i've got a band in my eye

Ask me questions!
  • 1: How tall am I?
  • 2: What's my favorite color?
  • 3: What's my favorite quote?
  • 4: Do I use sarcasm?
  • 5: First thing I notice about a person?
  • 6: Eye color?
  • 7: Hair color
  • 8: Favorite band?
  • 9: Tattoos/piercings I want?
  • 10: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 11: Worst injury I've had?
  • 12: How can you win my heart?
  • 13: What sports have I done/currently do?
  • 14: Have I had my heart broken?
  • 15: How many broken bones have I had?
  • 16: What colors have I dyed my hair?
  • 17: One of my scars and how I got it
  • 18: Last time I cried?
  • 19: Do I sing in the shower?
  • 20: What's my zodiac sign?
  • 21: What's my lucky number?
  • 22: Dream career?
  • 23: On a scale of 1-10 how likely am I to swear at other drivers?
  • 24: Favorite book genre?
  • 25: Any question!

i’m just gonna copy and paste my tags from this post that was the catalyst to all this mess:

punk!sciles where scott and his band and stiles and his band are performing at the same music festival on the same weekend and they meet each other there for the first time when stiles goes to scott’s show and he’s so turned on that he goes backstage and after scott wraps the set up he goes backstage too and he’s so turned on by this shirtless boy with drumsticks behind his ears and messy galaxy hair and tattoo sleeves that they just fuck in scott’s dressing room and spend the night there#and when scott wakes up stiles is gone and he thinks it’s because he’s doing his set so he doesn’t even change his clothes he just goes outside and checks all the stages for the hot drummer boy he fell in love with #but actually stiles’ band just took him out to watch other bands play and his protests were useless against them and so he spends the day watching other bands play but none of them is as good as the band with the hot sweaty leading singer with the snapback and the tank top #and they both spend the day thinking of each other watching bands do their sets and never seeing each other #until the next morning scott wakes up and gets to the front row to a band that he’d never heard of but they probably have the biggest crowd there so he was curious to see what the fuss was all about #and then when the band comes to the stage and drummer boy takes his place their eyes meet and stiles swears it’s the worst set he’d ever played bc he was distracted by the snapback hottie the whole time

also stiles has his mom’s name tattooed in an arrow heart and that’s the first tattoo that he’s got and scott has a lip piercing and an auricle piercing

If there was a 'learn how to be a sexy idol' class
  • Teacher: alright everyone today we will learn about rolls.
  • Jin: like egg rolls? I fucking love egg rolls. I'll go make them right now- *sees self in mirror and stops to stare*
  • Yugyeom: no he means cinnamon rolls hyung. *does aeygo*
  • Kyungsoo: stop that you filthy peasant. no I think we're learning to roll out of cars action movie style. I need this if they force me into a car with those fuckers Baekyun and Chanyeol.
  • Kai: hold up. Rolls. Bread rolls. Food. Lunch. Chicken. R WE EATING FRIED CHICKEN
  • Key: *judges everyone with one eye* I've got my eye on you. I don't want to find you dumbfucks.
  • Xiumin: are you talking about fat rolls? Cuz guys I'm losing weight as fast as I can I swear I've been doing the MAMA dance 24/7 just watch I'll be hotter than all of you someday-
  • Baekyun: may I have a turn? I think it's about rock and ROLL. Did you guys know that I was in a rock band before I got into the business-
  • Daesung: Um excuse me? *raises hand but talks anyways* Hi everyone my name is fish lord daesung. I'm a singer. AND IF THIS IS ABOUT ROLLERCOASTERS IM OUT *flops around floor like a fish and leaves*
  • Chen: lol guys watch this *shows them Rick roll video* haha gottem
  • Jimin: *sighs*
  • Teacher: wtf why are you so close to me?
  • Jimin: *whispers* teach me sensai
  • Minho: teacher calm down it's going to be okay just listen to this sick beat imma throw down *power poses* DIBIDIDIS MY NAME IS MINHO
  • Teacher: I'll just excuses myself *kicks door open and body rolls out*
  • Class: ohhhh he meant the vertical worm. Gotcha. *starts singing forest of Dream by kinetic flow* HANAHANNANI OH WANANANIIII