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AU where the reader is the only decent person at Beacon Hills High School. 

(Besides Mason, Corey and The Pack)

Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 

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A/N: this idea came to me while I was watching Teen Wolf this week and I decided to write about it! Please keep in mind I’m no fanfiction writer so this probably won’t be that good. DO NOT read if you haven’t seen 6x14. 

The rumours started a few days ago. Ever since that awful car accident, all the kids in school were talking about Liam Dunbar. Many of the students at Beacon Hills High believed that he was, in fact, inhuman. Of course, you didn’t believe any of it. This was high school, everyone exaggerated everything. Some kids swore they saw fangs and glowing eyes but it was so dark out that night how could they be sure?

As you walk into science class this afternoon, you overhear the latest buzz. The Lacrosse guys wanted to prove what they saw that night was real. You wondered how they were going to pull that off.

When Liam and his friends walked into class, everyone went silent. All the excitement, all the chattering, immediately gone. He went to his seat next to his partner but as he sat, she quickly got up and moved to another table. It’s not like he had some kind of contagious disease!  That girl was being foolish. It was just outright bullying and you couldn’t stand it. 

‘Who will let Liam join their group?’ asked our teacher. 

 No one said a word. Only Mason and Corey raised their hands.

 ‘Someone other than you two’ she added, looking at the rest of the class expectantly.

You looked over at you partner but she violently shook her head no. Peering over at Liam you realize how shitty this must feel for him.

‘ You all have one minute for someone to volunteer. Or the whole class fails today’s lab.’ she added. Yet, again, no one made a move. 

This is starting to get ridiculous, you thought, starting to feel sorry for the kid. Not being able to tolerate it anymore, you gathered up you stuff swiftly and made your way over to the ex-Lacrosse Captain. You could see the relief washing over his blue eyes as you sat down and you flashed him a quick grin before turning back to the teacher.

‘Thank you, Y/N’ she said and began explaining the lab.

Besides having my classmates looking at me like I’m some freak with a death wish, the period passed by smoothly. The both of you finished on time and did a pretty good job too. 

You were at your locker at the end of the day collecting all your things when you heard a big commotion coming from one of the classrooms. Shutting your locker door, you followed the noise. A group of students were gathered beneath the doorframe, watching what seemed to be a fight taking place. Curiosity got the best of you and you began to push past people to get to the front. Two large Lacrosse players were holding someone back who seemed to be struggling to get in. It didn’t take you long to realize it was Mason who was in their hold. Which meant that the person behind this wall of raging teenage testosterone would indefinitely be Liam.  

‘You know you can take us’, said Nolan to Liam as he grabbed his face. ‘All you have to do is change.’

So this is how they planned on proving what they saw? By beating him up? Your blood began to boil and you hoped someone would come to end this soon.No one deserved something like this. Especially not Liam.

The two continued to punch and kick the boy, whose face got progressively bloodier. Finally, our science teacher arrived at the scene.

‘Do something’ Mason pleaded, still struggling in those two guy’s hold. Yet, even the only authority figure present did nothing to stop what was going on. It was at that moment you realized something very wrong was going on at BHHS.

At this point, Liam was lying on the floor spitting out blood when he was grabbed by the other guy that was with Nolan. A fist drew back and the boy on the floor began to gasp for air when you decided it was enough. Dropping your things, you pushed past the two jocks who weren’t expecting it and lunged at the two boys.

‘Stop! Stop it!’ you shouted,  grabbing the guy’s fist and dragging him to the floor.Then, before Nolan got to him, you jumped in front of Liam reaching your hands behind you, trying to shield him as much as possible.

‘ WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?’ you yelled just as the coach arrived.

While he kicked everyone out of the classroom, you turned around to look at Liam. His face was covered in blood so bad you didn’t know where blood ended and skin began. Coach Finstock made his way over to us along with Mason and Corey. They hoisted the boy up and as they began to drag him away, Liam turned his head over to you and you could’ve sworn you saw his eyes flash yellow…

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(If you are interested in a part 2 message me and ill tag you when it’s up!)

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Hello!The reason I'm asking u this is because I love your answers, and u don't up down other characters to lift another, and the evidence you put with your answer. (Love your page) I read some post a while ago stating that Dean is a controlling doughbag. But I've always seen it as Dean trying 2 lead his loved one 2 do the right thing (Because you know how that ends up at the end lol) Ex: Sam tells dean don't let him go darkside,but gets mad when Dean tries everything 2 stop him. Thank you ^^

Hey there, and thank you very much. Sam and Dean have a very complicated relationship and I think the only reason someone would call Dean controlling is because they don’t understand (or are ignoring) the dynamics that were set up in childhood. We finally have canon confirmation that Dean had to be a parent to Sam, which helps for this discussion, but the fact is: we’ve always known this. Dean was tasked to take care of his little brother for weeks at a time (4.13):

cooking for him (10.12):

Making sure he had his books on the first day of school (4.13):

Procuring Christmas for Sam (3.08):

This is not a normal sibling job description. And it makes for a tricky dynamic because he had to act as a parent in so many aspects of their day to day lives. When Sam gets upset that Dean is telling him what to do, we’re hearing the complaints of a child trying to gain independence from a parent, and that’s made even trickier by the fact that neither one of them are kids anymore and Sam’s used to doing things his own way after breaking away from the family business and going to college.  And then he comes back and it’s right back to the old patterns, except that obviously Sam is used to making his own way. 

