i've had boyfriends in the past

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I've been going out with this girl on and off for three years. She lives in a different town but she comes down every weekend, but she doesn't text at all while she's gone. I feel like I was only her boyfriend when she needed one. I talked to her about it but she only got mad at me. I had to end the relatiknsho she's been abusive in the past and talks to other guys in a sexual way even when I'm around. Just the lack of communication sent me over the edge but I still feel horrible for dumping her

fuck, this anon must have been from forever ago im sorry im just now getting to replying. i hope youre doing better and youre moving on. but if youre still struggling then just know that you did the right thing. im really glad and proud of you for getting out of a toxic relationship. there are some people who dont know how to have good LDRs and people who take advantage of LDRs to be shitty. your ex was the latter. i hope your next partner is communicative, trustworthy, and treats you like youre the most special person in the world. 

okay i just spent the past 30 min trying to find this damn panel but

i am willing to bet everything i own that this “makoto” is actually sniper mask and him and rika were so bro they were gay

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Well first off I hope you're okay and it's totally fine if you don't write this or if you don't get to it, please put your health and feelings ahead of writing silly little blurbs cause that's what really matters and I really hope you're okay. Onto the blurb, from past experiences some of the best sex I've had was when a guy would wake up in the middle of the night completely ready to fuck and be really rough and it'd be like we weren't even asleep seconds before so maybe something like that? :)

Thank you so so much 💙💙💙

You don’t know what made you wake up, but you hear his harsh breathing before you open your eyes. Blinking away the sleep in the darkness, slowly the image of your boyfriend comes into view; spread out on his back next to you in bed, his head pressed back into the pillows and giving you a lovely profile view of his Adam’s apple bobbing in his long neck, puffy lips open in a silent moan.

Still fuzzy from sleep, it takes you a few minutes to understand what’s happening, what that sound is and where it’s coming from, why Harry’s arm is moving so quickly, but when you finally figure it out, there’s an immediate heat in your belly. He doesn’t realize you’re awake until you creep your hand down his bare, clammy chest and towards where his hand is working himself so urgently, and when your fingers brush the slick head of him he groans out your name.

“Woke up like this,” he rasps into the night, sounding at once frustrated and apologetic, but then his eyes are burning into you when he hears you kick the blankets off yourself. Sleep is still itching the edges of your mind, but for some reason you feel as if you might die if he doesn’t get inside you soon.

There’s a catch in his breathing when you wiggle a bit clumsily out of your panties and toss them, almost as if he can’t believe this is happening and you’re really going to let him fuck you rather than telling him to shut up so you can sleep, but he’s quick to recover. You’ve barely gotten your shirt over your head before he rolls on top of you, and at once the heavy, rigid weight of his cock, already so thick and hard and pulsing, settles against your core and you gasp harshly right as his mouth descends over yours. His kiss is demanding and sloppy, his tongue deep in your mouth and relentless, and combined with the way his hands grope heavily at you, you find yourself succumbing easily to him.

His fingers pinch and roll your nipples as his tongue forges a fiery path down your jawline to the side of your neck, and the bruises that he sucks into place there are going to be proudly worn for the next few days. You can’t help the way your hips roll upward towards him, clutching at the soft flesh right above his hips to get him in the right position to slide against your clit, but he only seems to appreciate the friction on his cock, humming in pleasure against your skin and kneading your breasts harshly in his large palms.

Harry curses when he pries himself away from you enough to dip his fingers in your folds and feel how wet you are, taking the opportunity to circle around your clit a few times and watch you writhe beneath him. Looking down at you his eyes are a little bit wild, his hair a dark halo around his head, and underneath the heat of his gaze you feel opened up and exposed, completely vulnerable as he feels you out from the inside. One of his hands cups the side of your face, his palm burning hot, and he leans closer until you breathe his breath and can just see the thin ring of green in his eyes. His thumb trembles lightly against your bottom lip.

“Are you ready for me?” You nod, letting your lips part enough for your tongue to touch the tip of his thumb, and Harry groans your name right before kissing you breathless again.

He kneels back onto his knees, not before giving a hard sucking kiss to each of your nipples, and then with grasping hands he spreads your thighs apart and hauls them over his own until your lower half is perched in his lap. Gripping himself, he strokes his cock a couple of times and drags the swollen tip over your wet slit, making you whimper when it slides over your clit, and then with his eyes intent on you he aligns himself with your entrance.

