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hux: *sneers in every photo, is greasy, full of bitterness and rage*


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Star Wars…. if it were told through Anakin Skywalker’s Instagram Adventures

I’M SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS I just got too excited about the new Clone Wars and-

This could either be a modern AU, or an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same… except everyone has instagram. (let’s be real this universe would involve a lot more bad hashtags, ~dramatic filters~ and check-ins at Mustafar)

public service announcement: i’ve seen a lot of people drawing 13 (and even cosplaying her outfit) with a beige coat
so before people spend a lot of money on coats and stuff just let it be known
her coat is faint blue (even kind of close to light grey or light lilac), not beige
the color got fucked up in the promotional photo bc of the general lighting in it

that is all


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic / SHIPS + Aesthetic: Cangel (for ofvampiresandvisions)


AX haul! got to meet a lot of people (i tried to tag everyone that i could here)

bonus: i got to meet jonny cruz and charlet chung and get things signed + i got to give jonny a lucio ticket bookmark!! i think he liked it but they also both seemed Really Tired

he also asked me to sign it

this has been the most surreal weekend of my Life

anonymous asked:

So I've read many posts and treatises that claim Zayn pined unrequitedly for Liam in the beginning of their relationship until Liam "figured it out," but I swear when I watch fetus footage of them (and I've watched A LOT) it sure looks like Liam was giving as good as he got, right from the start. What do you think, voice of Ziam reason?


I am completely flattered that you’ve stopped in my corner of the Tumblr webs!

 So I actually don’t buy the fandom lore that Liam was unaware as Zayn pined unrequitedly, listening to Dashboard Confessional and writing emo lyrics in his LiveJournal and wistfully looking at that photo of Liam with his top off from the 1D book that he loved:

I think they have a really beautiful friendship and seem to wholly understand each other in a rare way most people don’t. 

That said, a hoe knows another hoe, and I fully believe Liam employed the use of hoe tricks in the early days (and thereafter, but for the sake of this post not being 812 pages long, we’ll keep to the early days).

 Liam plotted and planned and giggled and shrugged.  Liam set out a lure and waited for poor, thirsty Pokemon Zayn to come to him  (he wanted to throw balls at him -  AMIRIGHT GUYS? GET IT?). 

*clears throat* Ok. I’m done now. Where was I? Ah yes!

Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks Masterclass

Lesson 1: Seize Hoepportunities

Some say that local dogs as far as 100 miles away could hear Zayn’s internal screaming that day. 


That was totally a premeditated ass grab. 

Lesson 2: Play Coy

Liam J. Payne, with his innocent lamb face and patented Giggle Shrug™ knows how to play coy with a sharpness and cunning not to be messed with. Behold a master in his element, a Leonardo HoeVinci. 

There’s no scientific evidence to support my case, but I would put down my hard earned tuppence that Liam has used the Elle Woods  “Bend & Snap”. 

Liam is employing a hoe trick that has been used by masterful hoes for centuries: the lap squirm, a hoe trick that Liam would use dozens and dozens of times through Ziam history. 

Zayn, being pummeled by the waves of his own thirst, helpless against Liam’s masterful hoe tricks. 

Lesson 3: Go Big or Go Ho(e)me

In short, I fully believe that Liam knew exactly what he was doing. Liam Payne is not just top notch entertainer, a talented songwriter, and good human being. Liam is also a Masterful Hoe. 

riahchan  asked:

Jon x Sansa - 7) accidental-baby-acquisition

Wow, this is probably one of the fluffiest things I’ve ever written. It’s also 2k longer than I’d expected. Hope you like it!

[Modern AU, with mutual pining, bed sharing, accountant!Sansa and scientist!Jon and Robb’s really really really cute baby.]

This job’s tiring, is what it is.

Or, not exactly; but Jon’s got this really important paper whose deadline’s in less than two weeks, and if he doesn’t get this grant money, he’s well and truly screwed. And by screwed he means fired, because nobody’s going to throw money at a thirty-year old nephrologist who didn’t have the brains to get an MD along with his doctorate all those years ago, not if he doesn’t generate some income on his own.

