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I hate that trope of characters who are like “oh being poor doesn’t scare me” like okay I’ve been financially unstable and lived in an economically depressed area most of my life and it scares the daylights out of me bc I know some of the consequences

like…this isn’t about how hard I’ve had it bc there’s loads of people who had it much harder, it’s about the fact that I /hate/ when people who have never really experienced financial hardships bad enough to compromise their ability to afford basic necessities romanticise poverty as somehow ~simple and ~wholesome in contrast to the ostensibly exhaustingly complex lifestyles of the rich

it’s not simple it’s complicated and difficult and can severely impact your mental and physical health and making it seem all rosy-tinted is just another way for rich people to make themselves feel better about wealth inequality

the crows as things i've done at school
  • kaz: sat in class, in full view of the teacher, doing the homework that should have been done when it was assigned a week ago, and somehow not getting any late points taken off
  • inej: spent like 20 minutes in the bathroom playing on my phone and my teacher never said anything?? i was gone for a really long time and nobody noticed
  • nina: exclaimed that i was "full on gay" right as my class quieted down and the teacher walked in behind me
  • matthias: got through an entire semester of health class without talking to anyone or making a single friend
  • jesper: laughed until i cried because i remembered that there was a woman named was "Janet McNutt"
  • wylan: got too enthusiastic about a project and explained the intricate details of a specific volcanic eruption on an icelandic island to my class for over ten minutes
  • kuwei: said that i didn't want to donate blood because "it's my blood. i made it and nobody else can have it but me"
Painting Nails | 27.04.17
  • Dan: Okay, let's do this. Phil?
  • Phil: Yeah?
  • Dan: Why won't you paint your nails?
  • Phil: Why won't I paint my nails?
  • Dan: Yeah.
  • Phil: I just don't think I'd suit it. But the main reason is I don't like having things on me. Like if I've got face paint-
  • Dan: You don't like accessories.
  • Phil: No.
  • Dan: You'd never get a tattoo.
  • Phil: No - I've already talked about this - shout out to everyone who has a tattoo. Me personally just having that on my hand is like I have a felt pen on my hand...
  • Dan: I hate it. It made me go crazy. I was just nippling it off in the night.
  • Phil: I can't remember what it was but I did have some on for some reason. I think someone at university like painted my nails just for fun. And I just wanted to rip off my own hands after about twenty minutes, so that is why I don't paint my nails.
  • Dan: Hmm.
  • Phil: 'Cause I want to rip my f-hands off.
  • Dan: I was just doing it for the aesthetic. I was like here I am, I'm going outside, I'm being active on Instagram, I'm going to make an effort to curate some... you know... concept.
  • Phil: Yeah. Concept.
  • Dan: And one day I thought: Grey long sweater, Gatorland bedazzled hat, glittery nails - it just works.

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I've got the opportunity to break things off with my abusive parents, but I'm having a lot of anxiety and cold feet and nonsense feelings. Could I get some encouragement and stuff?

Imagine a door.

This door is yours, and no one else’s.  When you lock it, it stays locked.  When there’s a knock on it, you don’t have to answer.  No one and nothing can open it without your say-so.

When you close this door, there is peace and quiet like you’ve (perhaps literally) never known.  There are nights of deep, safe sleep.  There are lazy mornings beholden to no one.  There is space and time to find parts of yourself you never had time for before.  Instead of finding small precious snatches of safety in the cracks of life, you can have as much as you want.  Forever.

I’m not going to tell you to close that door.  Like I said, it’s exclusively yours to control, and you don’t even need to take advice about it.

I’m just going to tell you that it’s yours.

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Ziam is really truly honestly not together in this day and age and it's absolutely killing me that I can't say or do anything as to how and why I know. You know how some people have that solid information on Larry (first hand experience/legal documents/BTS knowledge)? I have the same on Ziam. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea is totally cute and I've read more Ziam fic than you can imagine Also I'm convinced they've got each other off on more than 1 occasion. But yeah- not currently together

Thanks, Ned. 

Do you know why it took me so long to look into Ziam? It’s because I live by a simple philosophy…

And I’d been whole-assin Larry for over a year by the time I figured out that people weren’t kidding about Ziam. 

