i've got to get off this thing

I’m actually really scared that Harry’s gonna go on tour and only do one show near me and I’m not gonna get tickets because they sell out in the first five minutes. Like, I never go to concerts because the closest venue is usually Vancouver, which is hard to get to without a car and expensive to stay in, but I would go to Vancouver for Harry…


i’ve been formulating this……..concept

that may or may not get written

it doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is this minor concept that has become a spin-off of the main one and i HAVE to share:

in this au, soulmates can feel each other’s emotions constantly - it’s like an automatic connection, one that’s on all the time, no matter how far away you are from your soulmate

so jake and amy are soulmates (obviously) and have found each other (obviously) and it’s all peachy

and then he gets sent to florida

(they’re not married - she’s not allowed to go, for all WITSEC knows they’re lying about being soulmates and the risk is too great)

so for six months, amy can feel the full depth of jake’s depression

and for six months, jake can feel every ounce of amy’s heartache

and when the moment comes that they’re reunited, the awkwardness stems from the fact that they’re both so jittery with nerves that they can’t quite seem to function around it all

the moment that amy finds figgis with a gun pressed to jake’s temple and she’s looking into jake’s eyes, all she can feel is this overwhelming, open sense of trust (with just the tiniest hint of dread - he knows it’s gonna hurt)

she finds him in the back of his ambulance and once she’s told him that the police chief is okay, she kind of trails off

they’re both grinning at each other - there’s still a ghost of an ache, the wound of six months spent apart slow-healing - but when amy tentatively steps into his space, he feels like his whole body is opening up to her

and he can feel hers doing the same for him

and the kiss is - well, it would be enough to knock him off his feet if he were standing; he feels the sparks of electricity running through his body and the sudden heedy relief that originates in amy and it’s no surprise to anyone that they both start crying in the middle of the kiss

(and later when he’s on painkillers, it’s all kind of diluted in the haze, but he can feel her affection settling over him like a warm blanket and he loves her all the more for it. all she can feel is this dopey, dizzy kind of adoration that makes her head spin, and it’s all she can do not to squeeze him to death in relief)

anyways i’m


Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

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yoo i am like genuinely mad that they let him go back out there. idk if he insisted or if they forced him but like?? he threw up again AND he had to do a fast eating thing like wtf ya lets endanger jackson and probably get the rest of got7 sick and maybe even fans!! pretty sure resting for the comeback is more important than finishing off a fan thing but that's just my opinion /endrant lmao

ya it’s definitely ridiculous… his health obviously should be the first priority. if it was jacksons choice to go back out then the managers should’ve known better n stopped him but if it was management that told him to go back out then…… nyways,, JYPE fucks Jackson over constantly what’s new.. the comeback is so close tho like less than 48 hours 😖😖 I hope he recuperates by then.. wouldn’t want him to be blaming himself sigh

Last night was amazing.

I got to see friends I haven’t seen in ages and dancing with them is always fun.

Got to see cute boys and kiss them.

Was coerced into taking my shirt off even though I was feeling self conscious and I got a bunch of compliments in the end.

Crossfaded most of the night.

Made the last train out to get home without having to pay $50 for a Lyft.

Stopped at subway to use the bathroom, but lined up for cookies to do so. Dude in front of me bought them for me and doubled them up. :3 He goes, “man, if I knew you were just getting that I would have let you go first.” “No, it’s fine. No rush” (literally cause I was just trying to use the bathroom and walk a mile home). “Nah, man. You’re good. I’ll pay for his cookies too. I got you man, I just got paid.” :333 he was kinda cute too and he employee even complimented my rose hat.

Then I walked a mile home listening to The 1975’s new album (which is amazing) while smoking a bowl and dancing.

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Amren drinks blood so she's EASY. I NEED me some blood! kink fic for her. We're talking blood play here. Her licking blood off of which other lover she's seduced for the night.

Amren is so under-appreciated. She barely gets mentioned, even though she is pretty much the most badass of the badasses? And also the kink potential is definitely there. Like… I don’t know, I’ve seen some people say they wished she had been ace or aro. Which is… maybe a different conversation. But I can definitely see her doing this… Not super into writing it myself, but… maybe someone else could take this on?

