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Master Fanfiction List | July 2017

For those of you who have been asking me for my updated master list, ask and you shall receive!

Here is the Master List for all of my current completed and works in progress Fanfictions for Outlander.  All of my stories can be found on AO3 under the same name of WrittenThrough Time. I do NOT write about real people, so please don’t ask or expect to find those on here.


My Blog Prompts

A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Briste - Modern AU where Claire believes she is unlovable and will never find love. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way she believes it will… Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook Part 1, Mr. Crook Part , Mr. Crook Part 3, Mr. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

@lenny9987 and I have paired up for this series and she has written Mrs. Crook Part 1,Mrs. Crook Part 2, Mrs. Crook Part 3, Mrs. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

Endlessly - Story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory
Part 2

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish soldier and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 COMPLETE

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons. COMPLETE

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints. COMPLETE

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to writeshort fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager. COMPLETE

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible) COMPLETE

A Flurry of Green and Red - Bree goes through the stones before Claire. deviation from Voyager

Christmas Faith - Christmas themed one shots based with Faith Fraser as a main character.
Alternate Christmas Faith    COMPLETE

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas day story COMPLETE

From One to Another - Frank has a child with another woman, abandoning Claire hours after giving birth to Brianna. COMPLETE

Ma Famille - Fluffy Fergus AU at Lallybroch with Claire & Jamie. COMPLETE

Mutually Beneficial Pleasure - Fic based on an image and the caption “Imagine him looking down at you like that.” SMUT COMPLETE

Untitled Ramblings - Meet cute for Jamie and Claire set in an unidentified Modern Universe. (completely separate from Mo Chridhe.) This fic could also be continued for now marked complete.
Untitled Surprise COMPLETE

La Bibliotheque Parisinne - Modern standalone piece of Jamie and Claire in Paris. Smut for Smut’s Sake.SMUT COMPLETE

Forever and A Day… - Rewrite of DiA where Claire stays in the past. Written for @mybeautifuldecay

A Whole New World- JPOV s2ep13: Dragonfly in Amber AU

Scottish Sun - Sweet Jamie and Claire moment COMPLETE

Outlander Drabbles - Collection of Drabbles based in any setting of Outlander
Wedding Night Drabbles, The Newsroom, Smut Drabble, Motorcyclist, Drunken Night, Obedience School, Anniversary Gift, Trouble, First Night Alone, Puppy Days, Walks, Ring Bearer, The Halloween Party, Happy Second Anniversary, Happy Halloween

Singin’ in the Rain - ONE SHOT: Roger and Bree moment on the Ridge.Book 9 setting SMUT COMPLETE

A Kiss a Day Keeps the Whores at Bay - Claire saves Jamie from Laoghaire COMPLETE

Life Drawing - This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

Letters For Christmas - Secret Santa 2016 for @akb723. For Christmas Jamie writes a letter to his wife remembering different moments in their shared history.  Letter One - 1944 Letter Two - 1946 Letter Three - 1949 Letter Four - 1953 Letter Five - 1957 Letter Six - 1959 Letter Seven - 1969 COMPLETE

Prompts for Imagine

Always With Me - Imagine Jamie going all proud poppa mode with baby Faith if she had lived COMPLETE

Born Out of Time - Bree is sick in the 20th Century and Claire has to bring her back to the 18th Century to heal her.
Part 2: I Need A Healer, Part 3: Return of the Red Man and Red Child COMPLETE

Main Du Chroi - Faith asks Jamie if Claire is really a faerie Part: 2 COMPLETE

The Darkness That Leads to Remembrance - Sir Fletcher allows Claire to see Jamie. (Endlessly Spin-Off) COMPLETE

The Steam Rises - The hot baths did win….for both of them. SMUT COMPLETE

Oidche Math - AU where Jamie has premonitions/dreams of his Sassenach before they meet in person.
Part 2: Et Somniatores    COMPLETE

An Aching Wish - The stones failed the second time around and Claire goes to France. Chapter 2 COMPLETE