The difficult thing about looking into Ziam as a Larrie is that you’re like, “How…what…how could I have been so blind?” Because Ziam was just there existing in the foreground of all the key Larry moments and when you get dickslapped by their matching tattoos, their very public declarations of love, and realness, it’s not nice. There was literally a point where I was like, “Holy fucking shit,” because, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, there is more Ziam proof than Larry proof. 

“But Larry have matching tattoos!”

“Harry said that he and Louis were dating!”

“Louis danced with Harry!”

“Louis kissed Harry!”

“The thirst with Larry is real.”

Honestly, this photo was the first time I was like, “Hold up. Maybe these bros aren’t just bro-ing…”


Honestly…I don’t know what’s going on with Ziam right this second any more than I know what the hell is going on with my most problematic fave Louis. And I don’t like guessing. I will happily take facts and information that’s in front of me and deduce from it what I will, but it’s going to take a lot hell more than a shady anon to convince me of anything. 

I wrote this mostly just to be like, “OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA” than to argue with this ask because it honestly seems like it was built on a foundation of sand. Also I’m not comparing it with Larry to negate anything Louis and Harry did, rather to be like, “You think these fools are extra…just YOU WAIT. YOU THOUGHT THO!” Which is why I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the captain of the ships…

Smh…fifth wheel af for seven years now. 

Same, Noll. Same. 

If y’all want more Ziam posts, I warn you it’s a very inconvenient truth, go here: http://sexatoxbridge.tumblr.com/tagged/sao_ziam

Kingsman: The Secret Service : Sentence Starters
  • "Manners maketh man."
  • "Then let me teach you a lesson."
  • "I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic."
  • "Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam."
  • "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man."
  • "True nobility is being superior to your former self."
  • "Sorry, Love. Gotta save the world."
  • "If you save the world, We can do it in the asshole."
  • "I will be right back."
  • "The suit is the modern gentleman's armour."
  • "I've had a rather emotional day."
  • "I'd appreciate it if you could just leave us in peace."
  • "Are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight?"
  • "You are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world."
  • "Looks like a lot of people are going to die."
  • "Does it look like I give a fuck?"
  • "Son of a bitch!"
  • "Do you like spy movies?"
  • "Give me a far-fetched theatrical plot any day."
  • "If you're prepared to adapt, you can transform."
  • "When I was a kid, that was my dream job: gentleman spy."
  • "Ah yes. Very, very nice."
  • "Now do your very best impersonation of a German aristocrat's formal greeting."
  • "Your weapon scores are excellent, by the way."
  • "That is sick."
  • "What does this do? Electrocute you?"
  • "Don't be ridiculous. It's a hand grenade."
  • "This whisky is amazing, you will shit."
  • "If you get blood on the carpet you're going to have to take the carpet up!"
  • "I see someone who doesn't know what the fuck to do with his life."
  • "Now, my point is that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path that you needn't stay on."
  • "Well, that was surprising."
  • "You know I've got nothing to lose."
  • "Of sorts. Interested?"
  • "You blew your opportunity just for a fuckin' dog!"
  • "You shot your dog and had it stuffed?"
  • "Sorry about that, needed to let off a little steam."
  • "Mankind is the virus, and I'm the cure."
  • "I'll have the Big Mac."
  • "Good choice, but nothing beats two cheeseburgers and special sauce."
  • "It ain't that kind of a movie."
  • "You didn't - stop - shit!"
  • "Thank you for the 'happy' meal."
  • "Choose your puppy."
  • "How deep does this fuckin' thing go?"
  • "Wherever you go, your dog goes."
  • "What? They're gun dogs."
  • "It's a bulldog, ain't it?"
  • "It'll get bigger, don't it?"
  • "Shit."
  • "The man who got you released."
  • "I’ve never met a tailor before, but I know you ain’t one."
  • "You need to solve problems under pressure."
  • "Mass genocide?"
  • "Felt sorry for the boy, did you?"
  • "He will find this humiliating."
  • "I have trouble understanding you people sometimes. Y’all talk so funny."
  • "If you have a problem with me, you come and you whisper it in my ear."

I need a fic now where before the fight with Rhea, Kara gives the necklace to Cat for safekeeping in case she doesn’t make it.”- thank @xy0009 who graciously let me write this for her 

“Aren’t you supposed to be out pummeling that alien queen into the concrete?” Cat asked, watching Supergirl land gently on her balcony.

“I am, soon. Sooner than soon,” Kara said, looking at the countdown that was playing on the corner of all the screens behind Cat’s desk. Fifteen minutes left. “I just had a talk with Kal. Er, Superman.”