(OMG so I went out with my boyfriend (After he got back from a small vacation with some family members, and we went to Gamestop. He had some things to pay off and I think he got a new game. I remember that I had reserved KH 2.8 about a year ago. I guess I was hoping I would have enough money to pay it off eventually, and because it had been so long I thought he dropped it a bit ago. Apparently not! And he was nice enough to pay for it for me. I’m so damn happy!)

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37. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?, for Neon! (I suppose one could take "defending their honor" as "upholding their principles")

Oooo, a good one! Neon’s hard to say for, because her status is pretty low in her own eyes. She craves approval/recognition but she really isn’t getting any, so if an opportunity arose, she’d probably compromise herself to an extent. She’s got limits where she’d refuse, but honestly, she cracks under peer pressure fairly easily. 

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i definitely agree with you on jype being stupid for the mediaplay. it didn't really benefit anyone in the situation; if anything, they're getting bad attention and receiving hate from "fans." i mean, really? responding to this particular image at this time? 👀 edits like that are common (and obviously doctored) for gottwice shippers, and this set off jype now? terrible of them to drag these two into such a non-issue as well as showing such absymally poor mediaplay by the publicity team.

the backlash now is crazy honestly n the thing is sexism comes into play during the backlash of it because although bambam got some hate for it it’s nothing compared to what Mina is getting… an article was posted about her being a “non virgin” and she’s being slutshamed everywhere!!!!! someone also crossed out her face on twice promotional posters…. it’s so unfair how mina is getting blamed n hate for something that is fake…… I love bambam so much but I still want to point out that Mina is getting way more hate just because she is a girl and of course any oppurtunity to slutshame a female is a golden oppurtunity. JYPE should have thought thru their actions… it didnt even make sense to confirm it in the first place?????

i’m having a bit of a mental breakdown but let us all take a moment to appreciate that i got hired, despite quotes from my interview including things like: “yes, I promise I won’t walk around with my cleavage out like i used to” and “i got through all of that without doing any cocaine, unlike everyone else I was with”

@doctorwclls​ from here

   Oh come on, I know a hungry vampire when I see one. That he had learnt when he was a kid, mostly so he’d be able to protect himself from the kind. He used to keep silver close when around them, the amulets always cold around his neck. With Harry, he sometimes took them off. He trusted Harry.

   Stiil, his heart was pounding

  He stepped into his workshop – he had things to do here, come on – but didn’t get much closer. “I need you to eat something. Preferably before you pass out or lose control or, you know, hurt yourself. Or somebody else. It’s risky, dude.

  • Sunyoul: In our dorm it is very dangerous outside my blanket so I only stay under my blanket. I like it the best under my blanket. I don’t come out even when we got days off. I’d buy lots of snacks from convenience store and eat them under my blanket. If I get bored I’d talk with Gyujin who also sleeps in the living room or look at my mobile
wishlist for undercover fitzsimmons

so now that we’ve got this lovely picture and we’re like 99% sure we’re getting undercover fitzsimmons, i would like to suggest some things i would like to see on this undercover mission

  • fitz walking out in that hella nice suit and jemma just not being able to take her eyes off of him and form a coherent sentence
    • bonus: the rest of the team is there when it happens and daisy/bobbi/hunter/anyone says something along the lines of “keep it in your pants, jemma”
  • they’re going to dinner or wherever they need to be undercover in a really nice car and fitz opens the door for jemma and then they both awkwardly blush
  • ok bc they’re obviously going to have to go undercover as a couple, everyone on the team thinks they’re going to be blushing and awkward around each other bc UST, but they actually end up being very convincing as a couple (including invading each other’s personal spaces)
  • just like little forehead kisses and cheek kisses and hand holding and lingering glances to keep their cover
  • fitzsimmons dancing
  • so like this is very tropey but i really dont care because this is my weakness: so they have to go off into someplace in the building to actually complete the mission and while they’re trying to get a door open or whatever, some bad guy just walks by and oh wow there’s no place to hide so whoops they’re making out to keep their cover
  • so they get the job done and on the ride back, it’s kinda awkward and silent in the car and then one of them just goes “so that just happened” and whoops they’re making out again
  • basically i just want this episode to be one giant fanfiction