i've had this game since it came out but

so, this is awkward lmao

does anyone still play animal crossing?

I haven’t had a 3ds in like 2 years roughly because my life was like completely destroyed. But! I’m on the ups! And so I bought a New 3ds and did a system transfer, so as of like 5 min ago I’m playing again. Does anyone want to like maybe help me out in the way of like tools and fruits?

Admittedly Grayson had spent the last week cooped up in his room. He had hired a few male entertainers and made no effort to contact Satin or Clio. When he came out he was surprised to find one tribute dead and the other in one of the goriest scenes ever in games history. Now he knows why it was so hard for one of his mentors to look after him in the games, it’s hard enough looking after your own life, let alone two others. “Fuck.” He whispered under his breath.

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