When he plunges into you, your mouth falls open in a choked scream, and your nails bite down onto his arms where he grips your hips and holds them steady for him to thrust into you in a bruising pace. You lock your legs around his waist as best you can with your body bouncing each time he sheathes himself inside you, biting your lip hard against a tight whine as your walls stretch to fit around him. Harry is so well endowed that he always makes you feel full to the brim, but without the usual foreplay you can feel that burning twinge underneath the pleasure, and for some reason it makes you feel even more desperate for him. You beg him to fuck you harder, faster, claw at his back and sides when he leans over you and finds a different angle that makes you shake, and he doesn’t disappoint you.

Despite being fast asleep only minutes before, Harry makes you cum quicker than you anticipated, his fingers working a maddening rhythm over your clit at the same time his cock reaches those perfect spots inside you that make your eyes roll back into your head. You tremble and clamp down over his cock, your hips bucking without restraint in his lap, and he helps you to ride it out, gasping out that you look so fucking beautiful cumming for him like that, how you feel so good that he knows he won’t last much longer.

It isn’t long then that he pounds into you even harder and then stills, hips pressed tight against your own as he spills himself into you. You moan at the hot rush you can feel deep inside, welcoming his weight when he sags against your body.

You’ve nearly fallen back asleep by the time he drags himself off of you, and as it is you give a mighty yawn as he pulls you close to his warmth, eyelids rapidly growing heavy.

“Love you. Thank you.” Harry’s voice is low and a little wrecked, and you though you only give a sleepy sound in response, your mouth curves into a smile anyway, only fading when you’ve drifted back to sleep with your head pillowed on his chest.

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I've lived as a bisexual for the past ten years, even had a serious boyfriend for about 4yrs. We broke up and now we're friends and I like it much better. So suddenly, I realized I can't remember ever being actually turned on cause of him, I always had sex for him and stuff. And now I'm so scared because I can't remember getting turned on about any man, like ever. But I've been so turned on by women. Do you know any lesbian who thought she was bi at first? I need to know for sure. tips /help !

There are a lot of lesbians who thought they were bi or forced themselves to have sex with men even though they weren’t into it, because they wanted to be “normal”, because that’s “just what you do”, or even because they wanted to “fix” themselves of their desire for other women. It’s a very common thing.

Also consider that, as women, we are not encouraged by society to seek sexual relationships that are pleasurable to us. We are indocrinated to be always thinking about pleasing a man. Just look at women’s magazines, all the “sex tips” are about pleasing the man. We just end up thinking that having undesired, unpleasant sex is our normal. That we exist to please others, not ourselves, and anything but that is selfish. That sex is a burden, a chore, something we have to tolerate for the sake of a man.

And this is a terrible thing.

So if women turn you on, and men don’t, have sex with women and not with men. You don’t need to justify your attraction, and you don’t need to provide your background history. This is not a job application. You are the one who knows how your attraction works, so if you’re honestly attracted exclusively to women, yep, you might be a lesbian. You gotta be honest to yourself.