Lallybroch’s Newest Healer - Rewrite of Always With Me where Faith Lives and is NOT a dream. COMPLETE

There Can Only Be One (aka Legwhore Smackdown)- Claire goes back slightly earlier just before Jamie leaves for Edinburgh and he still lives with Laoghaire COMPLETE

Together in Paris - Life for the Frasers had they stayed in Paris instead of fighting in the uprising. (AU where Faith lives)
Part 2: Older Brother, Older Sister, Part 3: La Petite Mort

Wanting to Be….A Daddy’s Girl - Fic about Brianna never bonding/having that fatherly relationship with Frank and her reaction when she finds out who her father really is. AU with wee Bree and Frank dies early,
Part 2 COMPLETE (for now)

Petit Mircale - Multi-part rewrite of what I believe should have happened in ep. 207. *Spoiler Alert* FAITH LIVES.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5  COMPLETE

Neighboring Love - Set in the 18th Century. Young lovers Jamie and Claire.
Prompt: So there’s this post on tumblr that’s like “the most beautiful man in the world lives in my building but every time I see him I’m a mess” and I was like OMG THIS NEEDS TO BE A FIC, so imagine Jamie and Claire in this situation.
Part 2: 362 Days…, Part 3: Unwanted Affections, Part 4: Since the Very First Day, Part 5: Hidden Letters

Èirigh na Grèine - Set in the 18th Century where Bree is born and grows up then. Jamie talking to, showing, and explaining things to a baby Bree. Part 2  COMPLETE

Away with the Faeries -  In season 2 finale, Bree said Claire is always away with the faeries…Coult you do a prompt of instances of Bree at different ages like 5,9, 14 and 20where she notices Claire is far away (thinking about Jamie and such) and at those different ages what Bree thinks of her mother because thoughts change when you get older :)  COMPLETE

Of Innocents & Voyeurs - Imagine if Mary and/or Louise walked in on Jamie and Claire in the throws ;) SMUT COMPLETE

Sticky Fingers - #5 Claire catches a bairn in her surgery. (this is a multi-fic post where each of Imagine’s mods wrote a piece based on a list of prompts. You’ll find Stick Fingers as number 5 on the list) COMPLETE

Cruinne Malartach - Imagine there are stones that don’t send you through time but into alternative universes.

Owl Post - Imagine Bree explaining Harry Potter to Jamie. Gotham graciously let me borrow her Modern Glasgow world and add this little gem to the universe. Gotham’s Modern Glasgow

Tales From the Past - Claire and Uncle Lamb are folklorists and discover a Scottish Legend deep in the North Carolian Mountains Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV COMPLETE

Angel Baby - Anonymous submitted: Could you please write a prompt where little Bree asks Claire for a sister, Claire tells her about Faith but Frank overhears and confronts Claire? Thanks :) COMPLETE

Guardian Scotsman - What about a story about Claire as a child or a teenager and somehow gets raised by Murtagh?

Baking Disasters - Imagine Claire trying to be the perfect WI wife for her husband doing baking and crafts and gardening and she’s kind of awful at it. Chapter 1, Chapter 2

A Shock to the System - Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!! COMPLETE

Separate Beds- "Do you wish for us to live separately?“ What if Claire wasn’t ready to forgive Jamie yet? How would he gain back her trust? COMPLETE

The Laird’s Foster - Because I am missing my favorite characters of late, can I get some Roger and Bree story? I’d like to see the evolution of them falling in love with each other. Too much? Anything from you will do. Pretty please? Thank you!

On the Road - Could you do an story where Claire and Jamie return to Castle Leoch before going to the colonies. Bonus points for one where Jamie never married Laogherie :) (up to you!!) COMPLETE

In the Eye of the Beholder - Using a mirror, Bree paints a picture of her and William together and they give it to Jamie for his birthday. Jamie is so touched he tells them a dream he had in the cave of the two of them playing together. COMPLETE

The Arrangement - Christmas Special with @mybeautifuldecay  This little fic is a combined work from both of us with no chapter separation or author separation. We wrote this in tandem, inspiring one another as we went. We hope you will enjoy this Christmas Wedding Bells edition of The Arrangement!