Sansa is just as busy- she’s working almost fifteen hour days in her firm, trying to meet the April fifteenth tax deadline. Jon’s pretty sure he hasn’t seen her in almost a week, and that’s despite living together.

Living together. Not sleeping together, as all their friends, family, and- maybe- strangers on the street seem to assume. 

(It’s all Jon’s fault, he knows, okay? But it isn’t as if he can control his eyes. Nobody should have legs that long, or hair that bright, or eyes that blue, or-

The point is that Jon stares, sometimes, and, okay, there was that one time when his jaw dropped but that was because Sansa looked stunning in that dress, and fine, he’ll admit that he tends to laugh more when she’s around, but really, apart from all that he’s as inscrutable as a steel safebox.)

But this whole arrangement is Sansa’s idea, and she only suggested it in the first place because his apartment’s a few blocks from her office, while her parents’ home is practically across the city. Jon can keep his head and not say anything that’ll make her uncomfortable. He can, he’s sure of it.

Until, that is, she brings a baby home.

It’s Robb’s- which, you know, makes the whole situation worse, because little Lyessa has Robb’s hair, and that’s the exact color of Sansa’s hair, and for just a heartbeat, staring at the two of them cuddling on the couch, Jon’s sure that Sansa’s hidden a baby from all of them for, like, three years, or however old the baby is. It isn’t as if he’s an expert at judging babies’ age from their size.

Then he recognizes Lyessa, and the relief that crashes through him is as surprising as the yearning that came before.

“Hey,” he says- croaks, really, but Jon’s voice is low enough that Sansa probably didn’t hear that. “What’s going on?”

“Hey to you too,” Sansa chirps, taking Lyessa’s chubby fist and waving it at him. “We’re doing fine, aren’t we, sweetling?” She chucks Lyessa under her head and grins at him before explaining. “Robb got a call from his boss- the guy in charge of the Australian field office got in a really bad car accident, so Robb had to go. And you know Jeyne’s on her vapasana thing, so he needed someone to take Lyessa for some time.”

“You’ve barely been home for two weeks,” Jon points out dryly, hanging up his bag and coat as he steps further inside the room. “You sure you’re the best person for the job?”

“I’ve got a week off,” Sansa tells him smugly. At his frown, she rolls her eyes. “It’s April sixteenth, idiot.”

April sixteenth. Sansa’s just finished her deadline. Jon blinks and slumps over the couch, jostling Lyessa and making her giggle.

“You agreed?”

“I didn’t think you’d feel too bad. I’ll be taking care of her, and-” Sansa switches gears smoothly, shifting Lyessa so she’s sitting facing her, crossing her eyes to make the little girl laugh. “And I’ve got enough leave to take another week off,” she finishes.

Jon lifts his eyebrows. 

“I don’t have a problem with it,” he says finally.

That, as it turns out, is a lie. 

A big, fat, stinking lie. 

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anonymous asked:

I have a really ugly (gummy) smile and some friends have bluntly told me that I look ugly when I laugh. I feel so insecure about my laugh that when I catch myself smiling/laughing I would force myself to stop or hide my face to avoid disgusted looks from people. It's just really hard for me to embrace this flaw and I've tried many times but I still can't stand looking at my gummy laugh in photos.. It just hurts having to prevent myself from smiling and laughing.

To be honest with you, people who call your smile “ugly” are not people you should consider good friends.

When I was a lot younger and my adult teeth grew in, they were crooked and there was a gap between my front teeth and I was embarrassed to smile, so I got in the habit of smiling with my mouth closed or covering my mouth with my hand (I was lucky enough to later get braces, but I just want to say that I understand the instinct to hide something you consider a flaw and how much it affects your everyday life). That said, your smile is a part of who you are. I think a lot of people on this website talk about “embracing your flaws” or learning to “love” your appearance, but that can be very difficult. It is okay to think that you have flaws, it is okay to be insecure about them, and it is okay to not love every aspect of your appearance all the time. No one does. That said, your smile is yours and it is the way it is. Your friends should be happy to see you smiling and laughing regardless of what it looks like, and if they can’t accept you the way you are, then they aren’t being very good friends. One way I think a lot of people learn to accept their flaws - or realize that what they thought were flaws really aren’t - is by noticing that the people around them aren’t affected by them (I once heard that if it’s something you can’t fix in 10 seconds, i.e. something in your teeth, then people should really never comment on your appearance, and I think that’s a good rule to go by. Anything else is probably unnecessary and rude and only makes people feel insecure). Your friends should realize that it’s your personality, not your appearance, that makes you who you are. And if they can’t separate the two, or they can’t appreciate you for who you are just because of the way you smile, then that’s their problem - don’t make it yours.