Cat’s eyebrow lifted at the accidental name drop, tucking away the information for… nothing, probably. She couldn’t exactly start printing every little slip up Kara made in her presence. But it was always nice to know more than other people. “Did he give you some tips on not getting snatched by that god-awful cape?”

“No, although that would be helpful if he had any,” Kara said, twisting the end of her cape anxiously around her arm. “He just said some stuff about… about fighting for people that you cared about. His girlfriend, mostly.”

“Superman has a girlfriend?” Cat asked, sidetracked for a moment at the thought of Lois Lane finding out that her precious superhero was going home to someone else.

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‘Tired of feeling…never enough.’ Thanks for the Jumin VIktor requests @elvendara and Anon! That spiral pose was challenging to get down. And…yeah let’s not talk about heart mouth Jumin. You asked me so this is what ya get lmao

If Jamie and Claire could text: Equine Positions Edition (after coming to Lallybroch for the first time)
  • Claire: so I was thinking
  • Jamie: i love when ye do that
  • Jamie: but then again
  • Jamie: i love everything ye do
  • Jamie: I love you
  • Jamie: ilysm mnd 😍
  • Claire:
  • Jamie: continue
  • Claire: so anyway
  • Claire: you know when we first met
  • Claire: we spent that long ride to leoch together with me in front?
  • Jamie: how could I forget?
  • Jamie: 🐓⬆
  • Claire: 😏 so it WASNT a scian dubh in your pocket
  • Jamie: beg your pardon
  • Jamie: a DIRK at least
  • Jamie: but aye, ye had me riled up like—
  • Jamie: well, I dnk what like
  • Jamie: but s'what I think about at night, to this day
  • Claire: Jamie, we're MARRIED 😂
  • Jamie: ...so?
  • Claire: I would hope i've given you a great many better entries for your spank bank beyond one time I jostled your parts on a horse.
  • Jamie: say what ye will, ssnch
  • Jamie: it was the hottest encounter of my life to date, at the time
  • Claire: well, GOOD
  • Claire: sooooooo
  • Claire: would you say i had you under my control at that point? sexually?
  • Jamie: oh most certainly
  • Jamie: ....where is this headed
  • Claire: well, I was BEHIND you on the long ride to LLB, right?
  • Jamie: aye?
  • Claire: and i *do* think that even THEN i roused a certain amount of, erm,
  • Claire: ardor
  • Claire: right?
  • Jamie: .... mebbe
  • Claire: FTWWWW
  • Claire: so.... is it the horse or is it me?
  • Jamie: horse, obviously
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Jamie: o'COURSE it's you, wummin
  • Jamie: I said on our wedding night I only thought we were to *fahck* like horses
  • Jamie: not that ye WERE one
  • Claire: 😂😂😂 stillnotoverit
  • Jamie: (is that how you spell it?)
  • Jamie: "fahcking bastard?"
  • Jamie: fock?
  • Jamie: that doesna look right
  • Claire: F-U-C-K
  • Jamie: lord, it looks downright vulgar written out, does it not?
  • Claire: SO
  • Clarie: regardless of the position
  • Claire: ....i've got you pretty damn well sorted, right?
  • Jamie: your point?
  • Claire: this marriage is just off to a good start, is all
  • Jamie: dinna let it go to yer head lass
  • Jamie: or actually, DO
  • Jamie: ye've earned it
  • Claire: #sexchampion
  • Claire: does that mean *I* get to say the nonsense things in bed now?
  • Jamie: i dnna say NONSENSE
  • Claire: "RIDE YE, I WILL"
  • Jamie: ohshutit
  • Claire: "I feel as though I've given ye my soul along with my cock"
  • Jamie: gimme a break, that's romantic as fahck
  • Claire: it's HILARIOUS
  • Jamie: honestlywoman
  • Claire: ilysm 😍
  • America: Listen up, in my hand I have the future of travel. A hoverboard.
  • England: Is walking really that hard for you?
  • America: Yes. Let me give this a go. *gets on* I'm doing it. *crashes into multiple things, including Germany's desk and a storage crate* This is actually harder than I thought. *falls off, gets back on*
  • Canada: *holds him by the waist*
  • America: I'm doing it. I've got the hang of it. The future is now!
  • Canada: Should I let go.
  • Me: maybe i should try and catch up on my Classpect Analysis
  • Inbox: 90 unanswered messages
  • My brain: analysis machine broke
  • Me: :,)
Analytical shit

