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So, I've been having trouble with designing aliens, and I'm trying to do a more 'buggy' alien, but it always looks too fragile to me??? I don't know. I think I need use a more alien body type, but I don't know where to start. I keep bouncing between what I want it to look like. So could you help me a bit, if you're willing?? (I've sent this ask like 3 times before lmao, lets see if it goes through this time)

(This is the first time your ask has gone through)

“Bug aliens” are hard to design since insects (and arachnids)  are not well suited to being larger then a mouse. Their skinny legs would have trouble supporting a larger animal, And they would need a different method of respiration since most insects breath passively through diffusion through their spiracles (larger animals would need to breath more actively to get enough oxygen.

To make a convincing “bug alien” I’d say to try and thickening their legs and making them overall look a little bulkier then your average irl Arthopod. Coconut crabs provide a good example of what a large land living “bug” could look like

Other suggestion I have is, seeing that they are aliens and not confined to earth taxonomy, is to give your species a minute of of arthopodal and vertebrate traits . This one might be harder to work out, but maybe you can give a species insect mouthparts and approximate bodyplan, but have vertebrate like labs and skin. Or maybe something loosely vertebrate-like with armoured skin and compound eyes what make it “look” a bit bug-like.

HELLO IM SO SORRY. I’m back and i’m so sorry I’ve been away but I started working and blah blah blah, but! I found that I have 500 followers and I can;t tell you guys how much that means because it’s been less than a year since my first post and just wow. Anyway here’s roadtrip!chanbaek and I hope you guys like it! THANK YOU AGAIN I LOVE YOU

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I've always wondered: with Dipper's reincarnations, does Bill ever just miss the first one? Because every time he meets a new reincarnation, its starting over. All those memories are gone, aren't they? It might be Dipper, but it's not... /Dipper/, everything they go through never happened in the reincarnation's mind. Or do the reincarnations gain back their old lives' memories over time? Either way, it's got to get tolling on Bill, having to reintroduce himself so many times.

Well, since my progress on Reincarnation AU seems to be less than stellar, I feel okay telling everyone how things go! 

Each incarnation - if they live long enough - regains all the memories. Eventually. It’s a pretty slow process, though Mason’s already showing signs of it. Getting everything will take a while. Kinda wanted to write that out, but I’ve got a lot else on my plate.

It’s moderately annoying to Bill, waiting for his human to recall everything. 

But reintroducing himself?

Bill is nothing if not a guy who absolutely loves a dramatic entrance. 

Reincarnations are a fantastic way to try out new and increasingly dramatic introductions. Let it never be said that Bill let an excuse to show off go untaken.

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I'm watching Pacific Rim for the first time in months (incidentally, the longest I've gone without watching since 2013) and I'm in desperate need of fic recs

Oh man, I have so many. Okay, here are some amazing authors to start with (sidenote, basically all of this is Newmann fic):

- irisbleufic (my favorite fanfic author, period. Anthology and Our Breath Will Still/A Short Distance Ahead are my favorites).

- cypress-tree (SO GOOD. read their most recent fic and prepare to have FEELINGS about Newt’s dad).

- BlairRabbit (Occam’s Razor is a fandom classic that I’m told will break you; blair is a genius).

- decadentmousse (four words: vampire coffee shop AU. mousse is delightful).

- bluestar (the From Out Of The Ocean Risen series is another fandom classic).

- AxolotlQueen (lots of cute newmann AUs, a+).

- QuokkaFoxtrot (read Divergent Paths and have your heart ripped out in the best way possible).

- I also have written a lot of pacrim fic and they’re not too bad if I say so myself

Some miscellaneous fics I also recommend are Bottle Rocket Principle (trans tendo), Seven Letters (trans Hermann), Nautilus (sci fi con AU), and ich hasse dich (newmann think they’re being sneaky by saying their endearments in German; they’re not).

Some other lists you may find helpful are the list of the 2014 mini bang fics, another mini bang, and @shazzaofdoom‘s fic recs tag.

That was probably way more than what you were looking for haha. Still, hope you enjoy :D

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Hi, I've started reading a bunch of Jason Todd stories (mostly by Winick and Starlin), and now I'm curious, since Brothers in Blood is so bad, do you have any thoughts on how Jason and Dick's first encounter after his resurrection should have gone?

God, I love Winick’s Jason so much. Starlin is controversial, but I liked the way he portrayed Jason and explored his issues; most of my favorite Robin!Jason moments are written by him.

As for how I think the reunion between Jason and Dick should have gone down…

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welp, it's been 2 years since i first started my weight loss journey. I'm 185 lbs lighter & I've lost a total of 48 inches in my chest, waist, & hips. my pituitary tumor is gone, which is good news, but since it went undiagnosed for almost 2 decades, it looks like there's some permanent damage to my shit. :( I'm a be aiight though. not where i wanna be just yet, but I'll get there eventually.