The French Frasers - Imagine a French family (couple, kids and a granny) arriving to the Ridge. They recognised the gran as Suzette, the Paris maid and making counts about her son age they noticed he could be also Murtagh’s son. COMPLETE (for now)

Maman’s Boy - Fergus making his way from the battlefield, just wanting to see Claire and Jamie. He realizes that he thinks of them as his parents. COMPLETE

Drunken Nights - Write a scene where Jamie returns home in Paris, completely drunk and the effort Claire has to put in just to get him into bed with him fighting all the way because he wants his Sassenach. COMPLETE

SAWNY -  Jamie’s first meeting with Fergus in the tv show where you find out he’s the one who took Sawny so I thought a story about Jamie actually giving it to him either just before Culloden or before he arranges to get himself arrested would be really nice. COMPLETE

With Unseeing Eyes - What if someone had told Claire that Jamie was in love with her when she was first staying at Leoch? Chapter 1, Chapter 2   COMPLETE

The Cat’s Delight - Drabble on Imagine for the 2nd Anniversary of the Wedding Episode. COMPLETE

The Historian, the Healer and the Warrior - Imagine Frank had already remarried when Claire came back.

A possible alternate ending in Ep12 (super lengthy & boring)

Let me first establish my ignorance on this topic,
because I know NOTHING about Criminal Law
I only watch documentaries on the Crime & Investigation Channel and that’s about as little as I’m acquainted with. So my verbal vomit below can be unrealistic and inaccurate and naive, SORRY!!

1) But anyway let’s just say if the US helicopters hadn’t intruded,

and 12 & 9 turned themselves in to Shibazaki & were caught as they had intended from the beginning. 

Project Athena will be exposed to the world. 
12 & 9 will face the Court to be convicted & sentenced. 

1) But the first factor here is their age. 
They are both only 17, and so in the eyes of the law, they are considered Juveniles/Minors. They cannot be prosecuted as Adults. 

This also depends on the jurisdiction in different countries. 
In the US, a minor is legally defined as a person under the age of 18.
In Japan, a minor is someone below the age of 20

According to the Juvenile Law of Japan, “Persons under 20 years of age are classified as juveniles and subject to special procedure”

 This age is crucial because as long as you are a minor, you can never be sentenced to death (some countries already abolished the death penalty). 
  • Usually for teenaged offenders, the focus will be on rehabilitation so they can return to society at an older age. They will be given “protective measures & the most beneficial treatment” to reform them and change their behaviours.  (This is also applicable for KIDS WHO ARE MURDERERS, but not all, it’s a case by case basis. But anyway 12 & 9 aren’t murderers! )

  • Generally, these minors would be granted with a chance at life outside as soon as they have undergone the necessary intensive rehabilitative programs, met the inflexible criteria required, & deemed acceptable for release by the government etc.

  • But of course, they’d be under careful watch and vigilant supervision. And if they violate any of the conditions/rules of their release in even the slightest way, it is ensured that they will be recalled to prison. 

  • Upon release, these juvenile criminals will be given new identities and a fresh start. Their locations and other vital information will never be made public. This is similar to how families of serial killers are also given the same opportunity of changing their names & living in anonymity to prevent harassment from the public & victims’ families.

    (If you’ve watched Pixar’s The Incredibles and remember how they had to move away because their neighbours & Mr Incredible’s boss found out about their powers, then yes this happens in real life too. You don’t know it because that’s the point. You’re not supposed to know!)

But even as minors, the question of whether they would be given a life sentence or a lighter punishment depends on the seriousness & brutality of their offence.
Circumstances can also affect how the case is resolved. 

2) When Project Athena is exposed to the world, it will arouse intense public outrage. That’s why the government was so desperate to keep it hidden in the first place. Experimentation on humans is unacceptable. And they forced that upon children. These kids have died, and in a sense, these people are culpable for murder. So yea, the public will empathize with 12 & 9 and all the children involved. There will be immense pressure from the masses across the world to seek justice for these children.   