150226 tvN 'Problematic Men' - Mock Interview
  • Interviewer: You're applying for a position within our company and I just wanted to ask you one question: you had a girlfriend before, correct?
  • Rap Monster: Yes I did.
  • Interviewer: Are you still dating her?
  • Rap Monster: No I am not.
  • Interview: I see. What was the reason for the breakup?
  • Rap Monster: I was dating someone 4-5 years ago in high school and I like to think of us as a circle and triangle. If a circle and a triangle come together, does it make them a square? There must be a lot of clashes in the process of it, and that's what happened to us. She had a lot of male friends in her surrounding and honestly, that itself is not a big deal. But she behaved in such a way that would not be considered "right" with her male friends as she had a boyfriend so after constant clashing, I decided to break up with her.
  • Interviewer: If I can ask an additional question, considering you fleeted the situation as it got worse, would you say the same for if a situation similar occurred while you were a part of our company?
  • Rap Monster: Because I've gone through it once before, if this were to happen when I'm a part of the company, I'll reflect on what happened in my past situation and think, "Why couldn't I be more understanding?" I'll try to be more understanding of the other party and see if there is a point negotiable for agreement for both parties.
47) "Why?" (part 2)
  • Anon 2: Do one where everyone tells Sammy why they love y/n, not just because y/n and Sam are dating but they have an actual reason why. title it "why?"
  • (SUPER LONG!!!!!!)
  • (This one is going to be more conversational. So this one is different than usual. enjoy. )
  • Sammy's POV
  • J: Aye Sammy, where's Y/N?
  • Me: She's in Y/H/T
  • G: When does she get here?
  • Me: She's not coming.
  • Mike: Oh, she's coming for christmas then?
  • Me: Nope
  • Nate: Wait, what? Are you going to her or something?
  • Me: No. We got in an argument last week. We were talking about when we get here for thanksgiving then she was like she's going to Y/H/T for thanksgiving so I was like ok we can go to Y/H/T for thanksgiving then you can come for christmas. Then she said she was going back to Y/H/T for christmas. And I was like wtf. We can't go to your family both times. What about mine? Basically she said SHE'S going home for the holidays and not spending time with me or my family. She did not want to tear me away from my family and she didn't want me to tear her away from her family!
  • G: Wtf that's kind of dumb. Madison is coming here for both events!
  • Me: SEE! THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING! and I'm so fucking mad and irritated with this!
  • Annie: Sammy, you need to realize that she doesn't get to spend time with her family very often! You don't either! She wants you to spend time with everyone while she spends time with everyone!
  • Me: But it's the holidays! I want her to spend time with us for her to enjoy how we are and I want to do the same with her family!
  • Emily: That's understandable but Sammy,
  • Me: But nothing! If Madison can come, she should come!
  • Emily: Y/N and Madison are two totally different girls! They do things differently! They think differently! And you can't expect Y/N to do something because Madison does it! You can't expect Y/N to dress how Madison dresses! You can't expect her to react or feel the same way. She's not Madison! You have to respect that!
  • G: None taken. but *WHY*? just curious. I won't get mad.
  • Ben: Oh, I have my reason. When we first met Y/N, we asked her, her opinion on things. Yo, she is straight up real. I asked her, if one or more of sam's friends does not like you, what would you do? and she straight up said, "If one or more of his friends do not like me, and I did EVERYTHING I could for them to like me, then we will have to break up." I asked her why? she said "if they are friends, especially close friends, then he will consider them family! If family does not like me, that's it! Done deal. Because that is God's way of telling me, WE DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER! That there is someone out there more compatible for him and his friends and family! Never will I make a guy put me before his family and friends. I just came along the way, but them, they were there from the beginning. And I'm not going to waste my time on some bs relationship when I could be out there looking for the right one for me." After she said that, I gained so much respect for her!
  • Emily: I REMEMBER THAT! I remember asking her, her opinion on like, no offense Jack, but nudes, sex tapes, and leaked nudes. She said, "I feel sorry for the leaked nudes because they trusted someone and then they lost their trust. But at the same time, it's hard for me to be sympathetic because no matter how much you like someone, no matter how much you want to "fuck them," nudes are degrading. You were the one who decided to send them, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRUSTED THE PERSON, YOU still sent them. It's hard for me to have an opinion. But at the same time it's disgusting how people are hating on the girls who do send it out like, why are we not hating the person that leaked it? Why are we destroying these girls' lives because of their trust in someone who threw that shit away? I love Madison, and I fucking HATE what people say about her because of this bullshit. LIFE HAPPENS. MISTAKES ARE MADE. GET OVER IT. In my opinion, the way I'd do it, I'd say, "the only time you'll see this booty and tits, you gotta be here physically, with your face between my legs. Until then, you gone have to wait."
  • Annie: I remember asking her about past relationships/hook ups and her past sexual experiences. She said, "I've had 2 real boyfriends in the past. Got cheated on both of them. So I'm very blocked off with my heart. As for past sexual experiences, I'm a virgin. so nothing to tell. As for hook ups, it's not that I won't do hookups, but I just haven't. I'm not going to have some random drunk guy stick his tongue down my throat. Nasty. I'm very conserved. If people do that stuff, do you. I'm not judging, but that kind of stuff, not my thing. And I'm not willing to just give my virginity to just ANYONE. It's not that I'm waiting for marriage, it's just I'm waiting for the right guy. Someone worth waiting for, as corny as it sounds, it's true." Since that, I've loved her.
  • Emily & Ben: Same.
  • J: Nate, Mike and I had a deep talk with her one time at like i think 3 am. When G and Madison were on a date and Sam was in New York.
  • (to be continued. these are too long for just one post. sorry!)

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I just want to answer the question about Lottie having her career given to her. Yes she has had some privileged introductions but she has been my assistant for over a year, I've had loads in the past and she works just as hard as any other irrelevant of Louis (and shes only 17). Not only do we have more than a full time job on tour; she takes courses, assists other artists and films and edits her own videos in her own time over spending time with friends/boyfriends etc. Some credit please! 😠


Lou’s answer to Lottie ‘having her career handed to her’ x

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I found out that my boyfriend of 7 years had cheated on me the past 7 months...with my best friend. And as if things could be worse, she is now pregnant with him child. I've known her more than 2 decades. I just don't know what to do. All I want to do is crawl into a ball and die. Louise, what can I possibly do to be "okay" again? Because right now I feel as though I'm heading towards a black hole and can't see myself as a together person 😞

First of all, I am so sorry this is happening to you. What an awful situation to be in. 

