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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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Hey guys, sorry to be that person but I’m not going to be able to do anything for the advent calendar today. It’s been a super busy day and right now I really just need to go to sleep. I’m super sorry please don’t hate me :(

After cleaning diet from bad stuff (starting a real cleansing later this week though) and sleeping LITERALLY the whole Tuesday (I’m not kidding; I woke properly up at 9pm) I’m already feeling A LOT better. I was getting angry for not feeling like my own self and after I consulted my cards the message was that I was exhausted and needed to rest. Apparently while really not being that busy I’ve emotionally exhausted myself (plus the wrong diet, PMS starting and allergies) and I need to rest more. As the cards never lie, I try to sleep this week as much as I can.

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  • Me: "Let's rewatch glee!
  • Alex: "We can do that."
  • Me: "Yay!" *puts in season 2*
  • Alex: "Wh-what are you doing?"
  • Me: "Rewatching glee."
  • Alex: "But that's..."
  • Me: "Yup."
  • Alex: "Episode 6?"
  • Me: *death glare* "Is that going to be a problem?"
  • Alex: O.O "Nope, never. Whatever you want, love dove. Just please don't hurt me."

i have 1 day left of term, the weather is so so good like perfect spring weather + my tutor actually liked my essay for like the first time this term!!!!

Sorry for the early morning saltiness. I’ve been sick all this week (really bad sinus infection), so it’s just been a cycle of work and sleeping for like fifteen hours at a time, so I’m ultra crabby about everything.


neal cassidy/baelfire appreciation week
day 6: favorite happy moment
Tallahassee I love yous.

               “You want to steal the watches to help me get away with stealing the watches?”

               “That’s exactly what I want to do.”


So I think most of us have been privy to this heinous post.  There have already been several articulate, supportive responses, all of which I agree with.  Anything I would have to add would amount to a seething rage fit.

But it did give me an idea.  I’ve been thinking about hiatus projects.  (I have a little positivity thing that I’ll get back to as soon as I finish the MC angst I’ve been working on, but I digress.)  I’ve seen a bit of this post going around, encouraging reviewers to go all out 9th grade book report style on fics that they love.  And I think I’m going to do just that, starting with Beyond the Horizon.

I’ve been following OUaT for a few years now, but I’ve just jumped into fandom a little while ago.  I’m sure there’s loads of fic I’ve missed out on.  Over the next few months, I’m going to build up a list of recs, devour them, and basically write a report on everything I love about it.  Really dive deep into what makes that particular fic so lovely.  I enjoy sending messages to authors about their work, but that pesky character limit gets me every time.  So I’ll make a post, and maybe we can all flail together.

As for building a list: long MC’s, series, one-shots, old fic, new fic - please, rec me anything.  Don’t hesitate to rec me your own stuff!  

I just want all you cs fic writers to know that I love and appreciate you.  And this is one way that I’m going to show it.