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I know this one’s a bit different from the previous comics since it’s post-pacifist speculation stuff rather than things we know happened in canon. But I do really like the idea of Frisk going back to get Flowey and the whole Floweypot AU deal, and I wanted to explore how that might actually work within the context of the previous ones. And still wanted to do a happy ending!

Will there be more in the future? Who knows…

EDIT: There was! This comic has kind of become a prologue for my long-running Undertale Comic, Dogs of Future Past

From here, you can go ahead and start reading Dogs of Future Past itself!

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Amalgams Extra

if the rumors are true and we’re supposed to interpret that line from tlj about the light rising to meet the dark as rey being born in response to ben turning to the dark side, then you’ve boiled a woman’s simple existence down to a man: to fixing a man, redeeming a man, killing a man, whatever. her story is no longer about her; she has been turned into a tool, an object to be used for a male purpose. putting a lightsaber in her hands doesn’t change that. women do not exist simply to serve a male narrative and if that’s the route the sequels have gone, the story should be criticized as such. rey should exist for herself, random or not.


“You don’t have to love me.”

His words were like an icy cold smack to the face. This man had endured so much pain and controlled himself so well and yet he thought your love was only artificial through pity.

“You’re an idiot,” you whispered, “to think I don’t do anything more than pity you. You Bruce Banner are so much more then you think. I would never surrender myself to that sympathy. I do feel sorry for you sure but that will never compare to the amount of respect I have.”