I came across this thought at 2 AM but…why exactly do we like whump? Why are we so attracted and fascinated by it? What is the appeal in reading about someone getting hurt or sick? Vice versa what is the appeal in inflicting “pain” onto our characters (and then hopefully see them recover with lots of love afterwards)? Yes I know, I’m being the bad cop by prying into such a topic rather than just passing it off with a “well we just LIKE it” but I’m in the mood to attempt to analyze the psychological appeal so…

I think it can go into one of two ways (or simultaneously, both):
One, we have a kink for a certain aspect of sickness and fulfill our needs/desires by reading/listening. Those of us that do have this will feel a physical rush obviously whenever we listen or even read about it. It feels good to us to experience such things because that’s just the way we inherently are.
For those of us that DON’T have a kink necessarily, I feel like what happens physically is predominantly the brain’s chemicals releasing endorphins or something along those lines specifically when we read about the CARETAKING aspect of a fic or see it in artwork etc. There’s just something about wanting to be loved, held, protected that gives us a sense a security when we finally can engage in it, whether it be through illusion or not. This is now seeping in towards the mental/psychological aspect of things.

Secondly, we may find whump intriguing because we have a deep emotional problem that feels unresolved. I feel like we may subconsciously either feel lonely, ignored, or not cared about among a variety of other reasons. So we use our scenarios and sickfics/whatnot to help us feel just a bit better on the inside, because we subconsciously tend to feel that we are either giving or feeling love in the situation we’re reading about. We literally pretend on some level that we are the sick character/caretaker and often we may not think about it in this way. Alternatively, like I described above, we just want to feel loved and cared about. Hence the role of the caretaker and how they interact with our characters (or us in our minds) and make us feel better about ourselves or our immediate situation. If we feel down, then when we “vent” we release our stresses in the form of sickness or general malaise, and we inflict this onto our whumpees of choice. There’s something psychologically appealing about directing our hurt to other characters, maybe to make our situation relative to them or to tell ourselves “hey, we’re not alone! We’re both in pain”. Of course, when you do write/vent you won’t necessarily have this CONSCIOUS thought present because that would detract from the flow of your vent. This is just the gist of the emotional and mental reasoning, I’m sure it could go much much deeper than this.

The attraction could even possibly be just due to your genetic predisposition.

Additionally, something in our childhood might have also played into this.  Just like how PTSD triggers a permanent reaction in some people, the same kind of thing might have happened with some of us here. Maybe it was a continual problem that you had to deal with or just a singular event, but either way, you were changed from that point onward and you’ve been like this ever since. Sometimes it was a good change, others bad, but whichever way it went you’re here now and this is how you cope. And if it makes you feel good, then great!
But if you struggled with accepting it (like I think in one point in time we all did to a certain extent) then it is quite the battle, and a lot of times even now you can still feel ashamed for it. You certainly wouldn’t tell anyone you know you’re attracted to this unless you felt comfortable enough to do so, and even then privacy is the best policy when dealing with such matters. Why is this you ask? Because whether you like it or not, we’re technically considered a minority. The way society is, people would without a doubt judge us for being attracted to injury/illness (and judge us by kinkshaming, etc.). This is a repetitive issue that other minorities also face for various reasons, so to keep from deviating from this topic too much I will cut it off with this: it will take TIME for an entire society to adjust with accepting change.

I also hate to put it this way, but when we reverse roles and instead of observing the whumpee get sick (i.e. READING) and we decide to INFLICT the whump (i.e WRITING), we are technically considered borderline sadistic or even masochistic (if you picture yourself as the whumpee). Yet it still feels right somehow. Why this is, I think it depends with each individual and their background. Other times we use it as a way to vent our pent up emotions and stresses and whatnot like I mentioned before. It can be a form of healing for some of us (how ironic), which is completely fine. After all, you can’t really pinpoint one exact reason why we’re attracted to it.

Now let’s focus on how we react when reality literally hits.

