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Ta da!! It’s finally done! My lovely Lance, but as a corrupted human healing pod!

Thanks to @kaxpha who came up with BOTH the human healing pod au as WELL as the CORRUPTED human healing pod au! (as well as a billion other aus that I need to see more of *cough*)

I’ll probably clean this up later, caus I’m not happy with the highlight or blood spatters, but whatevs for now


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

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So I've read many posts and treatises that claim Zayn pined unrequitedly for Liam in the beginning of their relationship until Liam "figured it out," but I swear when I watch fetus footage of them (and I've watched A LOT) it sure looks like Liam was giving as good as he got, right from the start. What do you think, voice of Ziam reason?


I am completely flattered that you’ve stopped in my corner of the Tumblr webs!

 So I actually don’t buy the fandom lore that Liam was unaware as Zayn pined unrequitedly, listening to Dashboard Confessional and writing emo lyrics in his LiveJournal and wistfully looking at that photo of Liam with his top off from the 1D book that he loved:

I think they have a really beautiful friendship and seem to wholly understand each other in a rare way most people don’t. 

That said, a hoe knows another hoe, and I fully believe Liam employed the use of hoe tricks in the early days (and thereafter, but for the sake of this post not being 812 pages long, we’ll keep to the early days).

 Liam plotted and planned and giggled and shrugged.  Liam set out a lure and waited for poor, thirsty Pokemon Zayn to come to him  (he wanted to throw balls at him -  AMIRIGHT GUYS? GET IT?). 

*clears throat* Ok. I’m done now. Where was I? Ah yes!

Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks Masterclass

Lesson 1: Seize Hoepportunities

Some say that local dogs as far as 100 miles away could hear Zayn’s internal screaming that day. 


That was totally a premeditated ass grab. 

Lesson 2: Play Coy

Liam J. Payne, with his innocent lamb face and patented Giggle Shrug™ knows how to play coy with a sharpness and cunning not to be messed with. Behold a master in his element, a Leonardo HoeVinci. 

There’s no scientific evidence to support my case, but I would put down my hard earned tuppence that Liam has used the Elle Woods  “Bend & Snap”. 

Liam is employing a hoe trick that has been used by masterful hoes for centuries: the lap squirm, a hoe trick that Liam would use dozens and dozens of times through Ziam history. 

Zayn, being pummeled by the waves of his own thirst, helpless against Liam’s masterful hoe tricks. 

Lesson 3: Go Big or Go Ho(e)me

In short, I fully believe that Liam knew exactly what he was doing. Liam Payne is not just top notch entertainer, a talented songwriter, and good human being. Liam is also a Masterful Hoe. 

*looks at all the other things I should be focusing on* nah *throws blanket over them*

Here have RWBY on Ice!!! My RWBY figure skating AU. Ruby Blake Weiss and Yang are all senior singles skaters and JNPR take the partner categories (cause they have to be mixed and i couldn't throw away the chance of Ren literally throwing Nora on knife shoes)

Jaune and Pyrrha are an Ice Dancing team (less dangerous, closer to ballroom dancing) and I’ll be basing their style of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue cause they are the cutest in the world and Canadian and have great chemistry.(please look them up they are perfect) 

Nora and Ren are the Pairs team (more dangers, Nora gets thrown in the air alot like seriously look up some routines, they are insane, people can and have gotten severely injured) they are also based off a Canadian Skating team cause I wanted to find one with a similar height difference case the females are a lot smaller than their partners.

im sorry some of the hands came out mangled *cough cough* Yang *cough cough*

i’ll post this Au sporadically but feel free to request characters, both ones seen above or ones who are not there (i wanna get SSSN up there eventually). 

i may even post some fics for it. who knows. not me.


reasons i love jeonghan: debut big plan teaser


Various sketches and studies – #1 is a study from a photo; #2 is a plein-air sketch; #3 is a water droplet study; and #4 is an attempt at painting Hatfilms after watching one of their travel vlogs. Not sure if I got the likenesses quite right, but I tried. 


