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I never thought I’d have to write one of these so I don’t really know what to say. This is Bella. She’s my savior, my best friend, and my comfort. She’s 10 years old and she’s been there for me since I was 6. About four days ago, she got really sick. She wouldn’t eat or drink and she couldn’t even stand up. We took her to the vet three days ago. They’ve yet to tell us what’s wrong with her. She keep getting progressively worse. Whatever your religion or your beliefs please pray for her or at least keep her in your thoughts. She’s the most important thing to me. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her.

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I have a curious Korvira question. Forgive me for asking, but why would this work? Any time I see it mentioned, the answer always comes down to the type of person Korra likes. Strong, intelligent, etc. But I never see anything from Kuvira's side of things. I mean, I get that Korra understands her, but aside from that, I just can't see them being more than close friends, so I wanted to ask someone who was a shipper, in hopes of better understanding why people like it so much.

I will try! Though the understanding part is still really important, as that’s part of how I think Baavira would come together too.

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I’ve been having a hard time lately because I care very much about a lot of people, even if we’ve grown somewhat distant. We don’t talk all the time, but I still consider them close, and am very interested in what they have going on; like I’d be happy to take a 3am phone call from them because they needed to talk. I invested myself in a friendship and never looked back.

But it’s been hard for me lately because so many of these people seem to have big things coming: babies, breakups, big moves across the country; and I know nothing about them. It makes sense, we’ve grown kind of distant. But I never felt much distance in how I still care about them. It’s weird seeing people who were my best friends (and I still consider to be best friends by my level of caring) have monumental things happen and live lives without me. Like I find out about huge news 5 months into it or after the fact through Facebook, the same way as those random people from high school do who just want to measure you up. I just feel a little left out I guess? I dunno. I’ve always been here and will always be there, but I’m not THERE. I’m not part of their anything anymore.

I guess distance probably makes a difference too, but I’ve never been one to think proximity, or lack thereof, was a good reason to let a friendship die. Especially if it’s been years and years. But whatever? Friends are friends and we’re all growing up and apart.

BUT I got to share in a good friend’s incredibly special and important life-changing experience today, and it was so great. My husband and I got to share in her day, and it meant so much.

Life is great, and one week from now we’ll be inhabiting an absolutely amazing new apartment (!!) than were incredibly excited for. Pictures to come!

Proof that luck is huge in getting a job

I have two friends, who graduated around the same time as me with similar GPAs and experience, that both having amazing jobs. One is working at the National Science Foundation on their grant boards. So she pretty much gets to help interpret grant applications and go to all kinds of conventions and meetings around the country and globally. The other one just got an offer from a professor in Australia (she doesn’t go to a school in Australia, or anywhere, and lives in Tennessee) to help him with a scientific paper he’s hoping to publish soon. HOW DO YOU GUYS GET THESE OPPORTUNITIES. WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM. Someone please share the secret with me…

So thankful for my family and friends tonight for keeping me virtual company on my first night alone in my apartment

Love you guys more than I can say

the only good things that happened today:

- badlands
- a friend sent me the link to the best happy bday video and it made me laugh for the first time all day (it was past 5pm)
- badlands was released
- hl little spoon/big spoon m&g pics extravaganza
- badlands on repeat all day
- [even tho the reason why wasn’t a good thing] got to paint in my colouring book for the first time

When A Stranger Calls (2006)

I remember seeing the original 1978 film with a group of friends more than 15 years and thinking who’s idea was it to watch this, especially since many of us babysat every so often. When this remake came out a few of us got together and went to see it in theaters, while there are many differences between the two movies, one thing help true was that if I were to have watched this as a young teenager I would not want to babysit in a remote area. While there are some frustrating moments where you just want to scream at the main character to do something, but what teen scream or slasher film does’t give you that reaction at least once, all in all you see her go from this scared teenager who wants to cower in the corner to someone who gains the strength to save her charges and herself. Although I feel the ending wasn’t entirely necessary, it was nice to show that no matter what no one walks away from something that traumatic unscathed.

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When did you first start to really notice Charles in a more than friendly way?

“Not for a long while- I didn’t really know what the feelings were,
 when I first noticed them. I hadn’t had a friend for…a very long time
 until he came along, so I thought–” A short little laugh at the absurdity
 of it all. “–I thought it was just friendship I was experiencing. It wasn’t,
 of course. It took Charles confessing his own feelings for me to even
 consider the alternative.”