i've got a million of these saved

Don’t you hate those “inside the episode” little shitty behind the scenes thing that they do after every GoT episodes in which the writers try to rationalize things and pretend that they’re deep and that every character still has an arc and that it’s meant to be that way

no bitch it ain’t deep you ruined all of my faves and at this point it’s beyond any logic and we’re out here just waiting for TWOW to save us and you’ve got George over there doing try on hauls of sombreros 

fuck all y’all

no more humies.
  • INTP and INFJ are watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt has just been abducted. INTP pauses movie.
  • INTP: You know who I'd abduct? All of the elephants.
  • INFJ: Why not save everything?
  • INTP: I've got half a million elephants on board. I don't know that my ship can handle any more...
  • INFJ: I'd save the dogs and cats and horses and koalas and chameleons and-
  • INTP: You know what'd be a lot quicker?
  • INFJ looks at INTP.
  • INFJ: Yep.
steven universe turns five
  • greg: i've almost got steven enrolled in public school, all i have to do is file this enrollment form with the district
  • garnet: *looks into the future and sees steven get bullied constantly for being different*
  • garnet: don't worry future steven i'll save you *punches form into a million pieces*
  • Parents: you need to start saving money for college! You should be working more.
  • Me: nah fam calm down I've got millions of bells in the bank, and I even just payed off my home loan
  • Parents: what
  • Me: what