3) Oh but back to 12 & 9! The fact that there had been no casualties and deaths, and the measures both of them went through to ensure no one was harmed will also be taken into account during their sentencing.
Shibazaki, who is one of the main detectives of their case, will testify for them in Court.

He said: “Think about it…

4) Not to mention the massive amount of drugs 12 & 9 had ingested forcibly as test subjects, the effects on their physical health, the constant migraines, the emotional turmoil, their mental stability and the psychological repercussions will be brought up, and will work in their defence.

Because essentially, they are victims in their own right who suffered under the hands of those shitheads responsible for the Athena Plan.

5) However, they will still be prosecuted and serve the mandatory time behind bars.
BUT THEY ARE 17, only minors.
And they're geniuses who are excellent candidates for rehabilitation.
They will be released once they are judged as suitably apt to integrate back into society without causing harm. Since their main objective is to expose Project Athena and it’s already been achieved, they have no purpose to cause destruction again. 

COME ON WE ALL KNOW 12 & 9 ARE GOOD PEOPLE AT HEART! And if their deaths were brought on by the effects of the experimentation, at least they died free in a way. 12 hasn’t suffered any migraines yet so this gives us VON. (yup, VON. VONNNN. VON. Oh 9:( )

This gives LISA & 12 a chance. JUST LOOK AT MY CUTIES!!!!

Admiring the northern lights, forgiving 12 & accepting Lisa.
He’s a babe !

The last frame of 3 of them together.

Continue [here]
points 6 to 9

anonymous asked:

Hello I've followed your avengers recs since the beginning and now i've recently discovered cherik. i haven't read any fics yet and looking at the ao3 cherik section is daunting. could you recommend your favorites?

Welcome to the fandom! There’s a lot of great talent here, and a lot of great fics, so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like. <3 Here are my favorites in no particular order.
Tough little baby telepath - aesc, pearl_o (NC-17 Mutant!AU | 221K)
Charles is 19 yrs old and takes a job as a consultant for the NYPD. Erik is a detective. There’s lots of sex. angst, emotional hurt/comfort and romance.

Anarchy In The U.K. - Yahtzee (NC-17 Non-Powered |195K)
Modern Royalty AU where Charles is the Prince of Wales and Erik is a journalist.

City by the Sea - Black_Betty  (NC-17 Non-Powered |56K+)
Historical Royalty where Charles and Erik are in an arranged marriage. Charles wants love and affection, and Erik is emotionally constipated.

Sprich Mit Mir | Talk To Me - papercutperfect (NC-17 Mutant!AU |23K+)
Where they meet on a train, and Erik doesn’t speak English. Adorable and romantic.

Our House, in the Middle of Our Street by clocks (NC-17 Non-Powered |51K+)
Charles fosters troubled kids at his mansion after quitting his job as a social worker. Erik is a local handyman.

5 Ways Logan Fixed Everything (Like A Boss) by Starlingthefool (PG-13 Canon!AU)
What would have happened if Charles and Erik had managed to recruit Logan? (In which Logan solves everyone’s problems through snark and BAMFery.)

A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by Etharei (NC-17 Mutant!AU |114K+)
Futuristic SciFi where Charles, a miner from a poor village in the countryside, saves the life of Erik Lehnsherr, scion of a successful business family and the richest man on the planet Eisen.

Better Outrun My Gun - Magnetism_bind (NC-17 Non-Powered Western)
Erik is searching for the man who murdered his parents. Charles runs a saloon with his sisters.

Downtown (everything’s waiting for you) - so_shhy (NC-17 Non-Powered AU)
Charles is an adorable rich CEO, Erik is a hooker with a heart of gold…

Into the Fray - miss_aphelion (NC-17 Non-Powered AU |Alpha/Omega |31K+)
Alpha/Omega Hunger Games AU. Really great.

Daycare ‘Verse - brilligspoons, pocky_slash (PG-13/R |Series |Mutant!AU |185K+)
A modern AU in which Charles runs a mutant daycare and Erik is his long-suffering engineer boyfriend.

