i've got a bike you can ride it if you like

Ways to say I love you (Philkas Edition)
  • Ily: I love you
  • Ilysm: I love you so much
  • Imya: i mean, you're amazing
  • Ifyft: I fixed your flat tire
  • Bykily: because you know I like you
  • Ityhtrtb: I'll teach you how to ride the bike
  • Bilyi: because I like you, idiot
  • Yltpr?: you like taking pictures right?
  • Lpohtwidih: liking Philip out here the way I do, it's hard
  • Twgtya: they were gonna take you away
  • Ybnlt: you better not leave tivoli
  • Dysh?: does your stomach hurt?
  • Ificw: it's fine, I can walk
  • Ilteenty: I lie to everyone else, not to you
  • Idwag: I don’t want a girlfriend
  • Imuap: I made us a playlist
  • Uo?my!: u okay? Miss you!
  • Irh: I'm right here
  • Pwu: please wake up
  • Wp?: where's Philip?
  • Iwatywgwu: I was afraid that you weren't gonna wake up
  • Ihdltbarowy: I've had dreams like that before about riding off with you
  • Arbc: all right, be careful
  • Iwwcjhhf: I wish we could just hang here forever
  • Rlingwy: right, like I'm not going with you
  • Omgyai: oh my god you're an idiot
  • Mbigyl: maybe, but it got you laughing

A Story About Shaw

(AN: About two weeks ago I posted Destinations, a story about Root and liminal spaces. I knew I wanted to do a companion piece for Shaw, but I couldn’t figure out the theme. The phrase that kept coming to mind was negative space, but it took me awhile to figure out why my brain settled on that. The result was quite different from Destinations, but it kinda had to be. Silhouette was…much harder to write and might be more polarizing than the last for a couple reasons, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy it).

After the accident, Shaw comes home one day to find a framed picture in her bedroom. It’s a photograph of herself from a few years ago. In it she sits solemnly between her mother and father who are both smiling, laughing. Her father’s hands is resting on her shoulder.

Shaw is puzzled, unsure why her mother chose to put this picture on her dresser. By this point she’s realized that people surround themselves with photographs to feel connected; the photos are a reminder of the things pictured in them, a shortcut to the emotions those things evoke.

The day the picture shows up on her dresser, all solemn in its heavy black frame, Shaw stares at it, trying to understand what her mother expects her to do with it. She’s…not content with her father’s absence, but she’s not sure how a picture is supposed to help. She stares at it for hours, but only ends up with a headache.

When she moves to a different, larger room the next year, she leaves the framed photo behind on the dresser. Her mother notices, of course. She doesn’t say anything, but the photo shows up on the desk in Shaw’s new room the next day.

Shaw stares at the picture again, but still comes up blank. Her mother must have had a reason for moving it, so she keeps thinking about it, tracing the implications of the actions and expectations. Tries to understand why it’s so important to her mother that she keep it.

A year later they move to a new house. This time it’s the first thing she packs.

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crawledoutofthesea  asked:

omg I also refused to watch Lost for very similar reasons. I've also never seen any of the Star Wars films, so. I think i'm just a little outside of the zeitgeist, in a Not Cool way. Anyway you said you do meta and I was wondering: do you have any specific thoughts about the Jughead/Betty/Archie friendship when they were kids? I'm interested in your perspective on it. (All good if you have no specific thoughts about it though!) :)

sorry for a kind of delayed response! last couple days were busy. 

anyway, hello darkness my old friend, i’ve come to ruminate on childhoods again

the way i see it, up until, say, about age 7-8, the Andrews did not live in the nice little nightmare on elm street neighborhood (legit this is canon; the coopers live on elm street, like), just as i don’t think the Jones lived in the trailer park all Jughead’s life 

(also because he canonically had a treehouse at one point. things said in passing still count!!!!) 

so let’s say around age 8, Archie Andrews and his family move in next door to the Coopers. Andrews Construction is doing better—not great, but better—and in order to appease Mary’s growing restlessness, Fred thinks if he can show his wife a good, comfortable life, she’ll stop mentioning Chicago so much. so he takes out a mortgage, even if the man at the bank had seemed a little too eager to give out loans like candy.

before that, however, the Andrews and the Jones live nearby one another. not quite southside, not quite north; not quite bad, not quite great, but equal. 