And the whole thing is muddied up because Dean is NOT Sam’s parent and he never should have had to be. They’re also brothers with normal grievances and times when they are shits to each other like any pair of brothers are (1.17 and 2.15):

Not to mention the fact that they take on very specific roles when they are hunting too, with Dean as the leader (3.03):

and really, no matter what’s going on with them (their huge fight during 9.16), that never changes because it’s a pattern set up from childhood

So basically you’ve got a sibling dynamic merged with a pseudo parent/child dynamic (throw in Dean as the de facto leader) and of course it’s gonna be all kinds of fucked up. 

Just take a look at these gifs (from 3.05), when Sam and Dean are arguing about whether or not to use the Colt to kill the demon who made the deal with Dean to bring Sam back? This is how the conversation ends: 

This is not a normal conversation between two brothers right now. This is the result of Dean having to be a pseudo parent to Sam for all those years. 

Right before this, Sam even comes out with this: 

Which reminds me of this (5.18):

And what’s Bobby to Dean? A pseudo parental type person. It’s not the same of course, because Bobby’s was an actual adult when he took on that role for Dean, but it tells us something nonetheless. 

And if we want to go deeper into how messed up everything is, we also have the times where Dean still fills the role of parent while John is around. 

This whole scene (from 1.21), where John clearly expects Dean to have told him about Sam’s visions is an indication of this. It’s Dean’s job to have filled John in, not Sam’s job. John relies on Dean to take care of Sam and fill him in on what he’s missed. Which is usually the role of a spouse in a family unit. 

Another example is the way Dean has to physically intervene when John and Sam almost come to blows (from 1.20). 

Not only does he tell Sam to cool it, he tells John to back off too. Like he’s protecting his child from the other parent in the family unit. 

This isn’t new, John expected Dean to protect Sam from anything that might hurt him when they were children. In 1.18, John tells Dean to watch out for Sammy and then asks, “And if someone tries to bust in?” 

Dean’s entire identity is wrapped up in keeping Sam safe, had to be both a mother and a father to him and people still ask why their dynamic is the way it is? Of course Dean is going to expect to be able to tell Sam what to do; he’s been doing it his whole life. He’s been put in charge of Sam’s well being since he was a young child. Of course Dean thinks he knows what’s best for Sam. And of course Sam would chafe against that sometimes; especially in the beginning. But you know what? Sam spends most of season five trying to make up for his mistakes in s4 and after that we don’t see much more of him insisting Dean is trying to control him after he says this in 5.05:

Because that’s what most of s5 is about, until we get here: 

While Dean also talks about why he defaults at treating Sam like a kid. 

It’s the whole reason Dean stops objecting to Sam taking on Lucifer. He lets him make his own decisions. Dean does default back, of course (because this wasn’t the end of the show and real life echoes this back and forth too). It’s an ongoing theme and one that’s addressed again in 12.22, with the Dean ‘sending Sam off to war’ plot. 

He was urging Sam to take his place in the world. It’s a complicated relationship, and it’s the reason I love them so much. These two men with their fucked up childhoods doing the best they can for each other with what they know even if it’s not entirely healthy on either side. And if someone has somehow missed the entirety of this particular dynamic, it’s not surprising that they’ll say Dean is controlling or Sam is belligerent.

In Defense of a Death Wish: Abby Griffin

(TW: Suicide, Depression)

Listen, I was as shocked as all of you when Abby “Let’s Call It Hope” Griffin asked Marcus Kane to let her die.

It came out of left field. It had JRoth’s brand of Shock Value™ written all over it. But… was it OOC? I honestly don’t think so. In fact, it’s my personal opinion that it might be the most refreshing evidence of character development (and, god forbid, an actual arc) Paige Turco has gotten to play with in far too long.

Now, I gotta put a disclaimer, here - it makes me extremely uncomfortable to agree with, let alone defend the decisions this show makes for its characters, especially Abby. This season in particular was excruciating to watch as the integrity of her character was repeatedly brutalized. So, no, I’m not going to argue that I trust the writers, per se. And I’m definitely not going to argue that this was their plan all along.

What I will argue is that they did, actually, piece it together with the help of a  sleeping giant they found amid the landscape of Abby’s character:

Just because she can see the light doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the darkness.

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I don't get why people are so upset. I mean Crowley's character has been stagnant for a while and though I loved him (and Mark more so) where else could his chara go? While Luci ( and his arc) has been wildly OOC and awful, most the eps of 12 have been better than 9-11, and an AU world to explore has SO MANY possibilities! Yeah Cas died, but we all know he's not staying dead. I've not been excited for a premier since 1-5 and I can honestly say I am looking forward to 13

about this post

Some people are excited about S13 and some people are devastated. Both are valid and we can agree to disagree as long as it is done respectfully. That said, your post struck a chord because we are seeing “Yeah Cas died, but” and “SO MANY possibilities [in S13]”, going hand-in-hand with the idea that being negative about S12/13 is somehow wrong or misguided and must be corrected. 

