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Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad x Reader

Warnings: Smut!

Request:  That last altair fic was so good but pretty tragic! after that tradegy some Altair x reader (maybe rough) smut could be nice ;)

A/N: Huzzah! I really need to work on writing smut XD I see what you’re insinuating there Malik… (;

The sun was harsh and unforgiving as it loomed ominously above, the rays beating down on your strained muscles. Despite the heat, you still continued on as if the temperature didn’t matter, your determination keeping you cool. Or maybe it was the need to wipe that damn smirk off Altaïr’s face. Either way, you couldn’t be bothered by such conditions. Jaw clenched and hands fisted, you charged forward once more, keeping your balance in preparation for Altaïr’s dodge. The two of you had been at it for hours, attempting to find some sort of weakness in the other’s attacks. 

Malik had long since retired, leaving you both in the secluded alley you’d originally began fighting in. He’d attempted to sort out some sort of truce, but you and Altaïr were much too stubborn. Sick of his arrogance and insolence, you finally challenged him. Altaïr wasn’t too keen on your lack of listening skills, claiming that he’d have no problem winning. But that had been hours ago and there still wasn’t a winner. 

His foot slid back, leaving a dust cloud in its wake as he jumped forward, nearly slamming his fist into your cheek. Fortunately, you were quick enough to dodge, giving you a chance to land a blow to his side. He grunted at the force of impact, placing one leg behind you as his fist came back down. In order to dodge him, you moved backward, tripping over his waiting leg. Before you had a chance to right your balance, he forced your back onto the ground, the hard stone digging painfully into your skin.

“I told you.” He smirked, hands on either side of your head. You bared your teeth, much too annoyed at the man to let him win. With sharp, calculated movements, your wrapped a leg around his hip and pushed off the ground on the same side, flipping the both of you over so you were on top of him. You were straddling his waist, your hands pinning his arms on both sides. He looked to you, slightly surprised but more annoyed. A triumphant grin pulled at your lips, your body careful not to let go of its hold.

“You were saying,” you teased, winking at him. For a blissful moment, the mood was playful and light, but it was quickly replaced with something more serious as your smile faded away. You watched intently as Altaïr swallowed, his tongue dragging along his lower lip unconsciously. Unintentionally, you mirrored the action, his stare zeroing in on your tongue. 

You couldn’t be sure who made the first move, but in the next instant his lips were sliding deliciously along your own, your body pressed against his tightly. It wasn’t beautiful or sweet, but it was exactly what you needed. He was bruising your lips, tongue on tongue and teeth clashing. Every bit of previous tension was thrown out the window as he flipped you over, the air being filled with something more desireable. 

His hands were ripping at the fabric of your robes, yours doing the same to his. It was a flurry of limbs and cloth, only being settled once the both of you lay semi-nude. Altaïr seemed too far gone to even try and finish ridding you of your clothes, his hard member pressing incessantly into your thigh. A stab of arousal pooled low in your belly, the feel of him ready and willing sending a shot of heat down your body. He smirked, almost as if sensing your arousal, but gave you no time to tell him off for his cockiness. 

He pushed his length into you in one hard thrust, pain and pleasure mixing in equal measures. Your head dropped back against the stone, the sun that had once been nothing more than an annoyance, now heating you to no end. A strangled moan left your lips, your arms and legs linking behind him. Something about the way he moved so ruthlessly, so mercilessly, inside your wet heat was terribly erotic, the secluded alley filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. Despite your back and bottom being slammed brutally into the hard ground, you were in heaven. 

His thick cock was filling you so completely, you felt content to spend the rest of your life right there. His thrusts were unforgiving as you met him blow for blow, the movements similar to how the two of you fought. A cacophony of moans and breathless groans could be heard, neither of you sure from who they were actually originating from. It didn’t really matter when he was pumping in and out of your slick walls, the feeling building in your stomach. 

Each thrust brought you closer to ecstasy, your nails digging painfully in your back. He didn’t seem to mind, the smallest bit of sweat trickling down his forehead at the amount of exertion he was putting into his movements. It was too much and not enough, the world disappearing with a final scream of his name on your tongue. His hot seed warmed your belly, your mind too far gone in pleasure to fully acknowledge his own cries of fulfillment. 

You were floating, your body humming in delight at the tremors of pleasure that wracked your form. Despite the earlier display of roughness, Altaïr placed a gentle kiss to your forehead. The reality of the situation came crashing down on you like a brick, your body tensing. You had just had sex… with Altair… the man that annoyed the hell out of you…  You couldn’t stop the groan that rumbled from deep within your chest. He was never going to let you live this one down.