i've gone back to the start

↠ one year.

wow, so it was officially one year ago today that I posted my first story on here. honestly it feels like time has gone by so fast, and I never could have imagined back then how much this blog would mean to me now. I had never really written any type of creative fiction before last year, so I was honestly really apprehensive when I started this whole thing, but I’m so glad I did because I’ve met some of the most amazing people as a result of it. I’ve also learned just how nice people can be over the past year, and I wanted to take a moment to thank anyone who has ever taken time out of their day to send me a message, no matter how short or simple. all of those messages have really meant a lot to me throughout this entire journey of figuring myself out in terms of writing. there were times when I was unsure of everything I wrote, and I still have those moments now, but it’s because of you guys who send me the sweetest and most encouraging messages, that I’m able to push past those insecurities, and so for that I’m sincerely grateful to all of you. last month I hit a milestone that I never thought possible, so I’d again like to thank all of you for that. even if you’re a silent reader who has never sent me a message, I’m still thankful that you liked something about this blog enough to follow it. I could say thank you a million more times to be honest, but I’d just be getting repetitive at this point lol. but I honestly just wanted to make this short little post to tell you guys that getting to share my writing on this platform means so much to me, as do all of you!

also I know it’s probably impossible to see, but these are all of my wips at the moment. I wish I could have been ready to give you guys like a one fic a day type of deal for my one year, but life was happening, so it unfortunately didn’t go that way. but all of these will hopefully be out very soon, some of them I’m extremely excited about, and I hope you all will enjoy them once they’re finally out. again, thanks guys. 💙💙💙

this isn’t going to be all fancy because i’m mobile-bound but, we’ve hit 8,000 followers exactly!! thank you all so much! 💖💕❤️💞
(~ mod feli)

I haven’t posted much art this year, thats actually because I’m getting ready to go to art school next year and all my effort has gone into renderings and paintings of not-anime (I also got job that takes up a lot of my time). Thats hella boring! Once I get more free time I swear I’m going back to being a fucking weeb. Gonna start the new year finishing this drawing of the mascot girl from some weeby mobile game I fell in love with. 

The good thing about short term memory loss is that when I wake up I can’t remember why I was upset
it’s almost completely gone unless I think about it
so I don’t think about it and it doesn’t hurt and I’m okay
except for when I start to write
see now it’s all coming back
my brain is involuntarily trying to turn my pain into metaphors
not realizing that right now there’s no pain to speak of
see this poem was supposed to be about good things
like the way the snow looks when its first falling
or the cute boy who might be flirting with me in my pre cal class
or the first Christmas song of the season
see today was supposed to be a good day
i wasn’t supposed to take a two hour nap because I couldn’t cope with being alive anymore
i wasn’t supposed to throw up during lunch because I thought of him
see this is where this poem has to end
because the more I write the more I remember and God
i don’t want to remember.
—  The less I think about it the better I feel– Lily Rain

Can I please get a fic where Finn has a crush on Poe and Poe cuts his hair and Finn gets pissed about it and starts complaining about it to everyone because there was nothing he wanted more than to run his fingers through it but now it’s gone and he cant and eventually it gets back to Poe 

Unwise. | Open

Mavrick needed a moment. Classes had started back up again and along with that, he was keeping an eye on his sweet Anna. But sometimes it was nice to just have a moment, away from people, in his most comfortable form.

He was resting on the floor of the forest he had gone into, his ears pressed against his head before he heard the snap of a branch, followed by the soft sound of someone’s breath. 

How very unwise…’ He thought. Sneaking up on a panther? Surely this person had a death wish. What if he had been a wild animal? A real one of course, not one with a conscious and the ability to shift into a person. 

But Mavrick decided to have some fun. He stood slowly, seemingly un-bothered by the other near him, he took a few steps. As if preparing to walk further into the forest before he turned and lunged, a roar escaping him, his fangs bared before he pinned the other to the forest ground, snarling near their face.