Okay, I Feel Better Now - Harleydoll (PG-13 Mutant!AU |35K+)
Erik is sent to a mental health facility after being convicted for Shaw’s murder and pleads insanity, and Charles is his paranoid schizophrenic of a roommate.

Paper Monsters by Clocks (NC-17 Non-powered AU |39K+)
Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn’t know it’s him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

Start A War - stewardess (NC-17 Mutant!AU |Bottom!Erik |34K+)
Mutants have full rights. Cyborgs have none.

Lost and Found - wallhaditcoming, whitebat (NC-17 Historical!AU |23K+)
When Crown Prince Charles Xavier makes the impulsive decision to rescue a man who leapt into the river from enemy shores, his moment of selflessness ends up coming at a personal cost. In the process, however, he gains an ally and a friend. As Charles finds himself drawn to both Erik and his cause, he must find a way to satisfy both his conscious and his duty, all while separated from his troops and trapped behind enemy lines.

Prayers for the Living - Fahye, littledust (PG-13 Canon!AU |29K+)
AU from midway through the film, looking at what might have happened if Azazel had (sensibly) teleported to Russia and Emma had (sensibly) gone recruiting baby mutants. In which Moira is badass, actions have consequences, and Charles and Erik manage to have some feelings when they’re not racing around the country.

a thousand pages (give or take a few) - betweenthebliss (NC-17 Non-Powered Bookstore AU |42K+)
Where Charles owns a bookstore and Erik is his new rival.

Mutant School AU - ximeria (NC-17 Mutant!AU |22K+)
Modern day setting with a school run jointly by Brotherhood and X-men members, with Charles’ father as the leader of one side, Logan the leader of the other, and Charles and Erik, who should be old enough to act maturely, just tend to… not

The Courtship - dvs (NC-17 Futuristic AU |Reincarnation |98K+)
A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.

Ghost in the Shell - MonstrousRegiment (NC-17 Mutant!AU SciFi |53K+)
Futuristic SciFi/Space AU based on Firefly/Dollhouse where Erik is the captain and Charles is a preacher only not really. Awesome.

A Very Special Episode and The Secret of Dragon Ranch by winterhill (NC-17 Non-Powered AU |52K+)
“The Secret of Dragon Ranch” is the first prime-time gay cartoon to be made specifically for children’s TV, and Erik wants in. The last person he’s expecting to see when he shows up for work is Charles Xavier, and given how badly they parted, he’s going to take this chance to mend things between them.

‘tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people - whichisgolden (NC-17 Mutant!AU |26K+)
Clueless AU. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother.

you follow and i’ll lead - pearl_o, pocky_slash (NC-17 Mutant!AU |52K+)
When Charles discovers how frustrated and self-conscious his best friend Erik is about his ignorance about sex, he’s eager to volunteer to help teach him and practice. History Repeating - winterhill (NC-17 AU Collection |58K+)
Charles and Erik throughout the ages. They’re all great, but my fav is the pirates!AU. :D
Inevitable Things - madcap_allie  (NC-17 Canon-verse |21K+)
Missing scenes hurt/comfort. In between the nightmares, allusions to self-harm, rough-housing that goes too far, experiments that go awry, and (what we would now recognize as) risky sexual behavior, Charles has to get a handle on his issues before the inevitable happens.

Mutually Beneficial Transaction - Pookaseraph (NC-17 Non-Powered AU |Bottom!Erik |41K+)
Erik is a college student with a mounting college debt. He places an add on a sugar daddies website and Charles answers.

Forgive Us Our Transgressions - PoorMedea (NC-17 Post-XMFC |32K+)
Magneto gets sick and the Brotherhood drops him off at the mansion because they think Hank might help. The fever has a side-effect: Erik gets amnesia, and Charles is tempted. Very tempted.

Replay - Unforgotten (R |Canon-verse)
Charles sends his consciousness back to 1962 to guide Erik away from the path that will lead to the genocide of the human race forty years hence. Charles knows that Erik has always loved him, and intends to use this knowledge + sex to seduce Erik away from his ideals in his youth.

