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Castiel’s Fall

I fell at 60 miles per hour,
on a back road
in the middle of nowhere.

I fell while they slept
in cheap motels,
in small towns.

I fell while they bled,
weary from a long battle
within a longer war.

I fell while they hid
behind priest’s collars,
and fake IDs.

I fell while they ran
from past love
and past hurt.

I fell while they cried
for themselves;
for who they lost.

I fell while they hunted
to protect a world
that doesn’t know their names.

I fell when I joined them
with their own mission,
ignoring what I thought was my own.

I landed with my brothers
in the back of an old car
we call home.

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so I've seen some debates about whether tony would be better with a cat or a dog but I have a better idea: Crow. I mean, a crow would be perfect. They're fiercely independent, scary smart, and have balls the size of the sun. Also, they can fly. So, for your consideration, Tony helping a crow out and it just follows him home, and now he has a bird friend. (tree anon)

No matter how many times he tried to shoo it away, the damn thing just kept coming back.

Tony didn’t get it. The tiny baby bird was just… it had needed some help, and Tony had seen it, so he’d given it some. But that didn’t explain why the stupid crow had started following him around like a lost… a lost crow!

“Are you ever going to quit it?” He muttered one afternoon, as he neared the main entrance of the tower and, sure enough, his little friend suddenly appeared out of nowhere in order to flutter down on his shoulder, claws digging into his finest Armani suit without a care.

The bird just re-adjusted it’s feathers a little and pecked Tony’s hair. He huffed and jerked his head away grumpily, careful not to dislodge it entirely in case it caused further injury. 

“You’ve got to get off now,” he told it firmly, as his hand closed around the door.

The bird looked right at him, and kept that eye-contact as it slowly began to perch on his shoulder. Like a fucking challenge.

A baby bird was challenging him.

Well. He was Tony Damn Stark. He wasn’t about to be intimidated by a fucking crow.

“Shoo!” He said again, jerking his shoulder a little.

Stupid Crow didn’t even look away for a second.

Tony stared at it hopelessly for another moment, hoping it might fly away of its own accord. When it did not, he sighed.

“Okay. Okay then Satan. You want in? Fine. But if you misbehave, I will drive you down to Brooklyn and leave you to fend for yourself, understood?”

Of course, the crow did not reply. That truly would have been odd. (He’d seen odder. But still.)

Tony huffed again, but walked in with the bird on his shoulder all the same. “People are gonna judge me for this you know that right? I’m gonna be the crazy bird dude- and that role is supposed to be Barton’s only.”

“What about Barton?” And suddenly someone warm was pressing up against his free shoulder, hand taking it’s rightful place in Tony’s own as they walked together.

“I am telling my new admirer that I’m about to take over his role as crazy resident birdman,” Tony said, leaning his head back and pointing toward the black ball of feathers that was staring intently at Steve.

Steve, bless him, didn’t even look surprised. He just sighed. “Another one, Tony? Really?”

“Yeah, but this one wasn’t even my fault! It was the one that picked me!” Tony argued defensively.

Steve laughed, leaning over to give the little guy a better look. “Babe, I know you want to help them all, but we’re currently housing seven different strays, are you sure-”

“This is a bird, Steve, it’s not going to be that much hassle” Tony interrupted. “It’s just until it gets better! Please,” he did his best puppy-eyed expression, pouted his lips and coked his head a little. because Steve had not yet ever been able to resist that look.

Eventually, Steve just huffed out an exasperated but fond laugh, and shrugged. “Your tower. Let’s go tell Barton he’s been usurped, then.”

Tony clapped his hands. “you’re the best.”

“Oh, I know.”

You could have been our greatest weapon

Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank all of you for liking/reblogging my Dark Souls comic. And an especially big thank you to those of you who left comments/tags, I loved reading every single one of them!  There were times when I really wasn’t sure if I’d manage to finish it at all, but seeing your reactions has made it all so sooo worthwhile. So thank you! I’m really glad I could share this comic with all of you. :)

(Btw: I’ve hidden exactly one tiny Bloodborne easter egg in one of the panels. I wonder if anyone found it? :3c)

As for me, I think I’m going to make this a farewell to Soulsborne fanart, at least for now. Would really like to focus more on original art in the near future. Not sure what exactly that will be just yet, I only have some vague ideas, but I’m hoping it might be of interest to the average Soulsborne fan as well. Would love if if you’d stick around, anyhow. :)

Well then. See ya!

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a long time ago, I swore I saw an episode of Arthur where Arthur and DW were baking a cake, and they were pronouncing "lb" (as in pound) as "lub" and they had no idea what a lub was. I've tried looking for it but I'm stumped. Do you know which episode I'm talking about? Or did I dream up some ridiculous Arthur fanfic?

that sounds SO FAMILIAR but i just can’t quite place it. sorry anon! i’m gonna have to throw this one out to the audience. anyone know? 