The DFF mods are with the OP and many other Cas fans who have strong negative feelings about the S12 finale. Those feelings are valid. The list of reasons to not trust SPN writers to skillfully deal with the fallout of the S12 finale is as long, if not longer than the list of all the positive possibilities. We know, we’ve kept receipts.  And so we shared OP’s ask, empathized (“Friend, we feel ya”), and provided some links to feel good posts.

We are aware that there are folks like yourself excited about S12/13 and that’s cool. Be Free to Squee on your blog!!! But what we are also seeing in some corners of fandom that is not cool is dismissing the feelings of those who don’t agree with them or schooling them on how they should feel. Through the years Cas fans have had to deal with their feelings and love for this character being dismissed, disregarded and belittled by different fractions of SPN fandom. So when Castiel Angel of Thursday, with the crack in his chassis and too much heart gets stabbed in the back and is left lying in the dirt in the final moments of the finale, listing all the reasons to be happy really doesn’t help. 

Remember, a little compassion goes a long way. 

But since you and so many other fans have said “ Yeah Cas died, but we all know he’s not staying dead.” here’s a short list of some other times when fandom said “Cas/Misha will be fine!” and TPTB answered with “What show are you watching?” 

Heavy spoilers for seasons 7-12 and season 13 speculation under the cut

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How do you make the GIFs? If I may ask. I've been wanting to do some on my own but don't know how 😅

Hi! Since I’ve been asked this question several times already, I figured that I might as well make a detailed tutorial on how I make my gifs! I’ve never really made a tutorial nor am I an expert, so please bear with me. If I’m unclear on a step, feel free to message me and I’ll clarify it for you :-)

Please like/reblog because this tutorial took hours to make!

This is the gif I will be teaching you how to make: 

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* hey, so someone's reblogged one of your many amazing edits (I did my self a favour and went through your page). I was just wondering how you achieve the still background on through the silhouette like in /post/120416727688/a-thousand-silhouettes-dancing-on-my-chest-no ? I've tried and thought of how to do it but yours looks absolutely amazing. Thanks and I hope you have a great day :)

Thank you so much cutie, that’s very nice of you to say. I’ve never made a tutorial or anything before so sorry if it’s not good.

This is a tutorial on how to make the background of your image a solid color.

You do need photoshop and basic knowledge of how to use it.

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Kill la Kill Episode 22, “Tell Me How You Feel”
TV Version and Official Subtitles (Left) vs. Blu-ray/DVD Version and English Dub (Right)

Senketsu and Mako are wildly different characters, but their arcs are actually remarkably similar. Both deal with gaining self-respect after a history of being belittled and stigmatized, and, regarding their relationships with Ryuko, they each downplay their own significance to her.

Mako constantly gushes about how much Senketsu means to Ryuko. She describes them as friends before anyone else does, and repeats on multiple occasions that Ryuko loves him more than anyone else. Senketsu, meanwhile, struggles immensely with the concept of Ryuko seeing him as anything more than her only uniform. He feels Mako is Ryuko’s most important person, thinking that she is the only one who can calm Ryuko and get her to relax, and he would willingly die protecting Mako from the brainwashed, Junketsu!Ryuko—killing or even hurting Mako would absolutely break Ryuko, but he doesn’t think the same applies for himself.

But as we see in the wedding-crashing scene, both Senketsu and Mako are Ryuko’s most important people, and both have the power to bring her to her senses. Both are there playing a huge role in saving her, and—contrary to what Senketsu believes—it is when Ryuko attacks him that she realizes she is hurting both of them and ultimately snaps out of it.

When I first watched the English dub of Ryuko’s “Power of Friendship” speech pictured here, I was immediately taken in by how the script draws slightly more attention to these ideas than the original. We clearly see Senketsu’s reactions in all versions—he bursts into tears when Ryuko says he’s warm and comfortable and that she never wants to take him off again, and gasps at the idea that he’s as much her important person as Mako is. But when Mako asks, “Really, me too?!” in the English dub instead of “What, me?!,” we get more from Mako’s side of this. Just as Senketsu, she’s shocked that Ryuko thinks so fondly of her.

Ryuko’s response then adds even more. Instead of just having it be about the wedding-crashing scene as in the original script, she talks of their relationship as a whole, really coming to terms with her behavior of pushing Mako away (both emotionally and literally), and recognizing that it’s not fair to do this to any of her friends, no matter how much she feels she doesn’t deserve them.

Are these huge dialogue changes? No, definitely not. But I find it adds a lot to a huge scene, drawing more attention to the fact that Mako doesn’t realize how much she means to Ryuko just as Senketsu doesn’t, and having Ryuko really express that yes, she has pushed her friends away, but she’s determined to stop putting them through that and live up to what they think of her.

