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When Peter said that he was just trying to be more like Tony, imagine Tony thinking about all the things that he had done and about how he had been before he had found his way. He’s picturing himself in a negative light like he usually does, not taking into account at how Peter views him as a hero and holds so much respect for him. Peter doesn’t see Tony as the bad guy (the way Tony sees himself) but sees him as one of the bravest people ever. 

Tony wants Peter to be better because he knows that Peter can be so much better and refuses to allow Peter to go down the same dark and twisted road that he’s been down many times before. 

hmm… It’s quite complicated to describe what kind of emotion I want to show in this piece, I was charmed by his dialog with Hisoka in ch 352, [This isn’t meant to be a taunt, but believe me when I say my victory is 100% certain. Even with that in mind, do you still wish to continue?] or in short, “dude, don’t fite, u’ll die.” “fite me.” “… m’kay..”
So it’s like a mix between hesitation and ‘as you wish, sir’. The first thing I had in mind is probably it’s his indirect way to express his gratitude to Hisoka (for helping him getting his Nen back) since the same attitude can be seen through his Troupe member several times, they’re not ashamed to show their gratitude to their enemies.

Joker x Harleen: Goodbye Kiss

Harleen grinned, “Look out, the Joker’s back!” She giggled, sitting up off his lap. Harleen had just been applying Joker’s makeup for the day. He didn’t have a chance to get it done otherwise as he was only ever allowed out of his straight jacket in his cell. Harleen hadn’t yet figured out how to get his lipstick, hair gel, and eyeshadow back to his cell with him without the guards noticing.

Mr. J stood up out of his seat, walking with her over to the dirty old mirror above the sink in the therapy room.

“I hope you like it.” Harleen was suddenly nervous.  

Joker looked into the mirror at himself for a long while. He examined his makeup, closing one eye and looking at the eyeshadow and then closing the other eye and doing the same. Harleen smiled at him fondly. She could feel his vibe changing. It was like he realized that the Joker was back. His shoulders stood up straighter, broader. His voice dropped a few octaves and his purrs and grows grew dark.

She couldn’t look away from him, he was so mesmerizing to watch. Her mouth hung open slightly as he checked himself out.

“You’re right,” Joker looked down at her with a smile, “I am back.”

“2 minutes.” The guard tapped on the door from the outside.

She sighed disappointed, saying goodbye to him everyday was the worst part about their sessions. Harleen walked back to the table and cleaned up his folder, grabbing her gifts to him as well. Her mind raced, trying to come up with some excuse to have to keep him with her longer.

“Chin up, Doctor.” Joker strolled towards her and smiled, “I’ll be back tomorrow. 2 o’clock sharp.”

“Don’t be late.” His smile was contagious, so pure and adorable.

“I never am.” Joker growled as they walked towards the door. Harleen was taking steps slowly, as if she could prevent the inevitable from happening. She missed him so much when he was away.  

Harleen put a hand on the door to open it for the guards. But just as she turned the knob, Joker leant his body against it to stop her.

“Do I get a goodbye kiss?” His voice had changed again, this time to his seductive purr that he knew she couldn’t resist. He angled his head downward towards her, his eyes beautiful. She blushed, his lips were only inches from hers. Every time they kissed he would stop his face a bit away from her, to make her make the last move to kiss him.

Quickly, Harleen stood up on the tips of her toes, placing a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. A soft smile danced across their lips as she leant in to kiss him. Joker purred as soon as her lips touched his and she could’ve moaned. The fire between them was evident. It was slow, sweet when their lips first met. They moved against each other, exploring.

Then, Joker pushed his lips dominantly against hers. Harleen dropped Joker’s folder file to the floor when his tongue met hers in her mouth. She wrapped both her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his. Harleen’s back was against the door before she knew she was stepping back. Her hands grasped his face, keeping his lips on hers, refusing to let him leave. Joker’s purrs were lost against Harleen’s mouth, their breathing quickly becoming gasping. Harleen didn’t care, he was her oxygen mask and she needed air.

A part of her knew she was desperate, but she couldn’t help it. Didn’t care in the slightest. Wasn’t everyone a little desperate in love? Joker’s body was pressed up against hers tightly, she could feel his arms moving from within his straight jacket. Like he wanted to break out and ravage her. Harleen couldn’t wait until he could. She ran her fingers down his neck, down his chest, over his concealed arms, and bravely down to the area between his legs. The large area between his legs. Harleen moaned again.

