for liking something or judge you on things that are totally inconsequential, your happiness is your priority.

but it’s the same for me. if i feel like i’m the only one that cares in a relationship ( platonic or non )— though i don’t expect the totality of what i give back ( that isn’t what a relationship is, you have to understand other people’s proclivities for human understanding ) i won’t make a deal of it. i’ll just slowly drift away, distance is my defence, indifference my sword. because as much as i try to make you feel like you matter, my philosophy for you is my philosophy for myself. i have to put myself first. i’ll sacrifice sleep for you when you need me, but i won’t sacrifice self-worth. i won’t be made to feel like i’m less, that i’m not worth what i’m giving to you. i will “do no harm but take no shit.”

i’ll be the most supportive friend you’ve ever had, but don’t test it.

Southern Ontario Gothic
  • You can drive for days before leaving the province but only a few hours before leaving the country. You know this is intentional. That one day your time will come to be a sleeper agent among Them.

  • You call it The States because that is what you were taught. Keep Them other. Keep Them separate.

  • No one can place your accent. It is better this way.

  • It is said the subway never stops. You know this to be a lie, but can never let anyone know that. The truth is too terrible.

  • An old friend once taught you a game. ‘Your screams will keep the bad things away’ he said. You nodded, because he would never lie, but one day you screamed so much he disappeared. No one will tell you why.

  • Whenever They ask where you’re from the name Toronto slips from your mouth before you can even think. You try to rationalize it later but know it’s because the city is all They’re allowed to know about.

  • Everyone knows not to swim in the lake, but no one says why. You’re not sure if anyone even knows why anymore.

  • You are taught more about Their history than They are about yours. But when your friend protests, says they don’t care and are never going to live There anyway, the teacher tuts at them until they see the light. You wonder what would happen if someone didn’t agree for a moment before brushing off the prickle of familiarity at the back of your mind.

  • ‘Don’t play in the Woods,’ your Mother warns. You ignored her only once before, years ago, you still can’t remember what happened to you but everyone seems different since then only that you used to be called something else. Someone else. But that’s ridiculous, everyone says so.

  • It’s only an hour to Toronto, they laugh, only an hour away. Everyone you’ve talked to says the same. You do too.

samstiels  asked:

Hi! I came across your random sterek fic rec list a few days ago and there were a few fics on there I'd read but most I've never even heard of, so I saved it in my drafts and like every freaking fic on there is literally GOLD. I mean I read A LOT of fic and I've NEVER come across a list where I throughly enjoyed every single rec. It was like finding a treasure! So I was wondering if you possibly had any interest in making another one? Either way, thank you so much!

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, I was at the beach for Carnival and I had no wifi or cell reception there. First of all, thank you so much for giving me feedback! I love reccing fics but I never get feedback so it’s good to know someone’s been enjoying them :) So I’ve no idea what you have or haven’t read yet, or what sort of fics you like, but here are some I’ve enjoyed thoroughly:

This fic rec contais 32 fics of varied lenghts, ratings & tropes. Hope you enjoy!

tongue of dog and blind-worm’s sting by Zercalo 

In order to keep the identity of the teacher he’s been seeing a secret, Derek’s been withdrawing from his pack and family. Cora, frustrated with his alienation and a little lonely, clings to the first nonjudgmental person who offers companionship – which happens to be that odd Muggleborn Revenclaw who’s always hanging around the Gryffindor common room.

She hasn’t befriended Stiles for Derek’s sake, but Derek just might reap the benefits anyway - if he pulls his head out of his ass and quit the stupid self-sacrificing act.

Tags: Teacher-Student Relationship; Warning: Kate Argent; Alternate Universe - Hogwarts; Human Sacrifice; shunning as a form of bullying; Quidditch; dead children

Dead Cinch by Zercalo

Precision tactical nuclear devices; Umbrella-typical damage control handling method. At midnight tonight, Beacon Hills will be completely sanitized.

That leaves Derek with less than five hours to complete his mission, help this kid find his father and maybe even discover what happened to his sister when she disappeared a year ago.

Tags: Alternate Universe - Fusion; Minor Character Death; Zombies; Resident Evil - Freeform; Soldier Derek

The Silent Fury by andavs, rosepetals42

Derek is about to leave, content with the smell of blood as proof that the Fury is dead when he hears it.A heartbeat.It’s faint and uneven and even with its help, it takes Derek a full minute of scanning the clearing before he finally spots the small heap that must be the human. It’s down on the far side of the canyon, almost completely hidden by a tall oak tree and–Derek jumps down before he thinks about it.He knows what he has to do. Furies are dangerous. Furies are fire and smoke and a funeral he barely remembers. He lands almost silently and makes sure his hands are fully shifted into claws and then slowly moves forward.Or, a How to Train Your Dragon AU

Tags: How to Train Your Dragon AU; Emissary Stiles Stilinski; Magical Stiles Stilinski; Werewolves; Alive Hale Family

Beta Testing by andavs

If asked, Derek would be able to provide a number of solid reasons as to why he took the job as Head of Security at Global Dynamics.

