i've got a million of these saved

I got tagged by @mothdad to post my top ten most listened to songs and I’m gonna have to go woth whatever’s in my history on YouTube so this should be good.

Rufus Rex - Personal Demons (It’s…not good)

Jermaine Clement - Shiny (I still haven’t even seen this movie)

The Coup - The Guillotine

The Coup - 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO

Ludo - Save Our City

Voltio - Chulin Chulin Chunfly

Calle 13 - Que Lloren

Lila Downs - Balas y Chocolate (the video is amazing)

Killer Mike - Reagan

The Plasmatics - The Damned (this video is intense as hell)

I’m gonna tag @blacc-scorpio @aleshakills @chrysalisamidst @angrybrownbaby @necromanceher and @ziwanz

no more humies.
  • INTP and INFJ are watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt has just been abducted. INTP pauses movie.
  • INTP: You know who I'd abduct? All of the elephants.
  • INFJ: Why not save everything?
  • INTP: I've got half a million elephants on board. I don't know that my ship can handle any more...
  • INFJ: I'd save the dogs and cats and horses and koalas and chameleons and-
  • INTP: You know what'd be a lot quicker?
  • INFJ looks at INTP.
  • INFJ: Yep.
steven universe turns five
  • greg: i've almost got steven enrolled in public school, all i have to do is file this enrollment form with the district
  • garnet: *looks into the future and sees steven get bullied constantly for being different*
  • garnet: don't worry future steven i'll save you *punches form into a million pieces*
  • Parents: you need to start saving money for college! You should be working more.
  • Me: nah fam calm down I've got millions of bells in the bank, and I even just payed off my home loan
  • Parents: what
  • Me: what