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anonymous asked:

Why did River slap The Doctor? He was just helping.

I was actually trying to figure this out earlier. I don’t think we reached a conclusion though. 

I am drawing a total blank upon which episode this was, but during his Tenth regeneration the Doctor did something where used some of his energy to do something invovlving a crystal I believe? He said something along the lines of using up ten years of his life doing that and it was worth it. I think him using his regeneration energy on River maybe shortened his life a bit? Maybe? When River used all of her energy to save him in LKH she lost the ability to regenerate(thus losing years of her life). Perhaps using drains his body somehow? Maybe? I’m not sure. 

It was either that or River wanted the Doctor to focus on the problem of hand and not get emotional over her being hurt. I dunno. 

Does anyone else have any ideas? My brain isn’t doing well with the whole thinking thing today.