He could also, at the drop of a hat, list in descending order every reason he hated it and why he kept his letter of resignation updated and printed out next to the phone in his office.

Tags: eureka au; Roboticist Stiles Stilinski; GD Security Derek Hale

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fiendfyred  asked:

Hey Maggie! I was wondering if you ever struggled to find time to write or to balance a day job with writing before you started writing full time? I try writing every free chance I get, but I have a 9-5 job and a 2hr commute where I usually get my reading in, but it leaves me so tired that I can hardly write 200 words a day. I feel like it'll take a few years to even get a first draft done, not to mention rewrites, edits, finding CPs, etc...I'm only 20 so I've got time, but it feels so hopeless

Dear fiendfyred,

I feel your agony. I was making a living as an artist out of college (that sounds sexy, but I was mostly painting the heads of cats onto miniature copies of the Old Masters) and while I loved my job, it was a 60-hour-a-week task to pay the rent and I had two really small children to boot. HOPELESS.

However, I decided I was going to carve out two hours a week to write. 6-8 p.m. on Wednesdays, every Wednesday. And I didn’t let anything stop me from those hours. I looked forward to those two hours all week long. I planned what I was going to write in my head as I worked or drove to art festivals, and when Wednesday 6 p.m. came around, I turned off the phone (if the phone company hadn’t already done that for me), and I put on a movie for Thing 1 & Thing 2 and I put aside my art commissions and I sat down and I just wrote. I wrote Lament that way, in four months, and it became my debut novel. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written by a long shot, but it was the start. 

Four months. Two hours a week. Every Wednesday. You can do it.



I think we have a Lashton situation

A post about Lashton, because why not?

PIERCING!!! Ashton’s hair!!! Luke is very tall. 

Throwback. Oh, you’re so cool boys. So. cool. Ashton looks serious though and it’s killing me.

SUCH A GOOD DAY. SUCH A GOOD FREAKING DAY FOR THEM! Tongue back in your mouth Luke, or so help me. And can I just say that Ashton’s Led Zeppelin shirt might be my favorite? As in I want it. 

What are you doing Ashton? What. Are. You. Doing? And where are your hands, Lucas? Nobody touch me. 

I can’t even talk about this because:

A) Ashton is playing the guitar and that’s the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life aside from when he’s drumming.



This may or may not be my laptop background, courtesy of the fabulous Liz Hemmings. 

Luke’s staring into my soul. I still really like that fedora on Ash

I was really emotional about this entire day. Luke in plaid does things to me. Oh look, they’re doing the rock finger sign thing together. 


They look like brothers. I need 500 years to recover from this. 

Okay, now a few gifs. 

FRICKING LOOK AT THEM, LOOK. AT. THEM. Ashton is so sweaty, somebody hit me. And Luke in plaid is always an excellent sight.

Oh, here’s HELL again in GIF FORM NOW. LISTEN, WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THIS DAY FOR A REASON. No, I didn’t need air to breathe, you can just go ahead and knock it right out of my lungs again.

Alright, I can’t take it anymore.

In summary: 

Same, Ash, same. 

Random Cassandra Cain headcanons
  • After spending 10 years surviving in the streets, her food preference can only be described as “just enough", and she can never stomach heavily creamed and sauced food. Thanksgiving at the Wayne Manor is always a battle of willpower.
  • She never makes her bed. Ever.
  • The first time she had a Glaucoma test at the optometrist, instincts kicked in and she punched the machine across the room.
  • She loves building sand-castles, or anything really, for the sheer joy of creating something rather than destroying.
  • She’s the only one who can turn Bruce into a snuggle bear.
  • She loves tickling Damian because a) she really wishes her little brother could enjoy the childhood she never had and b) danger is her middle name
  • Ever since stargazing in silence with David Cain when she was a child, she had wanted to know what all the shapes he would draw with his finger were. Now she knows the names of all the constellations.
  • She loves LOVES learning new words, because with them comes new ideas, and new ways of thinking, and it just gives her brain the most titillating tingle.
  • Once every few months she’ll get nightmares about her past, and will softly pad to Dick’s room, and silently slip under the covers to a comforting hug. Bestest big brother ever.
  • She can’t do math to save her life.
  • She takes really long showers and bubble baths and uses up all the hot water in the Wayne Manor to the point where Bruce actually had his own personal water heater installed.