Archie and Jughead are inseparable—in that Archie has an utter lack of boundaries and completely misses the dismissive social cues from a shy, quiet little boy who has never been good at making friends. 

what starts as being thrown together in a very rudimentary and machismo concept of a preschool at a construction site becomes a genuine friendship, if not albeit one that still halfway requires proximity in order to function 

and then the Andrews move, and FP is helping with boxes, and Jug is there to check out Archie’s new big bedroom in the big new house when he spots a little hand quickly disappearing behind a pink curtain across the way

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anonymous asked:

Hey I've been extremely stressed out the last few days. Can I have Saitama, Genos and Mumen Rider doing cute things for their extremely stressed out! S/O?


- he can be such a goofball when he wants to be, making bad jokes and picking you up and tossing you in the air like a child (that one would take some persuasion first though)

- 100% down for building a pillow fort big enough to take up the whole living room

- he’s got a ton of board games that he’d love to play with you, just the fun ones though, nothing stressful like monopoly

- do you want a piggyback ride, cause you’ll get one; he’ll carry you around all day if it’ll make you happy


- this guy doesn’t really do the whole relaxation thing, so he’d go to Saitama for ideas and try and do some of those for you

- he’d offer to clean your house for you and cook dinner that night so you can sit back and relax that night

- if you’re feeling cold, he’ll wrap a blanket around both of you and heat up just enough to where you’re nice and cozy

- will sit around and talk to you for hours if you want

Mumen Rider

- he’s gonna take you for a bike ride no matter what, so get in the basket

- he makes really good hot chocolate and will make you as many cups as you want

- he’s all for cuddling on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, and watching a movie

- if you need a pep talk, he’s the man to go to

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Can I request some S/o taking McCree riding quads and dirtbikes in the sand dunes/desert? And maybe laying down on a big rock looking up at the stars? I've done it before and it's beautiful!!

- When you had suggested a small vacation your boyfriend Jesse thought you meant just laying around on a beach somewhere or go to one of the hideouts in the nicer places but what you had planned sounded amazing.

- He have never done anything like this before and was excited, asking you all these things about it, you said it was something you did often and wanted to take him, he was touched, pleased you had thought of him for an adventure.

- He wasn’t very good with the dirt bikes, you made it look easy and he thought it would be, he was wrong, he hit the deck a few times but the sand was pretty soft on the dunes, you helped him work it out.

- When he got on the quad he had a much better handle and you were racing each other along the sandy plains, calling playful challenges and smack talk at one another as you went.

- Hours like this just racing and making little patterns in the sand, it was fun, but getting late. 

- You ended up together on one of the large rocks, nice and warmed from the heat of the day, the sky was an inky black, the stars shining, so far from any light pollution, everything looked so pure.

- He had bundled you close to him, curled up in his poncho he had wrapped you in to keep you warm. You both stared at the stars, talking a little, he pointed out what some of them were called, you just nodding, your head on his chest and his arm around you.

- “I must say darlin’ we should do this more often” he said turning to you. “Been a heck of a day” he smiled and leaned down kissing you.

- You’d have to do this again..

Juice One Shot

Title: Meeting The Family

Imagine that you have been dating Juice for a while and that he spends most nights at your apartment. Juice has met your family and friends but you have yet to meet his family, so he suggests that you go to a party to meet them.

“I think your dad hates me” Juice states as he watches I trying to find the right key to unlock my apartment door.

“Dad doesn’t hate you, he just didn’t expect you to have a shaved head and tattoos to match” I sent Juice a sorry look as I take in his form, leaning on the wall outside my apartment “I also kind of forgot to mention that part about you and the MC and how you own half of a weed shop”

“If you had told him any of that before the diner, I would never have stepped foot inside your parents house and how can you say he didn’t hate me! He was sending me glares all night and I swear to god if he shook my hand any tighter I would have broken something.” We both cant help but laugh at this and suddenly anyone watching us could immediately tell our ages as we finally got into the apartment.

“Can you blame him! throughout the full dinner you where practically groping his youngest daughter for the full night” I laugh while walking into the toilet and begin to take off my make-up.

“I cant hep it if his daughter is so god damn sexy in this dress” Juan says while coming up behind me and biting my bare shoulder.

“Hey watch it!” I giggle as he places a gentle kiss where he bit me.

“Better princess?” he teases while taking off his dress shirt, I reply by sticking out my tounge to him. I proceed to remove my make-up and jewellery while watching Juice in the mirror as he got naked and into the shower “Like what you see?”

