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Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank all of you for liking/reblogging my Dark Souls comic. And an especially big thank you to those of you who left comments/tags, I loved reading every single one of them!  There were times when I really wasn’t sure if I’d manage to finish it at all, but seeing your reactions has made it all so sooo worthwhile. So thank you! I’m really glad I could share this comic with all of you. :)

(Btw: I’ve hidden exactly one tiny Bloodborne easter egg in one of the panels. I wonder if anyone found it? :3c)

As for me, I think I’m going to make this a farewell to Soulsborne fanart, at least for now. Would really like to focus more on original art in the near future. Not sure what exactly that will be just yet, I only have some vague ideas, but I’m hoping it might be of interest to the average Soulsborne fan as well. Would love if if you’d stick around, anyhow. :)

Well then. See ya!

loxare  asked:

If this is the second time Jason has died, are he and Cass tied now?

It’s a pointless comparison in a number of ways. 

The transition between continuities, for one. Jason’s died twice in Rebirth continuity to Cass’ zero. Cass died in Post-Crisis continuity and neither stuck and were never intended to. 

Jason’s Post-Crisis death remains the only death that actually intended to be permanent (wasn’t cheap plot dramatics) AND stuck for an actually significant amount of time, with Steph and Damian following up. 

If we’re including literally every ‘death’ done for random plot dramatics that results in near immediate resuscitation, we end up with what happened in Trinity’s issue, where there’s no emotional impact, no fallout and no interest for any readers cause it’s just a minor plot detail. 

In short: no they’ll never be tied. Jason’s death is The Death, and nothing DC comics ever does again will match it (which is a good thing, they should just stop trying). 

So here is Biker!Zeke :D I randomly came up with this idea a few days ago while playing GTA V, in which I haven’t logged in for a long time.

Since know that Marley’s technology far exceeds that of the Walls (plus considering that they were making “huge improvements” 20 years before the current time) and that they already have BLIMPS, I think some old school motorcycles wouldn’t be too far-fetched! Zeke in particular, with his fabulous hair and choice of footwear, gave me a gang biker vibe way back when we first saw him. 

His personality also isn’t too different from what people usually stereotype as a biker lmao. And what cool and fun things to do when you’re not throwing rocks at people and brutally murdering them than riding a motorcycle? You know, not counting baseball, that is.

For those of you who may be wondering, the bike itself is based off the Rat Bike from GTA V, which, according to the wiki, is based off the Harley Davidson KKF 14 and partially the Harley Davidson 1200. I can definitely see the resemblance in the body in the former, though the latter is too modern-age to fit in the requirements properly.

With the clothing choice, I went for a steampunk/1940′s style metal framed glasses, which are also similar to pilot goggles. For the jacket I just picked a good vintage design which is also the common style of leather jacket that you see bikers use even today.

I am still in the big learning curve when it comes to art, but I hope you like it nonetheless! :D


Happy Halloween, here’s the dorks being dweebs in a surprisingly accurate fashion. ;D

i’m so late and i’m sorry but here you go, steveandtonymakeaporno! cuddles and mpreg!Tony in one. :) hope you like!

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kunne du tegne snusmumrikken og faren hans joxter? elsker stilen din så mye omg❤

Tusen takk, hyggelig å høre at du liker stilen min :D 

Nå har du fått meg hekta på disse to (igjen *cries: my childhood!*) også.

people suck sometimes

In Our Garden of Eden - Update

So chapter 3 is up!! 

If you haven’t read any of it yet, here’s a link to chapter 1

Summary:  Based on yaboybokuto’s greek god au- It’s the tale of Persephone with a Klance twist. Keith, the god of the underworld, falls in for this tale’s Persephone: Lance. But death is hardly ever kind to life, so the two opposing forces must learn to compromise if they want to make things work.

docismybf  asked:

oh yea also you call people out on their bullshit irl cause ur Unafraid and actually care

yes i do this, i’ve been doing this since i could string sentences together properly (so like, 7 i guess) and i’ve been getting progressively more outspoken over the years. and that’s progressive meaning two things, aha, happy accident!!

Future Trunks + Tropes (part 1)

Beware the Nice Ones

Break the Cutie

Combat Pragmatist

Cool Sword

Hurting Hero

I am more proud of this than I have been of anything in a long while… why can I only art good when I’m in dire need of sleep??? ;A;)

And we laughed, oh and we cried and thought “Oh, what a life”

And now, 500 posts later, this is where I’ve ended up. Looking back at my first art post to now, SO much has changed (really, I dare you, go back and look at it). To celebrate this “milestone” I drew and colored this lovely piece and subsequently killed my hand after using only a mouse to do this. Never have I attempted something so daring, but all in all, I haven’t had more fun.