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i honestly need all the headcanons about adam's bi awakening. i imagine him feeling confused when he realizes he's attracted to ronan, and then thinking about what that means since he still thinks blue is hot, and then realizing all the guys he's thought were hot in the past (that model from the magazine, their latin teacher, etc.) and realizing how stupid he's been, lmao. and i wonder what came first, his attraction to ronan or his feelings for him? or maybe around the same time.

ok i got this this morning but i wanted to wait until i was home and had time to properly think about it, so, without further ado, my thoughts on adam’s bi awakening: 

- before ronan, adam really brushed off all the attraction he had to guys just bc?? it wasn’t as present or as strong and it didn’t really register as attraction to him until he looked back on it like ‘oh that’s why i was so impressed with that model from the magazine’ 

- and if you guys haven’t noticed, adam does that thing where he tries to think his way out of his feelings, so, i’m pretty sure that when he started developing feelings for ronan was when he really started to think about his attraction to guys (bc honestly, i think he was probably attracted to ronan the whole time and didn’t start to think of it as attraction until the feelings part was involved) 

- a lot of narratives portray queer people as just ‘knowing’ the whole time. i don’t think that was how it went down with adam. i think he had a lot of moments with ronan where he felt different and when he started to realize how ronan felt about him, it made him question what he was feeling like ‘wait is this weird feelings stuff me reciprocating or is it just… weird’ 

- and i think once he started to think about it he probably did a lot of googling. adam knew he was attracted to blue- it literally says he was attracted to her “like a heart attack”, and who knows whether or not he knew that bisexuality was a thing (which, i didn’t until i met someone who was bi, so it’s really not impossible for someone not to know lol) and i can totally see him taking the kinsey scale test online, putting a ton of thought into each answer when.. really tests don’t help a ton because sexuality is a confusing, fluid thing.. but..

- test: the idea of having sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex is:

Adam: *squints at question* clicks ‘interesting’

- i think he probably spent a lot of time analyzing ronan’s actions and how he felt about those actions (physically and emotionally) until he came to the conclusion that yes, he was attracted to ronan and it wasn’t just a fluke. (see: the ‘ronan wiping his face sweat with his shirt and adam almost walking into a telephone pole bc his abs were so nice’ incident) 

- and i think once he confirmed that he was attracted to ronan, he started to look at the way he felt and had felt about other guys in the past like ‘lol i totally had a crush on that guy in seventh grade but i didn’t really notice it bc i didn’t think it was a crush’ 

- he probably spent a lot more time questioning the romantic feelings than the attraction. sometimes, it takes feeling both to make you really think about it, but i think he spent way, way longer thinking and overthinking his feelings for ronan, because even after ronan kissed him in trk adam was still like ‘what is love.’ the attraction was probably the easier part, because looking back, it was there from the beginning.

  • Yang: We all know Blake can't resist my charms! She loves my cuddles plus I always know when she needs cheering up.
  • Ruby: Yeah but she can't resist my cuteness! Blake loves it when I bring her a cup of tea and when we read books together.
  • Weiss: If anything Blake would prefer me to have an intellectual conversation with. Sure we had our differences in the past but we actually have a lot in common.
  • Sun: Umm have you girls seen how hot I am? Also we share faunus traits and know what it's like living in a world being discriminated against. I know how she feels.
  • Adam: But I've known Blake the longest! She belongs to me!
  • Blake: Guys, really, please stop arguing with one another. I'm really not that interested in dating anyone righ-
  • *Neo strolls up to Blake and picks her up bridal style before carrying her off into the sunset.*
  • Yang: Huh, looks like the cat wanted the ice cream.

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So I'm fairly new to hannibal and I've seen a few mentions of "spacedogs" on your blog, and I was wondering what it meant? Is it another shipname? Sorry if I sound dumb asking this but I'm clueless >__>

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this! I’ve gotten this question a few times today.

The Hannigram fandom has this lovely talent of creating Hannigram AU pairings by using different Mads and Hugh characters. This has resulted in a lot of pairings.

You can find them all in this wonderful list here

Spacedogs is Mads’ character Nigel from The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman

and Hugh’s character Adam Raki from Adam

these two come together to create what can only be described as one of the cutest goddamn pairings and little sub-fandoms I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. (Hannigram is my number one, of course)

And if you’re interested, from October 1-7 is Spacedogs Appreciation Week~