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Unexpected Endings to Drunk Evenings

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It’s true that when he’d initially been introduced to her, earlier that evening, he had been curious. He would probably go far enough to say that he was even attracted to the auburn haired girl with eyes too bright for a party held under such dim lighting. The attraction, as far as everyone but Levi was concerned, was very much returned.

Erd and Gunther could tell by the way she leaned just a little too close when he whispered something in her ear above the music. Hanji and Erwin were definitely not oblivious to Levi’s subtle shifts and tilts of the head as he was speaking to her— how he would lean just close enough for the skin of his nose, sometimes his lips, to touch the hair that escaped from the back of her ear as cascaded down her shoulders.

It was obvious, as the night went on that Petra was not one to hold her liquor down very well. Levi could sense that she was a little bit more than just tipsy as her movements became slower and more languid as the night progressed. Of course, it wasn’t helping that her two friends— practically her brothers— were giving her alcoholic beverage after alcoholic beverage as if it were water.

By the time he’d finally realized it was time to step in, it was too late. Petra’s eyes were already glazed and lidded. She stared at him dreamily, her lips upturned in a soft smile and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol. Levi was definitely not drunk enough for the feelings she was conjuring within him.

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