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i’m so late and i’m sorry but here you go, steveandtonymakeaporno! cuddles and mpreg!Tony in one. :) hope you like!

It's finally starting to hit me... :s

I’ll be graduating and going back to my home state in a matter of days… I won’t be able to look forward to seeing all of the friends I made at school and all of the familiar faces in the fall. I’ll be gone. I’ll be moving on. I’m finally closing a chapter of my life only to open a completely new and different one where the future feels so uncertain and lonely. I’ve realised that I really dislike saying goodbyes because it implies that you’re leaving indefinitely. It really stings a lot more than I anticipated. That being said, I’ll try to hold my composure and my head up high after the graduation ceremony. I’ll be dishing out a heck of a lot of “see ya later"s instead of "bye"s. I mean, I’ve made too many good friends here to just never see again! :’)

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kunne du tegne snusmumrikken og faren hans joxter? elsker stilen din så mye omg❤

Tusen takk, hyggelig å høre at du liker stilen min :D 

Nå har du fått meg hekta på disse to (igjen *cries: my childhood!*) også.

In Our Garden of Eden - Update

So chapter 3 is up!! 

If you haven’t read any of it yet, here’s a link to chapter 1

Summary:  Based on yaboybokuto’s greek god au- It’s the tale of Persephone with a Klance twist. Keith, the god of the underworld, falls in for this tale’s Persephone: Lance. But death is hardly ever kind to life, so the two opposing forces must learn to compromise if they want to make things work.

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hey ! im a lesbian and i really want to go to pride .. but i'm also 15 and the sexual stuff kind of scares me away from going, especially because my mom would be the one to take me ... im glad that pride is a place where people can express sexual freedom! but as a young minor its kind of offputting. can you mayb help with my dilemma? how much sexual stuff /actually/ happens at prides? (i've never been to an lgbt event before ...)

really not much sexual stuff happens at pride. there’ll probably be lots of shirtless guys but pride is usually in summer heat anyway. there’ll probably be LGBT couples kissing but straight couples kiss all the time in public. there might be a leather group but it’ll be only a few people and they’ll leave minors alone. there might be sex ed awareness stuff like pamphlets on safe sex and people handing out condoms, but it’s the same as what you’ve probably already learned in sex ed at school. 

there’s plenty of kids at Pride! some who have LGBT family members. some who are LGBT. some who just have accepting parents who want to educate their children. it’s a really fun, accepting environment and for the most part it’s kid friendly. there’s never any actual sexual acts going on. don’t worry, you’ll have lots of fun and i’m sure your mom will too (if she’s the type of parent to be willing to take you to pride, she’ll be fine with it ^^)

So just for fun I attempted to try out my phone’s time lapse feature when I was coloring in this picture and even though it’s pretty low res it turned out well enough that I thought I’d share the results here

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Future Trunks + Tropes (part 1)

Beware the Nice Ones

Break the Cutie

Combat Pragmatist

Cool Sword

Hurting Hero

And we laughed, oh and we cried and thought “Oh, what a life”

And now, 500 posts later, this is where I’ve ended up. Looking back at my first art post to now, SO much has changed (really, I dare you, go back and look at it). To celebrate this “milestone” I drew and colored this lovely piece and subsequently killed my hand after using only a mouse to do this. Never have I attempted something so daring, but all in all, I haven’t had more fun.