Shout it Out Loud - dreamlittleyo (NC-17 |Canon-verse |30K+)
When Charles forges a telepathic link between himself and Erik, the two men find themselves bound together by more than just destiny.

No Yesterdays On the Road - pocky_slash (PG-13 Canon!AU: No divorce)
Canon!AU where there’s no beach divorce. Everything’s good until Charles disappears, and Erik is forced to team up with Moira to look for him.
Sequel:  Unfinished Business ®
lay down beside me (so still and so soft) - C_Gracewood (NC-17 Canon-verse)
A different take on the events of the film.

Bifurcation - AlchemyAlice (PG-13 Canon-verse)
Charles has a split, bad-ass personality. His name is Wesley.

A Logical Progression - cloudyjenn (NC-17 Canon-verse)
Directly post-cuba, there’s hasty first-time sex. And then Charles gets pregnant. One of my favorites mpreg.

Diamagnetism - cherryfeather (PG-13 Canon-verse Fluff)
Erik discovers a new power during a training accident. Charles is really only mildly hysterical, honestly.

Not So Much the Teacup - thehoyden (NC-17 Non-Powered AU)
Charles is a wedding planner.

Charles’ Killer - luchia (NC-17 Non-Powered AU)
When detective Charles Xavier finds himself hunting down a vendetta-driven serial killer, it doesn’t take long for him to realize he’s in over his head. It only takes a little longer for him to realize his killer is, too.

I’ll see your heart (and I’ll raise you mine) - sirona (NC-17 Mutant!AU)
For Kriminalhauptkommissar Erik Lehnsherr, this case will change everything.

New Beautiful Things Come - Raven (singlecrow) (PG-13 Mutant!AU)
Erik runs a kosher bakery. Charles comes in for baked goods.

The Opposite of People - kaydeefalls (PG-13 Non-Powered AU)
Where they all work in the theatre, Shaw is still a bastard, and Charles is doing his best to get this damn show open with his sanity (relatively) intact.

It takes a heap o’ livin’ - Etharei (NC-17 Mutant!AU |15K)
Modern!AU in which they are the superheroes of mutantkind.

Everything you know is wrong - aesc, pocky_slash (PG-13 Mutant!AU)

“I’m sorry if I’m troubled by the fact that, in the past two hours, a strange man has broken into my house, told me my family has taken a hit out on me, and revealed my best friend is some sort of mysterious spy with a dark past who hired me a bodyguard to protect me from assassins,”

Snowed In - dedkake (NC-17 Mutant AU)
Charles and Erik have a one night stand, but a blizzard traps them in Erik’s apartment afterward.

If This Isn’t A Kingdom - jeeps (NC-17 Canon-verse)
The ballroom is located in the east wing of the house.

Frühjahrsputz - acetamide {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Fix-it | Telepathy |10K}
Erik comes back to the mansion after dofp to help Charles. <3

Assassination (It’s Not For Everyone) - silverdawn89 (NC-17 Mutant!AU |12K)
Where they’re all assassins.

And the Gunslinger Followed - musical_emjay (NC-17 Supernatural AU |58K) Supernatural AU where Erik is a hunter and Charles is a vampire.
No Capes - dedkake (PG-13 Mutant!AU |6K)
OR Five Times the Cape Almost Killed Magneto and One Time It Almost Ruined His Life (Or Did It?)

Rumor Has It - blueink3 (PG-13 Post-XMFC |165K+)
Post-XMFC where Charles finds out he has a kid. Erik is more softer around the edges than canon but I still loved all the fluff. Domestic!

Into the Jungle - madneto (NC-17 Non-powered AU |56K)
Tarzan AU where Erik is Tarzan.

Tale As Old As Time - madneto (NC-17 Powered AU |44K)
Beauty and the Beast AU!

Little Birds - winterhill {PG-13 |Birds |35K}
It’s a bird AU and fabulous.

Space Oddity - Pangea and MonstrousRegiment, (NC-17 SciFi |208K+) Space Opera AU! Also, Deadpool. >:D
Taken By His Majesty - Pookaseraph (NC-17 Historical AU |27K+)
A historical romance set during the early days of Rome’s occupation of Briton.