“Maybe” I smile while placing my earrings next to the bathroom sink

“You wanna come join me baby?” Juice offers and I let out a loud and totally fake laugh.

“Ha you wish lover boy” This time it was him sticking his tongue out to me. I made my way into the bed room and removed my short red dress replacing it with one of Juices SAMCRO t-shirts and deciding to not wear anything underneath. I move onto the bed and get under the blankets before pulling my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. Not long after I had turned off all the lights and snuggled in for the night Juice got out of the shower, dried off before pulling on a pair of boxers and climbing into bed next to me. His arms instantly wrap around my waist as he pulls me back tightly into his hard chest.

“I love when you wear my stuff babe” Juicy whispers while leaving soft kisses on my neck and squeezing my sides softly. I hum in response moving my head round to catch his lips before they made contact with my neck again. He smiles as I do this a deep chuckle vibrating his full chest as I turn my body to face his.

“I love when I wear your stuff” I smirk giving his lips a final peck before moving to leave butterfly kisses on his broad shoulders

“God I love when you kiss my body baby” I giggle as he says this throw my leg over his waist before he takes matters into his own hands, gripping my naked ass he moves my body to lay on top of his. I continue to kiss my way around his chest, neck and face.

“Can I ask you something?” Juan asks as I begin moving my body down his, my kisses reaching my stomach. I nod my head but don’t stop the kisses, running my hands up his chest. “Have you got any plans for Friday night?” his voice shook as I left a couple of wet opened mouthed kisses on top of his v-line.

“Why *kiss* what do you *kiss* have in mind?” I whisper quietly my warm breath hitting of the skin just before where his boxers started, my fingers ready to pull them down.

“There’s going to be a party at the clubhouse the boys said I should bring my girl” I froze mid kiss and retract my hands from pull down the underwear before looking up into Juices eyes.

“You want me to meet the guys?” I question shock clear in my voice, he had told me plenty of stories about his brothers and kept me in the loop about the clubs business but had never asked me to meet them before.

“Well yeah, I mean I've met all of your friends and I’ve most of your  family so I think you should meet mine” Their is a huge smile on Juices face and the love in his eyes that’s always their when he talks about his family.

“Are you sure? I mean what if they don’t like me?” His smile softens as he brings my body up to lay next to his as he lets a soft laugh leave his mouth at my worried face

“They are going to love you just like I do, don’t worry about it babe” I give him a soft nod reassuring him that I was fine “Okay, now lets get back to what we where doing” Juan smirks as he latches his lips onto my neck, positioning himself between my legs. And as Juice did his thing all I could think about was meeting the most important people in Juice’s life

I through my head back as Juice rode down the highway, ever since I had started dating Juice I had grown an un-healthy obsession with motor bikes. As we drive towards the clubhouse for me to finally meet Juice’s family, riding on the back of his bike helps to de-stress my body.

 After a few more minutes on the highway we take a cut off, driving down a quite road and when I see the “Welcome to Charming” sign the butterfly’s returned to my stomach. It took minutes for us to reach the streets of Charming and it was as if we had an immediate presence in the town, as soon as we had hit the streets their was always eyes on us. Passers by looked our way either just taking a glance or staring until we where out of sight. Juice had told me about the reputation that the club had in the town but I had no idea that it was this intense, this realisation did not help my butterfly’s but added to them. A huge amount of pressure forming as a weight on my shoulders.

“You ready babe” Juice said over his shoulder as we pulled into a lot "Welcome to TM" I took in the empty garage that stood to my left but the thing I notices straight away was the lit up clubhouse which stood straight ahead of us. As Juice parked his bike I took in the bikers out side the building along with girls in tight short skirts immediately making me feel self conscious. My eyes leave the building as one biker with the same patch as Juice has on everywhere he went ‘Sons of Anarchy’ it read and its how I had first noticed Juan. I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on and by the time I had come out of my daze Juice was off the bike and waiting for me to follow.