“Doctor Quinzel,” He smiled breathlessly, his lips still against hers, “Naughty, naughty.”

“Says the Joker.” She giggled, cupping the area. Feeling him stiffen against her.

Joker growled against her lips, “Won’t you wait until I can have my hands on you too?”

“When will that be?” Harleen moved her arms back up to wraps around his neck.

“Soon enough, my sweet.” He promised pecking her lips one, two, three times.

The guards opened the door suddenly. Harleen and Joker almost fell back against them as Harleen scrambled away from Joker, turning away from the door and trying to wipe off her mouth and slow her breathing. Joker’s growl turned annoyed at their interruption. The lipstick on his mouth was smudged and smeared, his hands not free to disguise it.

“C’mon crazy,” The guard said to Joker, “Back to your cell.”

“On my way,” Joker smiled largely. He turned back to Harleen, “Nice appointment, Doctor, you know I’m really feeling a break through.”

“That’s great to hear, Mr.J. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harleen felt herself blushing as she turned to face him. She winked at him, breathing heavily.

Joker’s eyes flashed as he smiled at her, “Tomorrow it is.”

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wow, I am actually way more emotional than I thought I’d be. Is this what it’s like when your ship actually gets together in canon? Is this what it’s like for straight people all the time??? how do they get anything done?

a boy i went to high school with was in a l’oreal video about hair styles through the years and is making his way into modeling and fashion and me? i got a new alien t-shirt today at hot topic and ate 4 cookies


@nicolauda this is singularly the best ask i have Ever received man

@evilqueenofgallifrey and i did a bit of collaboration on this, so you get a fic too!

i hope you feel better soon man, you seem like you’ve had a really rough time lately. <3 lots of love 

Hot cocoa by the fire
A collab between me and @timidincarnate, we’ve been working on this for so long I’m so excited to be able to post it just in time for the holidays! She made the original drawing and I did digital line art and coloring. We’re so happy with how it turned out and hope you like it too!!

He was never into sweet gestures and loving words. He never let anyone in and he was very apathetic. He never showed emotion until she came around. Nobody ever made him smile like she did. Nothing could make him laugh more than her terrible jokes. Nobody could get him to say or do things like she could. She brought out a completely different side of him. The way he looked at her said it all. This girl had turned the most unexpected person into a crazy romantic.
—  Looking back on what I’ve done

I’ve finally colored more from the @voltroncoloringbook and I have to say this is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I couldn’t decide which version I liked more so I just posted them both hehe. A huge thanks to @vanienne for the lineart and to @shishiswordsman for giving me pointers on the shading!

A while ago (I mean a WHILE ago I’m talking like last year) there was a Charles Vane memorial week in the fandom (or something like that), and I wanted to draw something but never really did. All I had was this doodle I did very quickly while watching the s2 DVD in an attempt to figure out how his face worked, and for some reason I never even scanned it until now. Oh Charles, you could be a giant dick but man were you gorgeous. I do him no justice.

My therapist asked me what demisexual means and when I told her, she got kind of quiet and was thinking and she was like “…I never knew there was a word for that. I think that’s what I am too” and it is so important that labels and terms exist, not to force them on people, but for people to finally have a word for who they are.

do u ever just… have a bag of ruffles that is Too Big but you have to keep eating them… u Gotta

last year while I was recovering from surgery and dealing with a lot of pain I decided I was going to write some Spirk fanfic to make me feel better so I went into a hydrocodone induced writing frenzy and I wrote six thousand words of pure shitty fluff and I fucking uploaded it to AO3 and it is actually the most successful fic I’ve written and yeah I’m probably going to hell


You don’t owe anyone an apology or explanation (though it’s very kind of you if you do gives heads ups for extended periods of MIAs) because role playing is for FUN!!!!!! 



I remember being a kid and reading that da vinci had several rooms filled floor to ceiling with notebooks and thinking “Wow, he MUST have been an incredible artist, filling that many books” but as I have aged I have learned the truth which is that it takes like five seconds to fill a sketchbook when you have friends that keep drawing dicks in them

side note, i’ve had a lot of awesome dreams (like, a lot) but i think the funniest scene in any of them was the one where i was having dinner with a bunch of friends from college, including this (very pretty, very rich and very nice but not really my type) guy from my writing classes. anyway he says something sweet and romantic to me and starts kissing my neck and my stone cold, only thought in the moment was “oh thank god he didn’t kiss me on my mouth, now i can keep eating”