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Hey Jax, I love DBZ to death but after watching the new movies and the DB Super I think I've lost my interest completly. I remember losing my shit when Goku turned Super Saiyan for the 1st time or The beam struggle with Gohan and Cell. But now, It feels samey and monotonous. And after watching One-Punch man I felt like i was a lil's kid again. I wanted to Love the new DBZ but at this point, it'd be forcing myself to do it

This is gonna be a long post

I honestly have to agree completely. And heres the thing. Dragon Ball and DBZ will ALWAYS be My Favorite Animes of All time. It never has to worry about its spot on my list since it impacted me so much

Why DBZ will always be the greatest to me

. Hell I’ve said this story to death but back in middle school I was friggin Chubby Anime Fanboy getting bullied and beaten up every single day and being told I was a weak bitch who’d never be anything and seeing a character like Goku who was so strong, so humble, so badass and so kind and treat all his friends he outclassed as equals inspired me to start training and be the strong confident individual as well. He will always be my biggest motivator for that

And Dragonball and DBZ will always be my favorites…..BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME BLIND and ignorant to this new stuff. Hell DBZ the series ended for us American Kids back in 2003. 

so we’ve had YEARS of Awesome Anime to come along that are clearly influenced from Dragonball and these new artists have made some 



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We’ve been Spoiled with so many Great Quality shows and even though Team Four Star is Fantastic  and I love them

A lot of this New Dragon Ball stuff just hasnt been hitting home for me to get me excited. 

Again these are my Personal Thoughts but Honestly.

I didnt really care for the Xenoverse game

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I thought Battle of Gods was a cool theater experience but rewatching it. I think its an okay film with beautiful animation and comedy but just…okay

I Fuckin hated Resurrection F if you wanna know why you can read this link

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and For Dragon Ball Super The first 2 episodes I loved but onward has been Meeeeehhhhh. 

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The fight scenes arent that aesthetically pleasing to me like the old fights are but again I have to admit I’m Bias cause the old show impacted me tremondously

Again thats why when I found One Punch Man as a manga a few years ago I was like this is what I want to see animated its like a BADASS new show kinda similar to DBZ but Much better Drawn

Then low and behold it FINALLY got its Anime the same year DBZ came back. So I was double Hyped. But as DB Super only entertained me for the 1st 2 episodes, One Punch Man was God Tier from Start to finish as I KNEW IT WOULD BE 

and since a lot OPM has characters and abilities that are clearly Influenced by DBZ it makes me upset knowing that Super had to potential to do that.

LET ME put this out to you. I want you to Imagine the One Punch Man fight I hyped up all year between Boros and Saitama with Goku and a DBZ villain

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You see the shit of Genos doing his Blasts Imagine that animation style with Goku’s Kamehameha

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Though Funfact Boros is only about as Strong as Vegeta when he landed on Earth during the saiyan saga with Cell’s regeneration

BUT NOW just Imagine that was what all of Dragonball SUPER WAS. Incredible Fight scenes and Animation like OPM but for DBZ.

Remember DBZ Feats are Planetary and Universal So while the Feats of Saitama are Drawn INCREDIBLY

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Imagine that but with a DBZ Villain JUST PUNCHIN A PLANET into nothingness

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Super made that look Okay but imagine a PUNCH

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It makes me excited to just think of what we couldve had and Mad House has done long series before. The Did 140 Episodes of Hunter X Hunter and each ep looked fantastic

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But yeah I see what you are saying. DBZ will always have a special place in my heart but watching Super Right now aint doing much to help me acheive that past love

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"We're just pawns, Sara" Is it just me, or is that the closest to Len's real voice that I've ever heard? No drawl, no pretence, his voice kinda softens and breaks on her name? That was Len. I can't remember ever hearing that voice from him before, certainly not since "I'm sorry, Barry". Thoughts?

We’ve heard it a few times now, but it was definitely prominent there. We heard his voice soften in LoT 1x03 as well, in talking to his younger self, and in The Flash 2x03, we definitely heard it come out in Iron Heights when he’s talking to Barry (and also when he says “Merry Christmas, Barry” in 2x09). We also see it again in this episode (Lot 1x05) when he’s telling Sara not to take the shot (”Don’t do it, Sara. That’s how a killer thinks, and that’s not you anymore.”). 

Well, the voice talking to his younger self was a little different yet, but still, these are all times when he’s dropped the pretence and drawl and had a rawer, more honest cadence to his voice. 

But it really stands out when he calls them pawns because it’s quiet, and it’s right after this whole drawling speech with nicknames (e.g., “silver top” for Martin) and sardonic wit (“what did Rip keep you for after class?”) but then, for a moment, he just… drops all of that. And his face doesn’t hold a sneer or a smirk or a lie on it.

So the contrast is striking. He goes from controlled speech to just honesty, just stripped down to the truth, to what he sees, and it’s resigned and tired and unguarded while not happy about it. It’s just… him.

He picks up his drawl a beat later though, getting back to himself, calling himself’ the crook’ and her ‘the assassin’ and Sara tells him off and for a second he looks almost… startled by it, by her intensity, her angry conviction about what she might have to do. 