Sometimes, when whump occurs in real life, either to friends or strangers around us (I will talk about when we’re sick later this paragraph), it feels strange in a way. We sit here and engage in reading/listening/imagining scenarios ALL the time, and yet here we are seeing one of those scenarios unfolding before our very eyes! A lot of times we might get kind of giddy and excited, we *feverishly* think “OH! It’s actually happening!!” and we suddenly find ourselves out of the imaginative world into reality. But now you think “how should I react to this on the outside?”. You may find yourself just a tidbit flustered on the outside and trying your best to keep your composure, or you might have to move around or even walk out depending on how hard it hits you. It is definitely awkward to us enthusiasts but sometimes it’s also endearing. Strange isn’t it.

The reverse of this is when we’re sick/hurt. Then I think for the most part we all dread it for the most part but also see the situation as…you guessed it, potential! For writing more fics, producing more art, scenarios, and what not to expand our interest in this topic. It sucks either way but…yeah. I’m out of juice now.

Of course, this entire mess is coming from a teenager’s point of view, and I’m aware that my brain is obviously still developing but nonetheless, I still tried to be as thorough and unbiased as I possibly could. I am flawed and sorry if I didn’t touch on certain aspects, but feel free to contribute your input! Also yeah I know this is uncalled for but

I just felt like unraveling this 2 AM thought.

The air is sweet tonight.

Less like sugar, and more like the clean, cutting scent of midnight and quiet and dew hanging heavy like teardrops on grass. It’s the type of night that calms, the type of night that begs to be listened to, and Alec listens, hears the sound of swerving cars and hot dog stands and Magnus, walking by his side, all gentle breaths and rustling fabric and everything Alec has missed so badly.

There’s a lot he wants to say, so many words lying heavy on his tongue. He wants to tell Magnus about how Max is doing, or about the way his parabatai bond feels off. He wants to talk about how much it hurt seeing Magnus at the council meeting, or how hard it’s been to fall asleep on his own at night. He wants to tell Magnus everything, to fill in every splintering crack that’s emerged between them in the past few days.

But for now… for now, he lets himself walk. He lets himself settle into Brooklyn and summer and Magnus’s fingers intertwined with his own. He lets himself relearn the feeling of Magnus pressed into his side, of matching their strides, of being one half of a whole again after spending too long wondering if that empty hollow thing in his chest was going to be permanent.

The loft is warm when they arrive, barely lit and hazy. Standing by the door, Alec stops and watches as Magnus saunters into the living room, smooth and slow, taking his jacket off in a graceful twirl before he turns around and smiles at Alec. A smile that says welcome home, a smile that asks why are you so far away?

In silent response, Alec wanders in slowly, eyes on Magnus the whole time, half a grin on his face. He blindly trails his fingers along carved chairs and glass-paned doors and the old desk, hands remembering the space and the notches in the wood, passing over neat stacks of books and bottles and –


He tears his gaze away from Magnus and stares down to where his hand catches on a familiar strip of photographs lying front and center on the desk. He sees their faces staring up at him, smiling wide, and remembers Tokyo. He remembers cramming himself into that tiny photobooth, squished closed to Magnus, heart thrumming as the lights went bright and a woman’s voice started counting down. He remembers just laughing, laughing with Magnus, laughing because he was on a date with his boyfriend, and something warms inside of him at the knowledge that Magnus had been looking at the photos and doing exactly what Alec had been doing in the lonely hours of the morning, when he wanted to relive how good things had been.

In the present, he feels Magnus at his side, a solid wall of heat crowding gently against his arm, the beginnings of a question in the air.

Alec answers by reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a wrinkled, matching scrap. There’s a sharp crease down the middle and a corner is folded in, but he flattens it out the best he can as he lays it next to its twin.

Magnus and Alec. Alec and Magnus. Beaming and happy and immortalized in ink on a spring night in Shinjuku.

A low chuckle rumbles from Magnus’s throat. “You kept it with you, you sentimental sap,” he murmurs as he stares at the identical pictures for another slow, drawn out beat, studying the evidence of that night with a wistful gaze. He glances up at Alec’s face with an unreadable expression and then tugs at his arm, pulling them together until they slot in place in a simple hug.

Alec trembles. The feeling of Magnus’s face buried into his neck, the tender ache of it almost painful in his bones, the way he can’t help but dig his fingers into Magnus’s dark hair and soft skin…

Your sentimental sap, Alec thinks as he bends down to find Magnus’s mouth, smiling against parted lips and forgetting the pictures strewn on the desk in favor of living the real thing.