“You okay?” Juice asks as I snap out of my gaze but I don’t keep my gaze on him for long as my gaze averts back to the clubhouse where more men in patched vests hovering outside the entrance of the clubhouse. “Hey, baby” a hand comes to pull my chin towards him giving me a confused look as I stay rooted on the bike

“What if they don’t like me” The frown in his brow deepening as his look of confusion spreads as I rise to my feet removing the helmet from my head standing in front of Juan "I mean what if they don’t and you have to choose? You couldn’t pick me over your family and I don’t think that I could handle that and-“ Two rough hands pull my hips towards Juices and my lips are captured by his mesmerising pair, my hands move on their own up to the back of his head as he presses his body against mine making me have to lean against the bike for support. Pulling back for breath Juice rests his forehead against mine his big brown eyes staring into mine a look of determination in is eyes

“They are going to love you and you are going to love them, please baby for me, give them a chance and if you don’t like it then we can leave I promise” Juice removes his head from mine taking my hand in his and before I can answer their is shouting behind us

“Come on Juicy Boy get yer lassie in here the now the party’s just starting brother!” A Scottish accent comes from somewhere behind us among the group of me and I cant help the nervous but exited smile that comes to my face.

“Come on, I need to meet these crazy people” I laugh lightly puling Juice with my and over to the group, he soon matches my pace. As we drew closer to the boys I watched as their eyes innocently took in my body. I had decided on wearing black high wasted jeans, a lace crop top and my worn in black docmartins. There where no other women outside anymore, all of them having retreated inside for some reason, but the guys made up for the girls absence.

“And how in the bloody name of hell did you manage to get a lassie like this Juicy?” The same Scottish voice from earlier asked and now I could put a face to the voice. He was an older man but by no means the least attractive, he had sault and pepper hair with a goatee, he was hot. Most of them where.

“Yeah and why haven’t you brought her here before I mean you’ve been depriving us of this beautiful creature brother” This guy had dark curly hair and striking blue eyes that made me instantly find him attractive. The smiles at me brother holding out a hand for me to take, I hesitate but decide to take it “Lets get you a drink doll, let you meet everyone” The man threw his arm around me as the rest of their guys pilled in behind us all heading inside with smiles on their faces. I couldn’t see Juice anymore but I felt comfortable and safe with these guys and I trusted Juice when he said I was safe, so I followed the man inside the first thing that he got me was a shot.

this is going to be a long night

“Tig babe, where’s my man?” I question in a slurring voice after me, Alex, Fillip and Happy had downed our 100th shot of the night.

“Dunno doll…"He stood from his seat before pointing him out. He was at the sofas with Jax, Opie and Clay I smile slightly as I watch him laugh

“Lets go say high shall we boy?” They all laugh I quickly get up from my seat and walk over to Juice who didn’t see me come until I was sat down on the sofa next to him. Juan turned to me his smile widening when he saw the look on my face, he knew I was drunk.

“What’d you guys do to her?” He laughs as Chib’s takes a seat next to me

“More like what did she do to us, we wanted to stop about 20 shots ago but this lassie for yours just kept pouring them” The guys all laugh at this before entering into their own conversations as I turn my body to face Juan and he does the same a goofy smile on his face.

“What’re you laughing at?” I giggle throwing my legs over his lap and scooting closer to him my hands resting on his chest.

“I knew you’d like them” He smiles his eyes full of love and, the happiness of me getting along with the his brothers showing clearly on his face.

“What can I say, they are really nice. I like them” Juan leaned over and gave me a slow and gentle kiss before puling away the smile still dominating his face.

“I knew you would”

Hello, hello, hello and sorry it has taken so long for this but I’ve had a lot of school work to do in the last few weeks so I have been very busy. But anyway I hope you all enjoy let me know if you do and don’t forget to send me any ideas you have for Imagines or One Shots :) also sorry this isent very long or if it isn’t edited very well:/

Castiel pulled up to the Winchester home and removed his helmet. He left it on the seat of his motorcycle as he strode up the front walkway, and then the porch.

Just as he raised a hand to knock on the door, it opened from the inside to reveal Dean’s mom, Mary.

“I thought I heard what sounded like a motorcycle out front.” She grinned and gazed past him. “Is she yours? She’s a beauty.”

Castiel smiled. Dean’s mom was the best. “Yeah. I got her last week and I’ve been trying to convince Dean to take a ride with me.”

Mary shook her head. “Oh, that boy.” She backed up and gestured for Castiel to come in. As he did so, Mary yelled for Dean right in Castiel’s ear, which made him wince.

Dean’s dad, John, was in the kitchen when Mary ushered him farther inside. 

Castiel braced himself. John loved his family, and Castiel respected that. But he had an issue, not with Dean’s sexuality, but who he’d chosen as a boyfriend.

Namely, Castiel.

Who stood now in his usual punk attire, with spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, and a tongue ring, which he sucked on as nervous habit.