Confidence takes a long time and a lot of effort, but it does come eventually and I hope this helps a little bit. I can’t tell you how to feel, but I hope you learn to be less afraid to smile, because you deserve to live your life and be happy without worrying about how it looks to others.

anonymous asked:

So I've been reading a lot of voltron and fma fic lately and it's got me thinking ... Lance would be appropriately enthused about photos of Elicia and probably reciprocate with baby sib / cousin stories, and Maes would probably adopt the fuck out of this lost homesick stray kid if given half a chance. If Amestris was in another planet and the paladin/s got stuck there somehow, what are your thoughts on character interactions?

This is really cute, definitely. It would be fun to have a crossover, where like, I dunno, a wormhole malfunction spit out the Blue Lion in a parallel universe (Slav would be so stoked), and Lance had to land and wait for the others to come for him. I guess it would have to be before everything went down in the Fullmetal series, so the Elrics would be running around the country looking for information, and Lance just happened to land near Maes’s post, and Hughes kind of took in the stranger from the sky because adoption is pretty much his middle name. It would be a nice relaxing break for Lance, when he wasn’t worrying about his friends and wondering if he would ever get home. He would play with Elicia and tease Ed when they met, and I think he and Al would really get along. Al would enjoy listening to all of Lance’s stories and might even take his bragging at face value, being the innocent kid that he is, and Lance would feel like he met another, younger Hunk. (He would no doubt be super protective of these Elric kids, for sure, gosh, they’re younger than PIDGE, what are they doing in the ARMY.)

I think Lance might say the wrong thing to Roy and cheese him off enough to get reprimanded, and then he would be wary of him for a while until he figured out that he was just a big dork. After that he would keep coming into his office to bug him all the time, and Roy’s traitorous staff would let him do it because seeing Roy get pissed off makes them laugh. And Lance and Riza would go target-shooting together and lay waste to a whole mess of empty cans and bottles.


Tonight I got to go with my cosplay group to bring some much-needed joy to a children’s mental hospital. It was an experience I’ll never forget. We greeted each kid in turn, gave them a bucket of candy and then they got to do a photo op with whatever characters they wanted. A lot of joking, dancing and general fun went on. All the smiles on those faces, no small number of whom were on suicide watch today. So many were so excited. One girl asked if she could hug me, twice. Another girl kept saying this was her dream come true.

It all kind of hit me as I was driving home. My heart is breaking for each of those precious kids, but I’m praying that we got to be a bright spot in their day and maybe even bring a little hope, a reminder of beauty and joy and the stories of life. Remembering the times I’ve been at my worst, it seemed like such a small thing for us to do in the scheme of things, but… maybe not. I hope we made a difference somehow.

On another note, I decided to try using some Kanekalon hair to make my braid thicker, more like Leia’s in the movie. It took me forever to figure out what I was doing and it’s a little messier than I’d like but I think I’m on the right track. Here’s a couple of pictures I took after I got home a little while ago.