Second of all, I’m not sure how best to help because I haven’t ever been through this before. My best advice (which I don’t think is that groundbreaking) would be to find comfort in your other friends, give yourself lots of distance from the guy and the pregnant girl and take time to heal yourself before you focus on them. 

I’m sending you really big hugs and glitters xxxx

Okay…. so…. I haven’t written ANYTHING in AGES, but I saw this idea and instantly fell in love with it and this kind of happened. (And there may end up being more because I feel like I can’t leave it like this….)

So hopefully this isn’t too awful (And I hope you don’t mind me jumping on your headcanon @htgawm-tv!)

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I went the cinema with my boyfriend the other day - we were so ducking horny after not being able to fuck over the past two weeks. We ended up teasing each other to the point where I had come three times and once the film was finished he fucked me so hard over the front of the car when we got outside. Best sex I've ever had.


7949) I used to think my boyfriend was a chaser. I've had bad experiences with them in the past, hence my paranoia. But as it turns out he just thinks I'm beautiful even if I don't look perfectly cisgender. He doesn't seem to see me as an object or a fetish or anything like that. It's nice because a lot of guys are disappointed that I don't like completely feminine and passable. I just hope I'm right about him.

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I've been upset for the past few months. I've realised that I'm going to turn 18 soon and the whole of my life I've NEVER dated a guy. It makes me upset because I feel so unwanted and unloved. I just want someone go be there and love me.

I’ll be 18 next year and I’ve only had 1 real boyfriend. I mean I see it as I have a family that loves me, I have great friends and a good support system. I couldn’t ask for more. That’s all the love I need right there, until a great guy comes around and is down for only me. I use to feel like that but then I see all these girls quick to jump into a relationship, then some months down the line they’re crying and they’ve broken up or wasted their time with that guy. I’ve learned to be content with what I have and not to chase after any guy, because a real man will find you. I recall Prince Charming finding Cinderella, not Cinderella finding him. If you continue to look for love, sometimes you find the wrong kind of love. Love will find it’s way to you when the right time come and I promise you it’s gonna be worth the wait Babygirl.

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(Female) So, I'm bi, but I think I like girls better then boys now, and it used to be the other way around. In fact, I don't have any attraction to boys right now at all. Is sexuality something that can flux and change? Am I a lesbian now, even though in the past I've had crushes on boys? Or am I just leaning towards girls right now b/c my current crush is a girl? Uhg! Why does love have to be so hard?

A lot of bisexuals feel like their attraction changes over time, and then changes back so that’s totally normal!

I’ve also had a friend tell me that when she was with her boyfriend, she felt a lot stronger attraction to guys, and now that she was with her girlfriend, she liked girls a lot more so it’s totally possibly that it’s being influenced by your current crush.

If you continue to feel like you’re no longer attracted to guys, and think you’d rather identify as a lesbian, it’s also totally ok to change how you identify :)

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I want to dance so bad, I think it would give me confidence and independence that I've been wanting for so long and I honestly think it something I could excel in, unfortunately I'm in love with my man but he says he'll leave me if I dance. He's dated strippers in the past and had problems with it... I just don't know what to do


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This might be too awkward, but I keep using sex to find love. I know its a harmful cycle but I can't stop getting hurt over and over again. I'm addicted to these toxic relationships and I want to be normal and have a boyfriend like everyone else! The only problem is that the past 3 boyfriends I've had, I cheated on them. I know, I know. I'm the scum of the earth. I feel so much pain knowing I hurt them and I can never forgive myself. How do I stop being a terrible person?

Remember that the most important intimate relationship is the one you have with yourself. Learn about yourself before exploring someone else.


Forrest Curran

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How do we move on from love? I know I'm stuck on the past. I am struggling to let go of my boyfriend of four years. We had a bad break-up, and now he's dating someone new. He seems fine. And I am still so broken. How do I stop myself from getting lost in the memories of us and move on with my own life? I've held onto hope that we could get through this. It's almost been a year since we broke up, and I just want peace.

