i've had this idea in my head all day


Summary: Dan is looking back on the last year in which Phil wasn’t there in the way he would have wanted.

Excerpt: All I know is one day I had a husband and the next day he was living in the front pocket of my jeans.

Genre: Angst

Word count: 1111

A/N: I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph and I’m not entirely sure why but the idea for this came into my head and I’ve kind of woven the lyrics into the fic a bit.

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Leia doesn’t know what to say at first, so she doesn’t. Which is cowardly of her, she thinks. Which isn’t like her at all, she knows. But she buries herself in her work because this rebellion isn’t going to just take care of itself either and because she doesn’t know what else to do. There are few people that she has ever confided in, ever let them in on her thoughts.

Her brother ran away.

And then she pushed Han away.

Luke is gone, and Han is…


When she finally comes to her senses to send the message, it’s been weeks.


“General, there’s a Lando Calrissian here to see you.”

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deliveryboy!luke delivering pizza to you once and falling in love with you straight away, he memorises your address and every time you order pizza on his shift he makes sure he delivers it. this happens on and off for weeks until he finally plucks up the courage to write his number on the bill, holding his breath until you texted him… asking him out for pizza