INTP trying to go to bed
  • INTP: alright INTP nice job today, you actually got all your work done and it's only 10pm! time to treat yourself and go to bed and get some extra sleep. we all know you could use it
  • brain: wow look at this cool cat video why don't you watch it
  • INTP: pfft sure it's only a minute why not
  • INTP: okay now that I've watched this cat video let's go to bed
  • brain: no go write a story, you've had that idea for one for a while
  • INTP: hm writing does help me relax before bed
  • INTP: *spends three hours writing* dang that took a while, time to sleep
  • brain: but wait look at these theories of time isn't wikipedia amazing
  • INTP: ok now that i've had an existential crisis let me go to bed
  • INTP: please
  • brain: no
  • INTP: why
  • INTP: it's right there
  • INTP: i can just walk over to it and lay down and close my eyes
  • brain: ughhhuguhgu too much work :/
  • INTP: it's literally two feet away i could be asleep in five minutes
  • brain: oooorrrr...you could watch this hillary clinton remix
  • INTP: please let me sleep
  • brain: the ten hour version

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Hi, M. Scott! :D I find really funny this whole karaoke night idea, and now that we know about what would WB sing, I want to know... Would Starscream sing something too? If so, which song? I've had this question going around in my mind some time ago, but never asked it and idk why :'D Thank you.

He hates karaoke even though he practices his routine quite carefully. Appearance is everything, after all. But he will let himself be forced onstage. Then his go-to song is “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears for Fears and he knows it’ll get a few titters. That’s half the point.

But one night…

After one drink too many and one day too long, Starsrcream spots them in the audience and he sings “River” by Bishop Briggs. And he means every word. It’s a gauntlet thrown down and no one has the pipes to ask who it was meant for or if they picked it up. 

But everyone has a theory. ;)

I’m probably late to the game here, but I just recently discovered what an amazing word processor my phone is.

Usually if I’m going somewhere I know I’ll have to wait, I try to remember to bring my notebook to write in. I had a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, and guess who forgot their notebook (despite reminding myself 5 times to bring it)?

I’m looking around the office for some type of paper I can scribble one when I realize I have a Notes app on my phone that will sync to OneDrive. So whatever I type into Notes, I can then download to my computer when I get home. (It’s a Windows phone. I imagine an Android would have an app that syncs to GoogleDrive? Someone enlighten me, please. No idea about an iphone.)

And since the phone tries to guess what you’re typing and what word you might use next, you’re actually able to keep up a decent writing speed as opposed to painstakingly typing out each letter one at a time. And I’ve also realized that if I’m working on a story on my computer, I can upload it to the online drive, sync my phone, and then continue working on the story on my phone!

It’s like the most amazing damn thing! I always have my phone with me. I never have to try to remember (and forget) to bring my notebook ever again. I’m just kicking myself for all the times I sat there playing games on my phone when I could have been writing instead. ugh!

  • Kageyama: Oi.
  • Hinata: It's kinda different, somehow...
  • Kageyama: Huh?
  • Hinata: Compared to the feeling back then, when I couldn't see past the blockers at all and had no idea what to do... i's different. I know that the other side is also just barely keeping up with me... even though I've only disliked and feared being blocked until now, when he appears in front of me, it's absolutely thrilling. I think with your toss and some sort of plan... I'll be able to break through somehow. So toss it to me. One more time.
  • Kageyama: Of course I will.

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Hey so I'm from the US and was in Europe when some huge yoi events happened and I didn't have service there, But I'm back now and was wondering how the "dark" yuuri with tentacles thing happened/started?? Like I have no idea. HELP! I know that's it's a thing I've seen so much fan art for it but help pls

Oooo! Hope you had a fun time! I just flew home today myself ^^ 

The possessed Yuuri comes from Yuri on festival, an event that had some of the VAs performing. In one bit, Yuuri hears how Minami is now also a fan of another skater. He gets really shook because “but I thought he liked me!!”, a classic Yuuri reaction. Anyway a passing squid demon senses his depressed state and possesses him, and Yuuri starts talking about how he’s going to destroy the world, at which point Victor steps in with a reminder of the power of love, Yuuri comes back to himself and the demon flees. Also Georgi somehow knows how to spot possession by a demon, and Yuri thinks it’s all hella cool. Links to fan translations: 




[edit: it might be yuri on stage -__- i’m sorry]

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Here for the post-breakup anon! I'm an ace dating a heterosexual. We've been together for about a year and a half and, thanks to my very dysfunctional family, have been living together for nearly the whole time. We're both in our late-20s and the idea of marriage has come up more than a few times. I've had some bad relationships and some painful (very painful) breakups, but if it was what lead me to being where I am now, then I think I can say it was all worth it. Just hang in there, friend :)