You truly have to let go of the past relationship. You have to truly let the relationship be closed. I recommend writing. Write. Grieve. Get it all out. Write a letter to him and burn it or through it out. Get all your emotions down and let them work through you. Try to get an understating of the past and the relationship that ended and return to your life now and be with it now. Write till you have let this go and have truly moved on from it, released it; release its grip on you. The past can grip you and hold you until you have moved through it and let it go and understood it.

Try to see that your life is now and not back in that relationship. Breathe and feel that life is now and always has been now. It just is, now. Try to get a small sense that the past only lives in your thoughts and the emotions you have now. You feel the past now and think about the past now, but those feeling and thoughts are just that, thoughts and feelings. They have no real life. No substance now. Try to get a glimpse of this now and see that the only way the past has any grip on you is from these thoughts and emotion around it. These are its pull. Try to see that they are just in you, they just pull you and that you can truly let them go and work through them and get to the peace and stillness underneath them. Try to go into them and work through them and don’t run or turn away from them and see what comes, what arises.

I hope this helps.

Things I've Done..

Put an [x] on the things you’ve done. (It doesn’t matter how long it has been)

[x] Graduated high school.

[x] Kissed someone.

[x] Collected something really stupid

[x] Smoked a cigarette

[x] Got so drunk you passed out.

[x] Rode every ride at an amusement park

[ ] Gone to a rock concert.

[x] Helped someone.

[ ] Gone fishing.

[x] Watched four movies in one night.

[x] Gone long periods of time without sleep.

[x] Lied to someone.

[ ] Snorted cocaine.

[x] Failed a class.

[ ] Smoked weed.

[ ] Dealt drugs.

[x] Been in a car accident.

[ ] Been in a tornado.

[ ] Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid).

[ ] Watched someone die.

[x] Been to a funeral.

[ ] Burned yourself.

[ ] Ran a marathon

[x] Cried yourself to sleep.

[ ] Spent over $200 in one day.

[x] Flown on a plane.

[x] Cheated on someone

[x] Been cheated on

[x] Written a 10 page letter.

[ ] Gone skiing

[ ] Been sailing.

[x] Cut yourself by accident.

[x] Cut yourself on purpose.

[x] Had a best friend.

[x] Lost someone you loved.

[ ] Shoplifted something.

[ ] Been to jail.

[ ] Dangerously close to being in jail.

[x] Skipped school

[ ] Had detention.

[x] Got in trouble for something you didn’t do.

[ ] Stolen books from the library.

[x] Gone to a different country.

[ ] Dropped out of school.

[ ] Been in a mental hospital.

[x] Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.

[x] Had an online diary.

[ ] Fired a gun.

[ ] Had a yard sale.

[ ] Had a lemonade stand.

[ ] Actually made money at the lemonade stand.

[x] Been in a school play.

[ ] Been fired from a job.

[ ] Taken a lie detector test.

[ ] Swam with dolphins.

[ ] Gone to sea world.

[ ] Voted for someone on a reality TV show.

[x] Written poetry.

[x] Read more than 20 books a year.

[ ] Gone to Europe.

[x] Loved someone you shouldn’t have.

[x] Used a coloring book over age 12.

[x] Had surgery.

[x] Had stitches

[x] Taken a taxi.

[ ] Seen the Washington Monument.

[x] Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once.

[ ] Overdosed.

[ ] Had a drug or alcohol problem.

[ ] Been in a fist fight.

[x] Suffered any form of abuse.

[ ] Gone surfing in California.

[x] Had a hamster.

[ ] Pet a wild animal.

[x] Used a credit card.

[ ] Did “spirit day” at school.

[x] Dyed your hair.

[ ] Got a tattoo.

[x] Had something pierced.

[ ] Got straight A’s.

[ ] Been on the Honor Roll.

[ ] Known someone with HIV or AIDS

[x] Madeout with someone

[ ] Played on a sports team

[x] Sexted

[ ] Been to NYC

[ ] snuck out of the house

[x] given a blowjob

[x] given a handjob

[ ] swore at a teacher

[ ] gone laser tagging

[x] had a boyfriend/girlfriend

[ ] been on the TV

[x] been fingered

[x] french braided

[ ] skinny-dipped

[ ] driven a car

[x] performed in front of an audience

[x] been in love

[x] had a blond moment

[x] been on a train

[x] seen a ghost

[ ] gone bungee-jumping

[ ] been to Mexico

[ ] crashed a car

[ ] sky dived

[ ] been kissed in the rain

[ ] been to your states capitol

[x] made an 11:11 wish

[x] drank alcohol

[x] forwarded a chain letter

[x] made a mistake

– so are you gonna judge me for the things that i’ve done? :)