I was tagged by kitsunemeow for the selfie tag! Well this is me! XD (I’m so pale I swear, like fuckin white/yellow, don’t know why in the second photo I seem more “alive” xD) and I tag otakutimee daisytheduckdolphin mycrzyobsessions acethemadknight mrsotome !!

St. Vincent Talks Best Alternative Music Album Grammy Win
  • Pitchfork: First of all—Congrats! How do you feel?
  • Annie Clark: Great. I found out at 7 in the morning in Perth, Australia. (laughs) What happened was my family was watching the live stream, and I had my phone on. They were doing a countdown—"Annie's number 58 of 78!"—so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again to a text from my mom that said "Annie won!"
  • Pitchfork: What are you doing to celebrate?
  • AC: I just took a shower. (laughs) I'm having a coffee with cocoa. We're going to Bali today.
  • Pitchfork: Do you know where the award is going to go in your home?
  • AC: I think it's going to go at my mom's house. I think it's going to go… Yeah, it'll probably go on her piano next to the childhood photos of everyone.
  • Pitchfork: You're the first solo female artist to win the Best Alternative Album category since Sinead O'Connor in 1991, which is also the year they introduced the award.
  • AC: I didn't know that!
  • Pitchfork: Would you like to take the opportunity to trash talk your competitors?
  • AC: Oh God, no! That's so horrible and crass, I'd never do that. (laughs)
  • Pitchfork: What's up next?
  • AC: I have the color guard collaboration with David Byrne. I'm writing. I've got a couple of other collaborations in the works. I'm just working a lot! A lot of things, some of which I can't remember if I'm allowed to talk about or not. (laughs)

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Hey! You know Ship, I like weird stuff and your blog is right up my alley, but there are just some things I dunno what are and I've never really been super interested in insects or anemones or the kind of creatures you show us in your videos/photos/reblogs, but with you showing them I actually got more interested and end up searching and learning more about them, so I just thought you should know and thanks for that! (sorry about any english mistakes, english is not my 1st language)

Thank you!!! This message cheered me up a lot, actually. Nothing is more rewarding then convincing other people that something you care about is really interesting or important, and I’m really glad that I could get you to look at something in a new light.

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I know I've been asking a LOT, but this is now bothering me like the dickens. Why do you draw Toriel with such a tiny snout? It looks like she's got some sorta Lord Voldemort thing going on.

It’s just my art style, it’s just the way i draw her

You prefer i draw her more goat like? I could try

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I just got the TFA storybook and it says that after the snow fight when she was by Finn, "Rey glanced back at Kylo. His men had found him and were leading him to an escape shuttle. Kylo would live to fight another day." Just sending this because I've seen some people wonder why Rey looked back in the movie right before she gets on the MF, maybe it's a different reason on the movie but idk

THAT’S AWESOME NONNIE! If you would grace us with a photo of that particular page, I’m sure a lot of your fellow Reylo fans will be over the moon :D

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I've followed you basically since you first got tumblr and you've changed so much, not in a good way either. You used to be so nice and quiet, so sweet too but now you're so opinionated and you swear a lot. You've started posting revealing photos and underwear photos? It's not like you at all, i don't like it, i'm going to unfollow you because you've changed so much, i prefer the old you from when you first joined, bye

I have changed so much, and yes in a good way. Idk how you can say i’ve changed in a bad way? I’m 5000x more confident than i was, i’m not timid, i speak my mind and i don’t let people walk all over me? how is that not changing in a good way?

I joined tumblr when i was 15, i’m now 20, so of course i’ve changed, When i was 15 i was shy, borderline depressed, and i had 0 self confidence, now i’m confident, recovered from self harm and no longer hate myself, i’d say that’s changing for the best wouldn’t you?

As for saying i’m not nice? I am nice, a lot nicer than i was 5 years ago because i’m not bitterly depressed and i don’t hate the world.

Also, i’ve posted a bikini pic yes but not underwear, maybe i will maybe i wont but who cares, body positivity is good and if my body looks nice then i’m gunna share it? I’m 20 not 12, i can post whatever photos i like, i’m an adult and no follower is going to tell me what i can and can’t post on the internet, unfollow me, your loss sweetie 💁🏼