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Hey there, I've been lurking on your blog for quite some time now. I'm not in this fandom, but a part of the community that's into The Crown. We've had a lot of contact with Gillian Anderson fans over the last couple of months, and I have to admit it took me a while to figure out that part of your fandom was attached to the idea of Gillian and David Duchovny being in a romantic relationship and that's why The Crowns and Peter Morgan's tags were flooded with theories and weird manips all of a (1)

sudden. Some of us genuinely thought that Gillian Anderson would be the next Queen based on her profile and her looks, and it was annoying that people kept accusing Peter Morgan for whatever, searched for compromising articles that made their way into our fandom and generally changed the tone even in our circles as the confusion even started there. 

There’s no ‘ship’ around Peter Morgan and therefore no emotional bonds - but I have to say the last couple of weeks, mainly because of what he’d said about Season 2 and these pictures from his vacation, which of course we all saw too, changed a lot in our community as well. With the pics came more info about his personal background, which made it all so much worse! We see the writer in a different light now, which was important even just ton say ‘son’. To me these vacation pictures changed a lot. I find them distasteful especially because what has been done in the public, and we curse the day we got mixed up with your fandom and Gillian Anderson. Esoecially with the satements regarding Season 2 and the weird changes that will come in it. Peter Morgan was highly regarded a couple of months ago. Now, not so much anymore, unfortunately. (End)


Thanks a lot for this message, anon. Since all this started, I’ve always wondered how The Crown’s fandom was dealing with it and what was their opinion on Gillian and on her relationship with him, so thank you for your insight. It’s very interesting. We curse the day we got mixed up with your fandom and Peter Morgan too, so that gives us a common point, such as not being very fond of his persona. Sorry for the disturbance! :)


yeah, yeah, I know Sombra was leaked, but back in ye old conspiracy days some people thought she could be an omnic, some people thought she was soldier 76′s daugther, and some people thought she was reaper’s daugther, so I thought: why not all three?

(Oh yeah, and sorry for the google translate Spanish…)

Hellooo~ I’m alive! It’s been a while, huh? I figured I’d give you an idea of what I have been doing with the ‘hood. 

Basically I’ve been changing the households as though some time has passed, you could say a ☆゚. * ・ 。゚ magical time skip ☆゚. * ・ 。゚  because I managed to save Amaryllis and Tercero and there’s no way to be able to put them down as babies. On top of that most the founder elders only had a day left to live, and kids like Teal and Travis who were about to age up where about the same. I didn’t know what to do to keep the ages in tact, so I made a time skip to make it work out. …so yes, no founders anymore. (Sorry founders, 1 day is kinda not worth it you had good lives!)

That means when the ‘hood is built there will be more households, new relationships will have started, a few people moved in, pregnancies will have passed and new babies will have been born, etc. I just based it on how I thought the rounds likely would end up or I’ve had unexpected things happen and rolled with it. Oh and I’ll be restarting from the Flores rounds and re-going around them - figured it’d be easier that way.

Now I’m going to continue to make posts for a queue. :3

so it’s half past midnight and i really shouldn’t be awake let alone thinking at this time, but..

what if monster dust was edible?

like… you could mix it with water or something and it becomes either like a paste or some weird drink, and you can eat it?

what if the remains of magic from the fallen monster slowly transfers over to you when you eat it? the more you eat the dust mixture the more magic you end up having? and eventually you might learn how to use it??

is that how a species swap universe of horrortale would work??


shit, boy - i call dibs on that

@tyranttortoise hey, hey tt, whaddaya think? would that even work?? i don’t know i’m tired

So for some reason, my entire tumblr got deleted. And by “entire tumblr” I mean LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!

My main blog is gone, my sideblogs are gone, which means that everything that I had posted on this blog is gone as well… I have no idea what happened. I contacted support and they told me that someone who had access to my account deleted everything and they can’t restore it…..

Luckily, I managed to get my old urls back. It’s something, I guess…

I’m going to try and get a few of my gifsets back/post them again (I deleted quite a lot of my gifs because it was getting a bit much).

So yeah…. This fucking sucks….

- Charlotte

I’m just going to tag a few people to give them a head’s up:

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I never shipped Chris and Mike till I read your fics and now its one of my favorite ships! Will you write more? please say yes 😯

Thank you so much! To be honest, I didn’t start shipping them until my RP partner planted the idea in my head, but I’m so glad she did.

I’m currently working on a Climbing Class au (yes, another one) which I’m stoked about, but I’m sure I’ll take another crack at Mike x Chris at some point when inspiration strikes.