Startled but then accepting. Disagreeing but resigned. But he’s not about to push this argument. But I think her anger and intensity are what convince him she doesn’t want to, that she’s not happy about it. She’s not apathetic about this decision and he understands. And he understands that she understands too – understands that they are pawns, but even in being pawns, she sees the role she has to play to save what matters to her and she’ll do it. 

And Len gets that, respects it, even if he doesn’t like it or want it or agree with it, in this case. He thinks they can and should do more in part because of what I mention in this post, and in part, I think, out of an intense distrust for Rip, a distrust that this is what they have to do vs. what Rip thinks is easiest, without really trying. One think that Len isn’t is complacent – if there’s a better way, a better plan, he’s interested in figuring out what that is.

So… yeah, his voice changes here, his truth comes out, though he masks it in as much drawling wit before and after in order to try and protect himself. But he’s worried, genuinely, about where all this is headed, I think, and about who else they’re gonna’ lose along the way. 


My favorite thing about this scene is how clearly Fitz is trying to downplay the date, and - maybe this is more headcanon than meta - but I suspect he’s doing it for a specific reason. He knows Jemma so well, better than she knows herself sometimes, and he knows even before getting to the restaurant how touched she would be by his actions. Jemma, her inclination towards understatement and suppression notwithstanding, is something of a romantic, which Fitz knows well (he’s present at both of the season 1 moments above, in addition to having the experience of almost a decade of their best friendship). So her instinct in this scene is to want the whole thing to fit this sort of idealistic image she has of what their date should be like - and in her head, everything fits except for her

Fitz knows that she’s just barely holding on, and his goal here is not for this to be a perfect first date, but to show Jemma what they have to look forward to. To help her “feel human” again, like she did for him. But he also knows that he’s toeing a delicate line with Jemma’s mental state at the moment, and so he undercuts the romantic aspects of his actions by trying to stop her from pointing them out. He dismisses her attempt to point out the fact that he held a table for six months while he searched for her, and when she doesn’t know how to reciprocate his (arguably intentionally nonchalant) declaration of “what else was I gonna do?” he tells her outright that he’s not expecting anything from her in return. In the best way he knows how, he’s grumping in order to try to make the night about her, and not about his actions. 

(Of course, I also think that Fitz genuinely underestimates how meaningful his actions are, and how much they mean to Jemma - and how disappointed she is in herself for not being able to live up to her own expectations of “the perfect date” on her first night out.)

A PSA to all members of the Madagascar and/or Penguins Fandom

On Friday, May 27, 2005, Madagascar premiered in the US. On Wednesday, May 27, 2015 (one month from today), the movie will turn 10 years old (10! Can you believe it? Where did the time go?)

As a way to celebrate the movie that started the whole franchise and this entire crazy, amazing fandom, I would like to dub the week of May 24-30, 2015, Madagascar Week.

This week would honor all of our favorite characters, scenes, and absolutely anything else from everything in the Madagascar franchise: all four movies, both of the TV shows, the two television specials and the short Christmas Caper film. The week would also showcase the fanfiction, fanart, and everything in between from the amazing people in the fandom. 

Screencaps. Gifs. Edits. Music videos. Your homemade plushy dolls. Your story of how you got into the fandom. EVERYTHING. Let’s make it happen. Under the authority I do not possess, I demand it!

Tag your stuff “Madagascar Week”, I want to see all of it. It’s coming up soon, Fanguins! :)

I also just realized that this wouldn’t be much different from any other day on Tumblr if we didn’t have some theme days. So here’s a schedule (if you think of something for a day that might be better, LET ME KNOW, I want this to be fun for everyone):

Sunday, May 24: Movie Day. Your favorite stuff from the 4 movies.

Monday, May 25: TV Show Day. Your favorite stuff from the 2 TV series.

Tuesday, May 26: Miscellaneous Day. Your favorite stuff from the TV specials and the short film. 

Wednesday, May 27 *10 Year Anniversary of Madagascar!*: Madagascar Day. Your favorite stuff from just the first Madagascar movie that started it all.

Thursday, May 28: Character Day. Your favorite characters (scenes, quotes… idk, analyses of why they act the way they do… hey, I’ve seen it before).

Friday, May 29: You Day. How you got into the fandom and, if it has, how it has affected your life (I’m giving this a whole day because I really want to know people’s stories). Oh and your merchandise! If you have any, let’s see it.

Saturday, May 30: Fanon Day. The fanart. The fanfiction. The fanmade videos. And anything else. Yay for writers and artists and everyone!

Again, tag this stuff “Madagascar Week”. I hope this is something that people might actually want to do. Shoot me a reply or an ask or reblog this and let me know if you plan to participate, just because I kind of want to know. And if you do plan to do this, SPREAD THE WORD so the other Fanguins know! :)

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Let me start by saying that I love your blog. But I just wanted to mention that I've heard some people say that the shadow in the window in the promo is Elena in her room. Since it's the Gilbert house. Do you think they'll bring her back in some form

Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, that was actually something that crossed my mind when I was making gifs from the promo:

The promo spliced that into a scene with Caroline, but it doesn’t make much sense that Caroline would be at the Gilbert house, nor does that resemble her silhouette.