John took one look at him and sighed. “What’s going on now?”

“Cas is taking Dean on a ride on his new motorcycle,” Mary said.

“His what?”

“His motorcycle,” Mary repeated calmly. She threw Castiel a wink, but he really wished she hadn’t said anything.

“Do you know how dangerous those things are?” John asked, but it was a rhetorical question. “Do you even have your license? And you’re not wearing proper gear. Helmets! God, do you even have helmets? I will not have my son riding on the back of those death machines without a helmet!”

Castiel cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pockets. He responded to the floor, “I’ve got my license and we’ll both be wearing helmets, sir.”

“Damn right you will be! Now let me see that license–”

“John, for crying out loud, let them live a little!” Mary said. 

Footsteps pattered down the stairs and Dean swung into the kitchen. Castiel brightened at the sight of him. Dean wore jeans, a button-down shirt, and his thick, square glasses, which Castiel loved.

He smiled. His boyfriend was just so cute. Dean made everything better.

“Hey,” Dean said with a grin. He glanced between his parents. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. You just go and enjoy yourselves, alright?” Mary said as she steered them out of the kitchen. In front of the door, she gave Dean a little pat. “Be safe, and have fun, okay?”

Dean frowned after her as she returned to her husband. He glanced back at Castiel. “So what’s the surprise?”

Castiel grabbed his arm and tugged. “It’s outside.”

They hurried out, and as the door closed behind them, Dean paused on the porch. 

“Hold up. That’s not…yours is it?” His voice squeaked on the end, and Castiel leaned in to peck him on the lips. 

“It is. And you’re coming for a ride.”

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High school au with punk!Bucky crushing really hard on the jock/class president!T'Challa?

Trigger warnings for the sugary sweet high school cliches in this that will most likely cause cavities. What else could I do? i listened to the High School Musical soundtrack while I wrote this. 

The year was coming to a close, thankfully. Blessedly. Graduation was right around the corner, and Bucky Barnes only had a couple more weeks of this hell hole.

Admittedly, it wasn’t that bad. He had Steve and the Commandos, their little group of art nerds that ate lunch together and ended up forming a new rock band every summer. Bucky couldn’t paint or draw for shit, but he wrote the songs and sung them, so he was a full-fledged member of the group.

He was going to miss those guys, like hell, but Bucky was pretty lucky to be able to follow Steve to the city for school. That had basically been his entire motivation for doing well these past couple of years - keeping up with Steve.

Now they were going to be roomies at some fancy art school that Bucky had somehow sung his way into. Steve was the real talent of the two of them, some of his black and white studies of Bucky had ended up in his portfolio, to Bucky’s embarrassment.

Bucky was excited to be moving on. But, there was one regret that he had.

There’s this guy - star quarterback, class president, prom king. The most gorgeous, perfect guy in their school.

And Bucky had been crushing on him since he realized what his dick was for in the sixth grade.

T’Challa was…amazing. And so far out of his league it was like T’Challa was in a different stratosphere.

It would be so easy if he was an ass. A perfect, gorgeous guy. But if he was an asshole Bucky could just jerk off to the thought of him and that would be that.

But instead, he was nice. Kind, funny. He was perfect.

They were partners sometimes in stats. T’Challa always knew the answer, but would whisper it to the kids around him if they needed help. He always laughed at Bucky’s stupid jokes, and looked at him like he mattered.

And it sucked.

Because Bucky’d fucked around a bit in high school. But he’d never felt like this, not really. He’d never had a chance with T’Challa. So he never tried. But now? Now high school was almost over, and a part of Bucky was wishing that he’d made a move.

Statistics was Bucky’s last hour of the day, which was equally perfect and terrible. Perfect because he got to see T’Challa’s face before he went home, and terrible because he had to wait all day to see him.

When they weren’t paired together, Bucky usually slunk into a seat in the back of the room. But when he walked through the door today, T’Challa was at the front of the room, waving him over with that smile that Bucky hoped was just for him.

Heart pounding in his chest, Bucky subtly adjusts his tee and button down, wondering if his jeans are too tight. He curses himself for wearing another stupid band shirt; he’s a mess next to T’Challa in his button up and khakis.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Bucky goes for casual, aware of his awkward smile.

T’Challa picks up a clipboard off of their teachers desk with a sign up seat attached to it. “Final stats project of the year,” he explains. “You in?”