Also, everything by ximeria, pocky_slash, luninosity, aesc, Black_Betty, helens78 , ikeracity, pearl_o and Unforgotten. :D

anonymous asked:

I've been going back and forth between Zayn's leaving being a stunt and not, and because of your blog I'm now leaning towards it being a stunt. But I'm wondering, what exact thing made you sure it was a stunt? And when do you think he will return?

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your message.

I think I’ve been sure that it was a stunt since the first twitter ‘fight’ and the response from ‘Louis’ within 1 minute of an article being posted by the Irish Mirror the following morning. 

Because all that whole fight did and all ‘Louis’ actions did, far from be a hero for the fandom as some seemed to think he was, was draw attention to the fight to ‘I won’t mind’ and a real and surefire way of introducing Naughty Boy as a key player in the stunt.

Before then I was leaning towards it being a stunt mainly through reading people’s arguments and beliefs on here that none of this rang true. 

Even before then though I didn’t think it a stunt, as early as a couple of hours afterwards and Liam’s twitlonger and ‘For the time being’ that gave a sense that Zayn leaving wasn’t permanent though in those early days after, while I didn’t think it was a stunt I felt that they were implying he’d back after a good break.

Added to the above, how about:

1. Louis 1/5 on his twitter account. Its never changed and Louis of all people, the Louis painted to us in those twitter fights would have changed that, but he hasn’t.

2. Niall background picture still with Ronnie Wood, still with OT5. 

3. The inconsistent ‘on message/off message’ thoughts of Simon Cowell re Zayn leaving ‘it was a shock’ ‘oh no it wasn’t’ ‘i tried to talk him out of it’ ‘i was stunned’ its not panto Simon.

4.  Constant from the very early days sad OT4 narrative in the media and even in the articles that haven’t mentioned ‘ot4 are so so sad’ i think i’ve seen one article that mentioned OT4 without mentioning Zayn and believe me I’ve read loads of them.

5. The facebook/website thing - only the week before last did they take Zayn down from the band section of the website after the media drew attention to it finally.  The facebook statement being hidden.  I’ve just had a look and its still hidden. A company worth its salt and with a band member leaving would in this day and age get rid of all trace of that person within hours.

6.  The second twitter ‘fight’ with added Zayn and extra special media attention for NB. 

7.  MIC Righteous/NB No Type Leak twitter arguments and the former following LT plus Krept and Konan weighing in and even Zayn too.

8. Zayn removing the 1d from his name.  I think and someone correct me if I’m wrong but he’s preceded a lot of these things and I’m talking about the twitter fight too with a cryptic message.

9. Photoshopped merchandise. Still selling programmes with OT5 on tour.

10. Zayn at the Asian Awards - complete with Simon Jones and Shareena (the latter may be his employee but she is strongly linked with Modest albeit mainly through Zayn)

11. Preston and his dramatic tweets and yet we’ve seen him with Louis and Zayn since doing his job.

12. The Niall ‘Mark Jarvis’ shock horror tweets. Now this could be authentic though way OTT but though Mark didn’t go with them actual on location with the tour, he worked with Harry at the very least while they were on tour at home. So seems a bit extra.

There’s so much i’ve probably missed, just the general behaviour of people around 1d. They’ve always been shady but recently its been on another level. Any number of those things separately would be weird but altogether, something’s up surely?

Liam on the Late Late Show and his mannerisms. The fact that he, the one most visibly affected by all this when the tour restarted in Cardiff, was making jokes about it and always kept bringing up Zayn, i said this before, he’s not insensitive, he wouldn’t make those jokes in my opinion if he didn’t think Zayn was coming back.  The unprecedented reporting of trends relating to Liam being sad about Zayn and Zayn coming back tweets (not once, but twice).

As for when he’ll return, the logical time would be asap or at some point early on in the US tour for ticket sales.  But while Modest are involved and muddying the waters, logic goes out the window so…your guess is as good as mine.  Sorry this is so long but hope this helps a bit.