Things tfc characters have said as B99 Quotes
  • Wymack: "Drinks are on me. There's a two drink maximum per person. It is non-transferable. Your guests will pay their own tabs. Valet parking is not included. Tomorrow's briefing will be fifteen minutes earlier than usual."
  • Abby: "Oh, guys, please, please calm down. I hate it when you argue. It reminds of when my dad used to fight with my best friend, my mom."
  • Dan: "I am terrible with kids. I haven't listened to rap music in three years. I don't know the lingo. You have to do this."
  • Matt: "I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive."
  • Seth: "You guys have been down here for two hours. What, did you have sex forty times?"
  • Neil: "There's only one option for me: Burn my face off with acid and disappear forever."
  • Andrew: "Click. I just captured the exact moment you realized you had failed. I guess we all got something out of this."
  • Aaron: "You think you can just bully people, but you can't. It's not okay. I'm the bully around here. Ask anyone."
  • Katelyn: "Baby, I've got some bad news. Someone painted a giant penis on our minivan. No, you can not have an SUV now. Those things roll, baby, they roll!"
  • Nicky: "We don't need guns. I have a lighter, okay, we get some hairspray, make some flame throwers. Let's fry these bitches."
  • Kevin: "(At cinema to see Moneyball) The statistical analysis. (Sobs) It's so beautiful."
  • Allison: "Turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. Like Paris Hilton rehearsed her sex tape."
  • Renee: "What if we wrap his motorcycle in plastic wrap and melt it with a hair dryer? Little trick I learned in gift basket making class."
  • Jeremy: "No, I was out getting him some healing broth. I was torn between chicken or beef, but then it hit me, goat"
  • Riko: "I'm sorry. I tried to be myself and they hated it."
  • Jean: "I was so scared, you guys. A psychic told me I was going to die alone in a pit, and I kept telling myself, "This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit." "
  • Lola: "Hello, friends. Who here would like to see a presentation of crime statistics as a function of demographics and time? Who wants to see a picture of a dead body?"
The Signs As Choir Broadway Trip Things
  • Aries: The seniors fighting over the back seats of the coach bus
  • Taurus: "Rule number one of the Broadway trip: don't ruin the Broadway trip!"
  • Gemini: "Why did you get coffee and a Boston cream donut? It's literally 9 PM?" "BECAUSE I'VE LOST CONTROL OF MY LIFE"
  • Cancer: Half the group making a beeline to the nearest Starbucks immediately after getting off the bus
  • Leo: Very loud group sing-along to High School Musical on the way back
  • Virgo: *almost gets hit by a car in Times Square*
  • Libra: "I panicked and got a taco with just beef. Just beef. Nothing else."
  • Scorpio: *anyone messes up* <b>DON'T RUIN THE BROADWAY TRIP!!!</b>
  • Sagittarius: It's either 35 degrees and snowing or 86 degrees and you're sweating your ass off. There is no in between.
  • Capricorn: "And for Pete's sake, don't go to McDonald's!"
  • Aquarius: The entire group making a beeline to the Dunkin Donuts at the rest stop in the morning, totally overwhelming the poor cashier who has to deal with us all
  • Pisces: Bus ride cuddles

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Is there such a thing as being too calm as a stage manager? I'm a freshman in college so I haven't actually sm'd any shows yet, but one of the other freshman I'm friends with is always worrying and thinking about stuff that's months in the future. (for example: he's asking the upperclassmen what he should get for his kit because we're asm'ing a show in a february) I think about it too, but I'm a much more go-with-the-flow type of person and I've found that tends to make me more personable.

So long as the work gets done, you do you. Every stage manager is different. You can be laid back and successful, and you can be a real stickler and be successful. 

If you’re so laid back that you let things fall off the table or aren’t diligent in your note taking and the show suffers, then you’ve got a problem.

If you’re so uptight that nothing gets done or every little thing that goes wrong becomes insurmountable, then the show can suffer and you’ve got a problem. 

1. It’s okay to give a second chance, but remember there was a reason they needed one. Don’t give them all your trust and love before they deserve it. Make them work for it. If they truly want to be a part of your life, they will. And if they don’t work for it, drop them. They aren’t worth it.

2. Having a boyfriend is nice, but not necessary. It’s helpful to have someone to lean on and to trust and to tell everything. But learn that you can be that someone for yourself. Don’t let a guy use you just to have someone.

