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Are Leuchtturm1917 notebooks good? I really need a new notebook and I've been struggling to find a good one where my writing doesn't bleed through to the page behind?

Leuchtturm1917′s are my go-to notebooks! I’ve discovered that their paper is thicker than, say, a Moleskine notebook, so some pens that bleed through in a Moleskine won’t bleed through in a L1917 (I haven’t compared to other notebooks, mind you). I’ve got a L1917 on hand so I’ll list other features I like:

• 249 pages in the A5 size (so 124 sheets?) (more than other notebooks, I’ve found)
• built-in table of contents
• page numbers
• two bookmarks
• wider & bigger than Moleskine of comparable size (I just pulled my Moleskine off my shelf to confirm)
• perforated pages at the end (similar to Moleskine)
• pocket slot in back (similar to Moleskine)

I have a few that I’ve used for different purposes. I have one for bullet journaling, one for brainstorming, and one for my novel draft. I also have a lightweight Shinola paper notebook that I use for what I call “illuminations,” which is basically like writing out my history and drawing connections to the present, recording intentions and astronomical events, nature observations, etc. (Here’s an Instagram picture of my notebooks.) For my various summer adventures I am thinking of getting the pocket-friendly Field Notes, which I have heard good things about (durability mostly).

Other notebook brands I have heard positive reviews on include Rhodia and Clairefontaine. Also, I gifted my co-worker some Muji A5 notebooks as part of her birthday present, and she loved them. They’re less expensive than the other notebooks I mentioned and thinner (and thus less heavy-duty, I think).

Thanks for messaging me on this! I rarely get to talk about notebooks and other stationery which is a shame because it’s very fun for me. I love notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.—and I love recommending and getting  recommendations. Let me know what you decide on and what you think of it, and if you have any recommendations of your own!



From superwholockthecomic’s amazing masterpiece, this particular interaction is found here.  

This kinda sorta completely changed my head canon for DW okay. I like the idea that the reason 11 never goes back to see his old companions is because he knows how much they meant to 10.  (Because, let me be honest, before this I hated that there was so few connections to 9 and 10 in 11’s era).