*looks at all the other things I should be focusing on* nah *throws blanket over them*

Here have RWBY on Ice!!! My RWBY figure skating AU. Ruby Blake Weiss and Yang are all senior singles skaters and JNPR take the partner categories (cause they have to be mixed and i couldn't throw away the chance of Ren literally throwing Nora on knife shoes)

Jaune and Pyrrha are an Ice Dancing team (less dangerous, closer to ballroom dancing) and I’ll be basing their style of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue cause they are the cutest in the world and Canadian and have great chemistry.(please look them up they are perfect) 

Nora and Ren are the Pairs team (more dangers, Nora gets thrown in the air alot like seriously look up some routines, they are insane, people can and have gotten severely injured) they are also based off a Canadian Skating team cause I wanted to find one with a similar height difference case the females are a lot smaller than their partners.

im sorry some of the hands came out mangled *cough cough* Yang *cough cough*

i’ll post this Au sporadically but feel free to request characters, both ones seen above or ones who are not there (i wanna get SSSN up there eventually). 

i may even post some fics for it. who knows. not me.

anonymous asked:

Its silly but I kind of wish on the DVD set they would have showed how they got into the suits. So they could have added more onto the DVD set. A lot more. I do not have enough power rangers stuff!!!!! Also anyone have a larger photo of Becky in the ranger suit getting those photo's done? I've only seen really tiny ones.. I need a larger one.

When the cast talked about the suits they said how long it would take to get them on since it’s so many layers lmao. But I definitely need more pictures of the cast in their suits without the helmets.

And I really need more pictures like this in HD!


Took a much-needed trip to Arlington today to visit some of our boys!!

It was super busy in the closer sections, more crowded than usual, but further out it wasn’t so bad. Today would’ve been Ron McNair’s 67th birthday so it was nice to visit the Challenger memorial.

I guess within the next few months they’ll be adding the Apollo 1 memorial that was approved and funded last summer. It’ll be nice to have them all together. I also visited John Glenn (who always gets a lot of visitors <3), Stu Roosa (who I don’t think I’ve visited before), El and Charlie of Gemini 9, Ted Freeman, C.C. Williams, and Pete, which was nice since in August I couldn’t visit him. The leaves are finally changing here in D.C. and it was a really pretty day (still too hot for October though…)

I got to sit with Gus and Roger for a long time :’) I brought my patch of the 334th Fighter Squadron, Gus’ unit in Korea, and it was a real nice, needed visit. They get a lot of visitors, too. I hope Ed gets just as many up at West Point. Here’s my favorite photo from today:

katherinemorgenstern93  asked:

I've been wanting to work more with photo manips in terms of ships and so on. I find it hard for pictures to look somewhat realistic. Any advise or anything? I'll take anything you've got.

Okay! I have lots of tips which hopefully you will find helpful :) As well as other manip makers too!

Image Selection is Key

Your manip is only ever going to be as good as the images you choose to use, so do your best to get images with the following traits.

Nightclub / Event images are the easiest images to manip EG (X)
Don’t pick a low quality image unless it’s the only option you have
Never use images smaller than 540px wide and always check if there’s a bigger version of the image you want to use (On Google Images you can select the dimensions of the image and it’ll show you bigger versions if they exist) (X)
Avoid images with watermarks / logos unless you can easily crop them out / cover them with a black paintbrush

To find images use the following methods and find the best fitting image you can find:

Google Search: Celebrity Name Event, Celebrity Name And, Celebrity Name Party

Zimbio: Go through the celebrity’s image library on Zimbio

Fansite: Find a fansite for the person (not everyone has them) and go through the public events and appearances folder.

Making the manip

Use the one with the darkest background as the base if you can, also, the smaller of the two images should be the base to ensure the best quality.

Try to merge the two backgrounds if you can instead of cutting one person out E.G (X) You can see the reddish light in the background is part of Kaya’s photo but the black doorframe is part of Jake’s

The bit where the 2 people overlap is the hardest part, it’s best to use a hard eraser here rather than a soft one and keep retrying til it looks good, otherwise it looks like they merge into one another which you don’t want. 

Use hue/saturation / Brightness/Contrasts and Color balance under image edit to try and match the two people’s skin tones (presuming they’re of the same ethnicity). I generally find the hue is the easiest way as you can add reddish tones or yellow tones using it.

I always use a PSD on my manips to help bring the two people to a similar look. The one I use is here (X)

Black paintbrush is your friend, you can add a layer between your base and other image and then apply some soft black paintbrush to cover things you don’t want in the manip.

Make sure your two people are of the right proportion, so no one’s heads look giant, a shorter person isn’t the same height or taller than the other person ect.

If you have any questions let me know!