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I think the scene between Lance and Keith about a thousand plus ten makes more sense if you look at it as through the ADHD!Lance lens. It seemed a bit off to me that Lance would say “that’s like a thousand plus ten” because he goes to a space academy founded to train and educate astronauts; multiplication seems like a basic necessity. It might have been a little mistake on his part, but it still wouldn’t really account for his negative reaction when Keith corrected him, and thinking about it, if you rewatch this scene with the thought that Lance does or might have ADHD, his being upset makes a little more sense. 

I’m willing to bet Lance shows symptoms of blurting, and when some people blurt, they often mix up words or thoughts. For me personally, mix-ups happen when I have multiple ideas at once, and I say them as quickly as possible so that they aren’t forgotten. It’s very easy for me to understand why Lance would have said plus instead of times if he was blurting.

That being said, Lance clearly does not appreciate Keith correcting him and brushes him off entirely. This might be a defense mechanism. I’m 99.99% certain Lance knows 1,000 times 10 is 10,000, and in him trying not to look as if he didn’t know this, he reacted badly to the situation by calling Keith a dropout. And considering how many people took this as indication that Lance isn’t intelligent, I think it speaks a lot about why he did this. Personally, blurting is something I hate doing. It can often work against you because it’s almost like arguing with yourself. If this were a sensitive topic (I’m sure Lance, a person who deals with a lot of self-doubt, would find how others perceive his intelligence, and thus it would be sensitive, coupled with the frustration of blurting), I can see how something seemingly as small as a correction would irritate Lance.

tldr: Lance knows how to multiply, some scenes make a little more sense if you go in with a hc in mind, and Lance blurts and doesn’t like having his blurting pointed out.

Every time my Kane Chronicles post picks up some notes I always get these people who try to justify it with things like “ohh you know Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology are just not as well known as Greek, Roman, and Nordic”. First I call bullshit bc imo no one knew shit about Nordic culture and mythology until Marvel, the Avengers and Loki went big, which is whatever. Second, did anybody stop and think if that claim is true, why is it the case? Is it bc all these culture are white? And Ancient Egyptian figures (who are not white) were mostly relevant to people (ie Cleopatra in the Hollywood adaptation, and in many other art form depiction that predated it) only once they were whitewashed? Or because of Judeo-Christian influences like the 10 commandments. But actually?? There were so many amazing?? achievements and advancements?? in ancient Egypt?? Like wow hot damn. SO isn’t this a really good opportunity to make these kind of book series more well known instead of excusing past problematic shit so we can celebrate these achievements and the interesting intricate culture now? Tbh thats the main reasons for both of these post, not to call people out but to address an issue so idk

I got myself a little toy at the bookstore this afternoon.  (Coin shown for scale.)


“You don’t have to love me.”

His words were like an icy cold smack to the face. This man had endured so much pain and controlled himself so well and yet he thought your love was only artificial through pity.

“You’re an idiot,” you whispered, “to think I don’t do anything more than pity you. You Bruce Banner are so much more then you think. I would never surrender myself to that sympathy. I do feel sorry for you sure but that will never compare to the amount of respect I have.”

What if I made a version of the hybrids au where everyone was an insect hybrid

I mean

The population of insects beats that of mammals like 4:1 (It’s mostly ants, but still) so it wouldn’t be a totally out-of-the-ballpark idea, logically speaking

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I accepted the event tickets, but I didn't get them... what should I do? qwq

okay! here’s what you do !!

if your ticket’s aren’t appearing here after redeeming them via the present box:

then you may be experiencing a common bug within this update! tabimatsu staff recently announced on their twitter that a few other people have been experiencing problems with redeeming tickets after this event (i think some people may have been getting the wrong amount). 

i’d also recommend restarting the app just to be sure they’re not there for realsies!

it ought to be fixed with the next update and your tickets shouldn’t be lost!


Waughmp waughmp. I bought a fish eye lens and make a rap video with a couple of friends, it goes waughmp waughmp. All the ladies and mens, they know everything is better with a fish eye lens!

follow my voice a cordelia/misty fanmix

1. riverside-agnes obel 2. hollow drum-laura welsh 3. landslide-fleetwood mac (gwyneth paltrow cover) 4. human-christina perri 5. things we lost in the fire-bastille 6. hold onto hope love-amy stroup 7. how long will i love you-ellie goulding 8. leather and lace-fleetwood mac

Love Letters

Love Letters

“No no no no no no no no no.” Rae’s tumble of words filters into the space between their faces and he laughs.

“C’mon, Rae. It’s not that bad.”

“It is so. It’s so so bad.” She closes her eyes and pouts, and he thinks the way her face reshapes and reddens is maybe the best thing he’s ever seen. For someone so prone to outbursts of emotion, she can be awfully aloof with him and it’s rare to see her so adorably flustered and embarrassed.

“Nah. I like it. And you know I’m practically an expert at things like this.”

Her eyes spring open and she shoots him a snarky grimace, one eyebrow raised. He bites his bottom lip to keep his grin from growing too wide, she’s been known to give him a smack when she thinks he deserves it.

“Oh yeah, because having received a single love letter makes you such an expert.”

He raises his head off the pillow and onto his hand, looking down at her. He likes the way her hair spreads over the lump of the pillow and cascades gently onto the sheet. He’s spent a lot of time in her bed staring over her like this, and it never fails to entrance him.

“Who says I’ve only ever gotten one love letter?” He’s trying to rile her up because the red that warms her cheeks when she’s agitated is so lovely. Plus, when she’s riled up the words pour from her in a torrent, and he loves listening to her go on about whatever. And her face does the thing, the thing where it just can’t contain all her Rae-ness and she flits from one expression to the other faster than he can keep track. He keeps a mental catalog of all the different faces she can pull, and some of them only show up when he’s gotten her good and worked up.

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