Bucky scans the sheet quickly. Looks simple enough, it’s a partner project. Meaning, it would just be the two of them. He looks up at T’Challa. “You wanna work with me? Why?”

He frowns. “Why not?”

Bucky doesn’t have anything to say to that, so he shrugs and sits beside T’Challa to work out the logistics of their project.

“This is going to be great,” T’Challa’s grinning again.

It was going to be hell.

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Apartment Scene-- Headcanon

I wrote this because I love the apartment scene on Day 10 of Zen’s route. 

Like, so much.

SPOILERS FOR DAY 10 OF ZEN’S ROUTE, ish. The rest of this is non-canonical.

The party was only a few days away, but everyone in the RFA had been working so hard to send her new contacts that she felt justified in taking a break for the evening. Plus, having replied to everyone’s opening inquiries so far, there wasn’t much she could do besides wait for them to get back to her.

The night sky had faded to a dull purple outside the windows of the apartment; freaky security systems aside, Rika had had excellent taste. The view from the fourteenth floor was unbeatable.

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anonymous asked:

I've just written something that was out of my typical style and I thought was good but then no one liked. It's making me feel awful cause I think my self esteem has taken a hit and now I'm too scared to write and show others. I feel bad cause I know I should only write for myself but sometimes the opinion of others really matters as much as I try to not let it get to me. Sorry if this is too much but do you have any advice? I just really like your blog, and the stuff you post is really good!

Thanks so much!

Sheesh, it’s like you’re reading my mail… I know just what you’re talking about. Here are a few things to remember after poor feedback to keep from giving up:

  • Did they like something else you did?

If you’ve written something out of your normal style and people didn’t like it, I imagine stories within your style were well-received in the past. This proves one valid point: You are a good writer. What you write is quality and people enjoy it. THIS is what really reflects on you; not the fact that you can’t write crap, but that you aren’t a crap writer. They wouldn’t have liked the other stuff if you were!

  • Opinions are like taxes

Everyone’s got ‘em! There are people who have sworn their life to Star Trek and others who call it dreary. Some get all hot and bothered from 50 Shades of Grey, while others call it utter garbage. Just because your crowd of people didn’t like what you put out doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people who would come undone out of sheer admiration. You’re just presenting your stuff to the wrong audience! That doesn’t mean the new style is bad, it just means you have to either seek out different readers or accept that you’ll only get praise by catering to this one sect.

  • Lessons are never wasted

It’s impossible to try something new and not learn anything from it. What has this experiment taught you? The breadth of your current audience’s tastes? How to write shorter or longer? How phasing sentences in certain ways is better than others? When I wrote a 5,000 word short story about a person riding a bike and then going to dinner, it was shit – but what it taught me was there needs to be conflict and a reason for the readers to stick around. That lesson has cemented in my head so hard that often I get complains about my stories being too busy! So realize what you’ve learned from this experiment and let it improve your future stuff.

  • You don’t have to share future stuff

Sometimes a little spite is good for the soul. If you were hurt by sharing your stuff, then remember one thing: You don’t have to do it again. If your beta readers weren’t exactly kind, then you can always keep your future stuff to yourself. What does this train of thought give you? The confidence to keep going. When you’re writing something and think “Oh god, they’re going to hate this,” go ahead and write it anyways, because they never have to see it. By the time you finish, you might be really happy with it and show it anyways. They could love it and admire your courage!

  • Show it to a new crowd

Like I said earlier, there’s an audience for everything. Next time you write something, try posting it online to a different crowd and get their opinion. Your friends hate smut? Find an erotic writing club – clearly they won’t hate it! If they don’t like it, then, eh – you’ll never have to look them in the eye or speak with them again! If they do like it, then it’s a confidence boost.

So, followers… How do you get your self-esteem going again after poor feedback?

posting this on tumblr because i don’t think it’s really finished, but whatever, i couldn’t write anymore.

sterek hs au, enjoy.

“Not fucking again,” Stiles groaned, pulling his Jeep into park and checking his watch. A few minutes into the first period, and there were kids picking on that freshman again. Derek Hale or something.

He sighed. He should probably do something about it this time. The kid was pretty cute, it would be a shame to let that face go to waste. Hopping out of his car, Stiles slung his backpack carelessly over one shoulder and strode over to where they had cornered Derek against the wall.

“Problem, boys?” he asked nonchalantly, tilting his head and staring them down when they turned to look at him, their indignant faces paling in horror when they saw who it was.