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So after the Epi I've been thinking about Clarke. And for the first time since the show started, I feel Clarke is being 100% selfish. Ack! I'm still working through it. Is that horrible of me Rosy? So at the end we see Clarke reunited of sorts with Jasper and my honest to goodness favorite part of the scene was when he said, "Shut up! I don't care, okay?" Like she comes back to Arkadia and her first thought is all about her "mission" and her "obligations" as the new Flamekeeper 1/2

Seriously? Youve been gone for an age. I dont expect kumbaya, but how bout the obvious. When Jasper almost runs you over bc he crashed through the gate you say something along the lines of, “hey bro I see people are SHOOTING AT YOU. WTF?” That’s an appropriate reaction. But her only concern is with *you know who* and her *mission*. I’m glad Jasper said what he did bc everyone and everything at Arkadia is crumbling. They have their own probs And she has no idea because she has been 10000% absent

I know Clarke’s grieving, but it really upset me when she immediately acted like Lincoln’s death inconvenienced her more so than anything else.i just have a feeling she will be obsessive over that chip for a long ass time & im just like eh about it?

 I wasn’t sure if these three asks were from one poster or from two, because they basically have the same point, so if you’re two nonnies, you’re getting buddied up.

I don’t think what was happening with Clarke with her being “selfish.” I don’t think it was about her feelings at all. It was about her being too caught up in her head, too wrapped up in her mission which is “The Right Thing To Do.”

Oh. Well that’s interesting. I was just writing about Bellamy and his choice between doing it for his people and doing things because they are the right thing to do. It goes back to that “Head vs Heart” thing. She’s wrapped up in her distant understanding of the objective necessity. He’s wrapped up in his very personal emotional reaction to needing to protect his people (although who he’s protecting them from is changing.)

I do think Clarke has the “white savior” thing going on. And it’s not actually about her skin color, but about this idea that she is the princess from the tower with all the power and the superior understanding of what must be done and she can act on the people without concern for them because she’s doing it “for the greater good.” Her time with Lexa reinforced her tendency to make unilateral decisions for her people and treat them like subjects. 

I have to go back to my initial interpretation. That the show itself is about how Clarke and Bellamy learn to become the leaders that the world needs in order to rise out of the apocalypse. They have learned from and fought against so many different leaders with different leadership styles and philosophical beliefs… but what all the worst of them had in common was this belief that they could sacrifice people “for the greater good.” Also that they could destroy others because they were doing it “for their people.”

That goes back to Kane asking Bellamy– Are you doing it for your sister (your people) or are you doing it because it is right?

Clarke and Bellamy need to find the balance between caring for their people as people (the heart) and making choice for their people because they are “right.” They are both learning these lessons for themselves, but from the opposite direction. I think that in the end, we’re going to find that Clarke and Bellamy balance each other out as leaders, the dark and the light, the head and the heart, the king and the queen. The monster and the hero. I’ve actually had my own personal tag of “monster” and “hero,” because I see this show as trying to reconcile those two forces within the characters, especially within Clarke and Bellamy. 

Okay. So these asks were about Clarke being selfish. I guess what I see going on here is Clarke learning the lessons she is going to need about getting out of her head and not looking at her people as chess pieces on the board, but actual real people. Seeing Raven in danger might be a big step towards doing that. But also, having Bellamy remind her is going to help as she battles her own monster to become the hero we need. 

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Steve stormed into Bruce's office, looking both angry and hurt. "I've dealt with a lot of shitty things since I woke up, but finding out you only started going out with me because Tony dared you to in order to do some experiment has got to be the worst thing ever. I hope you're happy. I hope you got whatever it was you two wanted to find out because I'm leaving and none of you are going to find out where I've gone." He turned and left, tears falling down his face as he did so.

Bruce stood up, tried calling after Steve but the words died on his lips. Sure, it had been a bet, but within the first week, Bruce had paid up and told Tony he was giving in, because he liked Steve too stay with him because of a bet. 

He’d hoped that he could just put it behind him, he was wrong. 

Bruce tried to run after Steve, but by the time he’d snapped out of his stunned daze, Steve was already gone.

He tried Steve’s phone, and when he didn’t pick up, he raced to their house. 

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Oh my God. The art you drew by hand is so amazing. I feel like a proud mother. You've gone so far and advanced so much in your talents since I first started following you. I've been here for over a year and you've gotten so much better! I thought you were amazing when I first got here, and now I see that you were better than I even thought possible. Congratulations. 😘