i've had it on repeat for an hour

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Hi school is probably stressing you out so I hope you enjoy knowing that I was dissociating for a while today so my brain was just that picture of Hanzo covered in pupcrees, the caption "they've killed him", and the word "smeeny" on repeat for like five solid hours and it's the most enjoyable episode I've ever had


reasons why sweet lies is the best song off the power of music

  • xiuyeol harmonies
  • jongdae’s falsetto
  • ksoo’s falsetto at the end
  • ksoo’s english at 1:15
  • jongdae and bbh singing “sweet lies” in their lower registers
  • junmyeon’s high notes in the second verse
  • bbh’s legendary beginning
  • chanhunkai’s baritone harmonies
  • chanhun killing the rap
  • the overall god tier vocals from every single one of them

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Stephen falling is the funniest thing, I've watched that gif on repeat for the last 2 mins 😂


me, trying to do something productive and not watch the same gif over and over for hours straight:

the floor is Arrow bringing back dead ppl, none of which are tommy

and josh just stands there and looks at him like

‘dude seriously come on, get up let’s do it again’

he’s not laughing he’s just standing there


“We took a walk that night, but it wasn’t the same
We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain.”

-Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, The Killers [x]

“Yuri Was A Friend Of Mine” aka AU where Otabek murders his ex boyfriend Yuri aka The Worst AU That Has Ever Been Created

usually these edgy or sad AU’s are nOT for me at all because i am a soft baby, but i’ve been anxiously listening to this song for a few hours on repeat so this came to mind and uh i had to get it out

Cue a whole crime investigation of Otabek dealing with the guilt and JJ, Mila and Viktor trying to figure out who murdered their boy


You’re always there for him, but the pattern is getting too predictable

Angst/ fluff | 1124 words

Work as an idol was busy. It wore him out, tore him down, and nearly broke him regularly. Dreaming of music had been fun, but the reality of the entertainment industry was harsher than that; long hours of work and practice and filming and-

Yoongi was tired.

Most of the time, he could find a way to blow off some steam (freestyling angry lyrics alone in his studio was a favorite) but of course… sometimes that wasn’t enough.

That was where you came in.

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What ur gonna play live? Are you in a band finally!?

I’m gonna play live and be on an album but it’s not permanent ! Not anytime really soon either (the lead singer just had a family emergency today too so it’ll be delayed even more), but in maybe 3-6 months? That’s a big stretch but we have to plan around school, having to drive there all the time when it’s HOURS away, etc so it could take awhile :( But it’s my mom’s friend’s band (idk if she wants me to say the name because she wants to get everything perfect before she tells everyone about it yknow?) and they’re awesome! They’re older (40-50) and an all girl punk band :) I’m so excited!!! She wants to help me get my name out there and told me she thinks I’m a great performer and my playing style will make shows more fun :DDDD !! !<333

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prompting either patater h/c fic or sickfic because i've had a reallllllllly long day and your writing gives me life and I could really use some life right about now.

Alexei’s in the hospital, and Kent hasn’t slept in nearly eighteen hours.

He hates hospitals. He hates everything about them; the antiseptic, sterile feel to them that reminds Kent of the color teal, the anxious faces in the waiting room, the doctors and nurses rushing by urgently. He’d spent one of his worst nights at the hospital, vowing to never repeat that again if he can help it, but here he is, after a nonstop flight from Vegas to Providence, holding on to his boyfriend’s hand while Alexei himself sleeps as Kent leans his face on the railings of the bed. The doctors say Alexei’s stable, that everything will be okay, but Kent remembers being in his apartment, watching the Falconers home game, seeing the exact moment when Alexei fell to the ice and did not get up and feeling his heart lurch into his throat.

He’s not exactly sure when he dozes off, and what time it is when he wakes up, but Alexei is gripping his hand back. Kent jolts immediately, trying to not just fall apart at how small Alexei looks with all those bandages and casts.

“Oh God, baby, you’re up,” Kent says. “Do you want me to call a nurse? Do you want water? Can I—”

“Kenny,” Alexei says, his voice quiet and raspy. Kent’s never heard it like this; he’s always been loud and boisterous, full of life. Kent doesn’t know what to do with this Alexei. “You here? How?”

“Doesn’t matter. Do you need anything?” Kent whispers. “I’m here, just tell me—”

Alexei only closes his eyes and sighs, “Shh, Kenny. It’s okay. I’m okay.” He squeezes Kent’s hand, like Kent’s the one who needs to be comforted. “You here now.”

“God,” Kent says again, closing his eyes and stilling his breathing. He can’t cry in front of Alexei. He’s not even the one with their arm in a sling. “Fuck. Fuck, Alexei.”

“Come up here,” Alexei insists. “Lie with me.”

“I—is that safe? For you?” Kent swallows. “I know they do it in the movies, but I don’t—”

“Is okay. It will help.” Alexei gives him a small smile. “Please?”

Kent doesn’t need to be told twice. He shuffles up onto the bed, onto the little mattress space left and resting his head on Alexei’s good arm. Alexei lets out a breath of air contently, letting Kent settle into a more comfortable position as he rubs circles on Kent’s forearm with his thumb.

“Feel better already,” Alexei says, and Kent huffs a wet laugh. “Kenny, pull IV from arm, then I’m drive us home.”

“God, no,” Kent says. “This hospital stay is gonna be expensive,” he jokes weakly, because the other option is to tear up. “I fucking hate hospitals.”

“Me, too,” Alexei responds, then murmurs. “We should be marry. Get insurance together. Maybe get house, too.”

Kent thinks he can feel Alexei’s heartbeat, steady and warm and solid, but that may as well just be his own heart thundering in his chest. “Is that even how insurance works?” he manages, his throat thick.  

“Don’t know,” Alexei admits. “Just know good idea we marry.”

Kent snuggles closer, trying to avoid the bruised skin as he softly kisses the unbruised part of Alexei’s jaw.

“Right,” he says, closing his eyes. “I think so, too.”

(Some Falconers come in the next day, tiptoeing in carefully with balloons and flowers while Kent sleeps on, tucked safely in Alexei’s arms still. 

“Who the hell is this?” Marty asks, setting the flowers down.

Thirdy blinks in realization as he begins, “Wait, isn’t this–”

“Is Kenny,” Alexei says quietly, beaming. “Husband one day.”)