“N—no,” one of them stammered, backing away. “We were just making sure uh, Derek would get to class on time. We helped him up after he fell,” he coughed, gesturing to Derek.

Stiles bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud. Freshmen were honestly the worst. “Well, you aren’t doing a very good job, seeing as you’re all about ten minutes late,” he said, his eyebrows raised. “Get to class,” he snapped when no one else spoke. “And don’t let me see you bugging him again.”

They scampered off, and Stiles turned his gaze onto Derek who was looking a little worse for the war, his lip split and his jaw beginning to swell. He whistled. The kid was going to get a hell of a shiner tomorrow. “You alright?”

Derek stared at him for a long moment, before wiping his still-bleeding mouth on his sleeve with a wince.


Stiles was itching to snark back and tell Derek that he was clearly not fine, but he tamped the urge down in favor of pulling a packet of smokes out. “Want one?”

Derek shook his head and Stiles eyed him in amusement.

“You’re not much of a talker, are you?”

“I don’t smoke,” Derek said quietly, ignoring Stiles’ comment. He paused, before adding, “I’m late for class.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Stiles waved his hand dismissively, taking a long drag before blowing it out with a relieved sigh. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why were they—” he nodded in the direction where the others had gone.

“Why were they beating me up, you mean,” Derek said bluntly before he snapped his mouth shut, his eyes widening, and Stiles’ own mouth quirked into a small smile. “I’m weird,” he shrugged and this time, Stiles didn’t bother holding back his laugh.

“Everyone was weird at your age. Hell, I’m weird now,” he said absently, stubbing his cigarette out and rummaging around in his backpack. “You got a pen?”

He turned around with a triumphant grin on his face, two slightly crumpled sheets of paper in his hand, only to find Derek staring at him incredulously. “What?”

“You think you’re weird?”

“No,” Stiles said slowly, his eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. “I know I’m weird.”

“But you’re Stiles Stilinski!” Derek exclaimed, like that was supposed to make any sense. Stiles stared at him in silence and Derek made an incomprehensible gesture. “You’re the coolest senior in the whole school!” he said, flushing hard at the was Stiles started laughing so hard he teared up, shaking his head.

“Oh man, that is priceless,” he guffawed, shaking his head again. “Coolest isn’t a word I would use. You got that pen?”

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anonymous asked:

"remus rides a bike to school. james takes to driving beside him at the same pace, sirius throwing bits of dry cereal from the passenger window at remus." I kinda need a drabble of this in my life now. That's the best image I've ever had!

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megatr0nprime  asked:

Not sure if this is too late or not (if it is, please ignore and I'm so sorry!) - but if it isn't, could I have some Bellarke, "I'm driving somewhere and you cut me off and it's the last straw because I've had such a shitty day so I'm actually going to get out of my car at the next light to ream you a new one but oh fuck you're gorgeous and super apologetic, now what do I do?"

In general, Bellamy thinks of himself as a fairly controlled person. He can and does lose his temper, on occasion, but the occasions are rare and usually justified. Back in high school and college, he got in some impressive screaming matches, but adulthood has tempered him, and now he tends to wield passion as a tool, instead of letting it control him.

But, fuck, he’s having such a shitty day.

It was a shitty week already. Work has been stressful, he and Octavia are fighting again, and all he wants to do is go home, get a beer, order a pizza, and watch Netflix until he passes out. The ideal Friday, really.

Unfortunately, he has to get through his commute first, and his commute is a minefield of rage. Just getting out of the office parking lot is bad enough, because everyone else is convinced that if they follow posted signage, it will take longer than honking and yelling.

He can’t wait for it to be warm again, when he can ride his bike. Cars are the fucking worst.

Once he’s out of the parking lot, he’s still got traffic lights, construction, and assholes who don’t know how to use their turn signals, all of which build to his least favorite thing: the train tracks. His goal, every Friday, is to get past the tracks before the 6:13 cargo train comes, because if he doesn’t, he will be stuck there for almost ten minutes, waiting for the stupid fucking thing to pass.

Most Fridays, he makes it, but it’s the last stupid, stressful part of his work week, and even when he’s not in a foul mood, he hates it.

So, of course, he gets cut off by some asshole in a rental car just before the tracks, and his only consolation is that they’re going too slowly to beat it either, so both of them get stuck at the tracks, not just him.

As consolations go, it’s pretty shitty.

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