So I think it’s possible we may see an Elena mention in this week’s episode, but I think the rest of the speculation I’ve heard referenced (that Damon will take Bonnie there and remind her that Elena is the reason she’s alive *stifled laughter* and that Elena would be supes disappointed to know Bon was taking the ~gift she gave her and selfishly, evilly misusing it by turning into the Huntress… and she’ll snap out of it because Elena is her top priority at all times!) are overblown.

Like… wildly overblown. And honestly kind of obnoxiously, willfully blind toward who Bonnie is as a character (as opposed to some non-threatening, two-dimensional, Elena-worshipping prop).

The reality of canon is this: Elena hasn’t been Bonnie’s emotional tether to anything in a long, long time. Bon loves her friends, loves Elena, but a lot of the development we saw in s6 was explicitly written to show us that she no longer holds her friends’ value over her own, including Elena. Remember that ep where she put up a Christmas tree in the summer heat and forced herself to think back on all the happy holiday memories she had with Elena et al? And then like… burned the whole thing down?

After that, what was left for her to cling to for hope? When she realized she had to fight for herself, who did she look to for inspiration, whose house did she live in, whose clothes did she wear, whose car did she drive? It wasn’t Elena.

When she came back and had the cure with her, who did she bring it to, who did she offer the choice of using it to? It wasn’t Elena. 

When Kai forced their hand and brought things down to a choice between Bonnie’s death and Elena’s sleep, who did she prioritize? Not once did she suggest she could sacrifice herself for Elena, nor did anyone else around her.

The people who suggest now that the only thing that can bring Bonnie back from the edge is Elena’s memory are the same folks who suggested that at the beginning of this season Bonnie would be begging Damon to MURDER HER, because she just can’t stand the guilt of being the ~reason Elena is in the coffin.

It’s transparent and it frankly would be sad if it weren’t so offensive. 

These theories arise not because the people making them are so in tune with Bonnie’s character, they happen because the people making them are threatened by what they see playing out before them: Bonnie wasn’t begging Damon to kill her, she was navigating the world with her new healthily selfish POV and trying to live her life, and Damon overcame his resentment in less than one episode to admit that if anything happened to her he would lose his mind.

Similarly, all the buildup at this chapter of the season, and all the emotional turmoil Bonnie has been in over Damon leaving and Damon coming back, the unread letter, Damon’s refusal to accept her forgiveness if it isn’t real… these all point to Damon being the one to bring Bonnie back, Damon being the one to save her, as he has time and time again before now. 

Also, weren’t we thinking this was Bonnie walking away from the Gilbert house as it goes up in flames?

Interesting Bonnie/Elena parallel (both burning down the Gilbert house) and Bamon parallel (both burning Elena?) if so.

I've been Levity Bomb-ed!

I’M GOING TO END UP WRITING A CARYL BIBLE. This is going to be one big mess…
Okay.. here I go!

 Where Daryl realised that he has feelings towards Carol: Season 3x16 Welcome to the Tombs:

In this scene, we see Daryl grieving over Carol in the place where she supposedly ‘died’. Thinking that she might be in the room opposite as a walker, he plays with her knife for a bit before getting angry and preparing himself to kill whatever was in there . It turned out that Carol was in there alive. Note how everyone was also close to Carol but they didn’t grieve like Daryl did, indicating that he probably felt more than 'friends’ towards Carol.

Throughout season 3, we witness little things which show their relationship strengthening and growing deeper:

Notice in the gif above that Daryl gets all flustered and shy when he and Carol laughs? JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE UGH *inhuman noises*

Season 4 also showed a huge development in their relationship:

Season 4x04 Indifference: When Rick banished Carol and later informed Daryl about it, Daryl was clearly agitated by Ricks decision:
“You couldn’t have waited till we got back?!” (showing that it wasn’t Ricks decision to make)
“I could’ve handled that”
“That ain’t her” (Showing that he knows Carol a lot more than Rick does. Notice a similar parallel in season 5 “You don’t know me” .. “Yep, you keep telling yourself that”.) ?

Dat’ headrest, guys. This scene also showed how much Carol meant to Daryl. Daryl was prepared to go to Tyreese to sort everything out and we all know that wouldn’t have ended well. If the Governor didn’t attack at that moment, I’m sure Daryl would’ve gone out to search for Carol; despite not knowing where to look. Again, Daryl probably realised that he has feelings for Carol. Carol was taken away from him again but what hurt even more was that the one person he saw as a brother took her away.

However, I don’t think his feelings for Carol solidified until Season 5.

This right here is called Love. ^

After their reunion, Daryl was ALWAYS by Carol - trying to comfort her and making sure she was okay.

In the bed scene, Daryl layed next to Carol and moved his pillow to be closer to her. This shows that he is comfortable around her and also wanted to be close to her. Daryl wouldn’t do this with anyone else so it shows that he must see Carol more than a friend.

Lets not forget this. ^

And we also shouldn’t forget the way he reacted when Carol got knocked down by the car. He was screaming to get to her and would’ve probably ripped the police men’s heads off if Noah didn’t stop him.

With Carol, I believe that her affection towards Daryl began way back in season 2 when he searched endlessly for Sophia - nearly getting himself killed in the process.