3. You can’t unhoe a hoe. Don’t try, please. It still hurts when they leave. Trust me. It hurts even more when you thought they were different.

4. Don’t give up on the day before it even begins. Don’t expect a day to be bad because then it sure as fuck will be. Look forward for each day. Find good in each day. Love something every day. It’ll do your heart good. Even if the only thing you can manage to love are your eyebrows. (Although you’re perfect and should love every single inch of yourself).

5. Smile every day. Please just smile. Even if you have to force it. Just smiling makes you happier. I promise. Maybe force a laugh too. Laughing is good. Be a happy person. Being happy is good. It’s fun and better than being not happy.

6. People come into your life unexpectedly and end up being the best thing in the world. My best friend ended up living doors down from me. She’s a part of me. She makes me me. She’s my soulmate of a friend. She lives over five hours away from me and if we didn’t both get into my school and both live on my hall, I would’ve never met her. But that’s not my point. My point is don’t go looking for people. It’ll happen. I promise. Just let it.

7. Binge watching Netflix is amazing. But also learn to get off your laptop, go outside, be with people. An eno nap is just as nice as a Netflix binge. I swear. Enos are amazing I promise. I love mine. Enjoy the outdoors. It’s nice out. Take a break from school and life and get outside. It’s worth it.

—  7 things I’ve learned since 16

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I say a lot of negative things in my daily life. I try to play it off as a joke, like I'm ripping on myself. "This is never gonna get better," "it's not like it matters if it gets done right now." I hadn't actually thought anything about my saying that to myself on a near daily basis until you reblogged that badge. My saying those things is hurting my attitude and mental health and the way I work my job. I've got to do better. I've got to feel better

!! it’s really true!! I fell into that mindset too without meaning to bc it really snuck up on me, and before I knew it I was really believing that I’d never get better. When I first found out that there were people like me who felt the same way, I was really happy, because I felt like I wasn’t alone, but finding other ppl with the same illness isn’t the same as finding other ppl with like, a shared obscure interest. Mental illness isn’t normal and it isn’t harmless either, and you can’t just say “hey there’s other ppl like me! Loads of ppl feel the same way so I don’t need to explain myself to anybody anymore or try to get better, this is who I am” because you’re never going to get better ever with that attitude. When I started seeing a new wave of positivity posts looking down on an anti-recovery attitude, it really was a wake-up call for me, because I hadnt even realized that I had fallen into the pessimistic outlook of “this is just who I am and I’m doomed to be scared forever”. Because it’s NOT who I am. Mental illness doesn’t define who you are, and it might feel like you’re being optimistic by accepting that you feel like shit and always will, but you’re really not. Accept that you have issues that make your life difficult, yes, but they can’t hold on to you forever.

Because you CAN get better. It’s not going to be easy, it might take a really long time, but it’s a slow process yknow?? it’s ok if you have a hard time doing things but just because you have a hard time doesn’t mean you’re never going to be able to have a better time. you CAN put in effort to get better, starting with the little things like reaching out to a friend even though it’s scary to be the first one to talk, or forcing yourself to finish a small task you keep putting off, or even doing some research on counselors in your area so one day you can phone one and get some professional help.

I’ve been dealing with anxiety my ENTIRE life, and it manifests in many ways, but I’m doing a lot better with it now than I was years ago, and that’s because I started making more efforts to face my fears. I’m scared of doing some things that other people find really easy, and sometimes I ask someone else to do it for me, but I found that avoiding doing something just made me more afraid of it, so I forced myself to do it anyway even though I was scared and it didn’t cure me the first time, or the second time, or even the tenth time, but every time I did it, it got a LITTLE bit easier, and that’s a good thing. You don’t need to jump in to doing things headfirst, and it’s definitely ok to still take time for yourself and ask others for help, but refusing to get better because you’re convinced it won’t happen is bad. It is. You gotta have faith in yourself that you can recover one day, and try little things one step at a time, and years from now you’re gonna be soooo glad you did

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

  • Tim: Ive got some things I've been wanting to get off my chest
  • Jason: you know what Im thinking, Tim? Let's just put a pin in that discussion
  • Tim: ...a pin?
  • Jason: or a nail. Nails last longer; or a railroad spike. Tell you what, let's abandon the pin metaphor altogether. Let's just take your idea, put it in a box, wrap that box in chains, then cover the whole thing with cement, and throw it in the ocean!
  • Tim: ...I'll just get back to work