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I am your emperor. under my rule, we begin a new era in galactic history.

i accidentally took over the galaxy send help

Mr. Wiener: how is aging up any different than lgbt headcanons-


How do people meet people

Looking up children/family photography on Pinterest: Okay, with enough practice, this is something I can do. Not to this level, but I won’t get laughed at for trying. 

Looking up cosplay photography on Pinterest: I am going to sell my camera and never speak of this idea again. 

Luna teaching Raven how to swim. Luna and Raven slowly coaxing Octavia into getting in the water again bc she definitely hasn’t since her experience in the pilot. All three of them being awesome badass postapocalyptic peace warrior mechanic girlfriends. 

If anyone is wondering how squirrel camp is, we not only have no showers but no running water period (we have barrels of water from town. Very low-tech), no internet besides a little bit of mobile data connection in the pantry cupboard area, and the main outhouses are supposed to be used sparingly because they’re frozen. I’ve gotten to handle several squirrels (two escaped. One decided to sample human flesh before he took off) and I got to see a lynx up close and it hissed at me and it was awesome. It’s also very, very cold but I’m having fun. I have yet to see a moose but I have seen lots of moose tracks. One left huge honking holes in the middle of my snowshoe trail. (rude)

also I’ve been getting a decent amount of writing done and by the end of today I should have three things completed to post after I finish squirrel camp. :)

[Lie] I’m fine

here’s a post for all the pan girls

the ones who are almost never included in lgbt posts and are looked over and forgotten when people ask “what about bi/trans/ace girls”

here’s to the pan girls who, when explaining their sexuality get “ummm, isn’t that just bi?” or get those funny assholes who ask “haha does that mean you’re attracted to pans?”

here’s to the pan girls who, after trying to explain again and again what the difference between bi and pan are, eventually just give up and say “yeah. I’m basically bisexual” bc no one ever just gets it and you know it’s a waste of time trying to get them to understand

here’s to the pan girls who only feel validated within themselves and other pansexuals

here’s to the pan girls who have a preferred gender and get called out on it by other people who say things like “I thought you were bi though??” or suddenly their sexuality becomes a game of “I’m going to find a [gender not in your preference] that you’ll find attractive”

here’s to y’all

Cyberbullying PSA

Anyone aware of how to make a follower’s list private?

An anon has been stalking all of my followers and messaging them bs about me because they’re too cowardly to come out and use their real accounts. I know who they are too, and it’s disgusting and cowardly that they would start this attack right after what happened to me.

If you have any advice on this please let me know. And if you are my follower, if you interact with my posts, they track it too, and look at my notes, so just be warned. You might want to turn anon off, but if you don’t want to, just be warned that there are idiots afoot. 

I haven’t even posted any new cosplay or anything for a long time because of the abuse I’ve been facing in person. I don’t need it online again. 

As tired as I am, I will never quit. You hear me, anon? SEND ALL THE HATE YOU WANT, BUT YOU WON’T GET RID OF ME. And when you’re ready to admit your jealousy like an adult, message me with your real fucking name instead of hiding behind anon and dragging my followers into this.

I don’t deserve it. But they especially do not. You are a coward. And I am stronger than you. Keep talking shit, anon, if it makes you feel better about your sad life. But I will not get rid of my blog so that you can “rule” the fandom.