Season 2 “Chupacabra”.

The kiss on the forehead was probably more gratitude than lust but it clearly shows how much she appreciated Daryls existence - “You’re every bit as good as them. Every bit.”  

It wasn’t until Season 3 that I began to believe that Carol developed a crush on Daryl. In 3x01 Seed, she jokingly flirts to Daryl “Wanna screw around?” before laughing at his embarrassment. Notice how she was the one to bring him food? Anyone could’ve done that but Carol must’ve volunteered to bring it - possibly to spend time with Daryl.

However, the biggest indication that Carol had feelings for Daryl was her reaction when Rick informed her that Daryl had chosen to go off with his brother, Merle. Season 3x09 The Suicide King

Carol was clearly distraught but remained positive - Carol remarks  "Daryl has his code. The world needs more men like that.“  Carol probably wished she spent more time with him, so when Daryl does return, Carol and Daryl have a lot more scenes together than they did previously. She visited him in his cell and explained that Merle isn’t good for him, despite him being his brother. She also tried to make him realise how "far he has come” and Merle shouldn’t get in the way of that.

A deleted scene also revealed how much Daryl meant to her and that was a scene between her and Merle in season 3. 
“Mess with Daryl, I will slit your throat while you sleep.” You wouldn’t threaten someone like that in defensive of a mutual friend. I would personally only threaten someone like that who was a threat to my boyfriend. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qd5sndBVcU Watch the deleted scene here. 

Little signs also showed that she was developing feelings for Daryl

Notice how she held onto his hand for sometime before letting go? Carols feelings for Daryl were definitely a lot more clearer than Daryl to Carol in Season 3-4. 

We didn’t see much of Carol at all in Season 4 and season 5 showed that her head is too messed up to even process her feelings towards Daryl or anyone. This is when Daryl must step in like Carol did for him back in Season 2. Carol is in a extremely dark place and that hug/cuddle Daryl gave her in 5X01 still shows that she still means a lot to him, despite what she did. Carol probably only feels comfortable around Daryl so only Daryl can comfort her and give her the support and love she needs. 

Conclusion: I believe Darys feelings towards Carol began in Season 3x16 Welcome to the Tombs and Carols feelings towards Daryl was shown in Season 3x01 Seed.

However, I believe that they don’t know what they’re feeling as they don’t know love as we know it - due to their horrific past of abuse. They’re yet to discover this and I hope that when they arrive at the ASZ in 5B, they have a chance to discover their feelings. They know something is there but they don’t know what the feeling is. I really, really, REALLY hope 5B explores this.  


Caryl on, my lovelies!  

Family of Rogues Scene Analysis #4

Okay there is SO MUCH to say about this episode so I’m splitting it into a few posts.

Here’s the (first part of the) post for the family-fun heist scenes. 

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anonymous asked:

I was re-watching 3x20 for science obviously, and I noticed, before Felicity took her bra off, Oliver's hand grazed it, but didn't undo it. it seems like he was still hesitant, and wanted felicity to call the shots. Right after the graze, Felicity immediately took the bra off, making perfectly clear what she wants. It shows how much respect Oliver has and how much he values his love for Felicity. It wasn't something I would have expected from Oliver Queen. Thats what I thought anyways :)

Okay, anon, I honestly - honest to goodness - have too many feelings about 3x20. I am still so overwhelmed by 3x20 (I took the day off after that episode aired just to bask, but even that wasn’t enough).

And yes, yes, this is perfect! 

He followed her lead during that entire scene, and it was glorious.

This line struck me: “It wasn’t something I would have expected from Oliver Queen.”

So true.

Oliver loves Felicity… and even after everything they went through in Season 3, he still didn’t really know how she felt about him. He’d known for a while that she liked him, that she was attracted to him, but not that she returned the depth of his feelings, that she saw him in the same light… well, alright, he knew, but he didn’t know, ya feel me:

(His face, ohemgee, he’s waiting to hear her say it - he needs it like air; he knows (he believes, but at the time he knew it with a destructive certainty) he can’t have her, that he doesn’t deserve her, but he craves it - craves her - despite that…)

But she never said the words until…

(gif source)

*throws all the awards at Amell*

He’s staring at her like she just handed him the key to his entire life.

She loves him.

Felicity Smoak loves him.

His entire world opened up in that very moment, in that room, in those few stolen moments between them when Felicity thought she was never going to see him again, and Oliver thought he was going to push her away for good in the coming months during his time in the League…

In that moment, he had everything, and he accepted it, and he took it - they both did - with reckless abandon.

He not only values his love for Felicity but also hers for him. He wanted to make love to Felicity, he wanted to honor the gift she’d just given him (because damn, it’s a gift in his eyes - he honestly believes he isn’t worthy, but here she is, making him feel his worth). He’s never made love like he made love to Felicity; he’s never loved anyone like he loves Felicity.

Part of letting her take the lead like he did, I think, was because he was hesitant, unsure about how to proceed. It wasn’t about having sex, it was about showing each other their love. He could have easily just grabbed her and thrown her up against the wall, but it was passion and love here, it was consummation, it was confirmation, it was realization…

It was everything.

And that in and of itself put them on a precipice: they didn’t have the chance to get to spend time with each other as an actual couple before they made love; they didn’t get the courting period, or the talk-all-night periods, or the cutesy footsy under the table at dinner or anything really. This happened so quickly between them. (Remember EBR talked about how they didn’t want it to be rushed or over-the-top like a lot of first-time love scenes are filmed and that is yet another example of how well Amell and EBR know their characters, and this relationship - this moment came on so fast, but their love didn’t, and they respected that, and expressed that with and to each other.) The last thing Oliver wanted to do was fuck this up. He wanted to love her, he wanted to show her how much he loved her, take it beyond the words - he wanted it to be everything for her, just as she wanted that for him, and guess what, ya’ll?

Oliver loves himself a damn assertive woman, and she took what she’d been wanting - what they’d both been wanting - for a very long time.

So yes, he absolutely let her set the pace in everything, and in its own way that was just as loving as the act itself. Felicity would have gone with whatever he wanted, but this was more genuine, more heartfelt - more them, and that he recognized that and respected it made it all the more thoughtful and considerate and beautiful and so the opposite of the Oliver Queen we’d been shown thus far.

(Amell wasn’t wrong when he said Oliver does a lot of things that are outside the bounds of his normal actions in 3x20, and this was one of them.)

I love this OTP so much.

Okay… Borrowing a few of Nisha’s ( @bonneibennett ) gifs from this set to look at that last Bonenzo scene from another angle. (Hope you don’t mind Nisha!)

Now I could totally be stretching (who are we kidding I’m totally over stretching here) but maybe we can see that last scene in a more positive way. I mean, two pretty people with ridiculous chemistry together on my screen, like! The sense that Bonnie kind of might be more into him than he is her, not so much like.

I’ve said this before, I don’t think she’s into him into him, where she’s hanging out with him to be close to him cause she’s got one of those schoolgirl crushes. I do think that she is lonely and Enzo is easy to be around - no expectations, no baggage, diversion from her own loneliness (and I’m pretty sure they just tried to brush all of her issues from being trapped in the prison world under the carpet, they’re definitely still there though - but dealing with other people’s problems is easier), plus I mean accent, hot. 

So anyways, getting off topic here.. That last scene, I mean I guess it could be read as her being more into him than he is her but like I said above - he’s a diversion from all the crap in her life.

Enzo tells her he’s moving on from Lily. 

Woah, a guy that’s not going to waste even more time chasing a woman that’s clearly not into him. Plus, did he just say he was doing this because Lily made it clear? Hmm.. listening to what the woman wants. What a change. Dignity, finally got some. About time he listened to her! Good!

“Huh? Good? Go on…”

So, it would appear here she’s telling him that’s he’s better off because she’s into him but it could be more. She’s been in a place where she was with a guy who was interested in someone else. She’s also seen these triangles going wrong all around her for the past how many years? They only end in heartbreak. Clearly Enzo was not going to come out the victor here. She knows this guy, they’ve worked together (I know it was season 5, and they probably could’ve had him board the free Bonnie bus considering she saved his ass and all) and you know being the amazing person she is, she doesn’t want to see him unnecessarily hurt because you know what, there’s too much hurt in the world anyways. Why not.

I said this before, but look at that face. How many people in his life do you think he’s actually had that have genuinely seemed to care for him? Yeah he chose Camp Lily, but seriously, what has that gotten him. Every time he seems to get screwed somehow and time and again he’s making the wrong decisions. He’s looking for belonging, he’s looking for a bond with someone, the guy was locked up in a lab and experimented on for how many years, think about what that does to a person’s psyche. Every time Bonnie says something like this it is making a mark on him. He does recognize the caring, amazing person she is. He’s falling for her and he doesn’t even know it. She’s unexpected for him too. Just look at his face there. He made his choice, picked a side, and then here comes this amazing woman who manages to catch him off guard every so often.


I'm not an expert, obviously, but as I have had multiple flirty male OC's in my bank of character's that I've made, and I have one male who fits this guide that I've played throughout the past three years (on indie,) I like to think I know a thing or two about making the character more then just sex and lust. Every character, in my opinion, should be like an onion, with lots and lots of layers. Also, if you don't agree with my ideas in this guide, please keep that to yourself, this is only meant to be helpful.

Please like/reblog if you found this useful.

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My Read On Jasper

A couple of people have had some very nice things to say on how I play Jasper at my RP blog, so I thought I might write out some of my observations and thoughts on the character. I’ve touched on this a bit in my gem placement post for her, and with other times it’s come up, but this is a more general analysis on behavior- since we don’t have much from her to go on.

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okay so the first thing I’ll say about making gifs is that there quite a few number of different approaches and many many varied techniques and creative options for editing those gifs. however, for the gifs on this blog, I tend to just stick with the bare bones/basics of gifmaking – if you are interested in some of the more complicated or creative techniques, I highly recommend browsing the tutorials available on tumblr as there are so damn many and they are extraordinarily helpful

so for my method of gifmaking:

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