i've finished it and now i'm dead

13/9/16– It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

Things I've Thought/Said/Heard During Finals Week Starters:
  • "Literally just shoot me so I won't have to write this fucking paper."
  • "I might fail the final but I also might die before I actually have to take it, so let's not jump to any conclusions here."
  • "That professor has it out for me I swear to God."
  • "If you push me in front of a car now, I'll do it to you at the end of the next semester, pinky promise."
  • "I don't care that I gave up coffee two months ago I need a shot of it injected into my bloodstream right this very second."
  • "What do you mean you're finished with your finals already? I'm literally going to kill you if you're being serious, what the fuck."
  • "Promise you'll kill me if I fail that class?"
  • "I'm going to burn all my fucking math notes the second I finish taking that final."
  • "I think I understand why people drink now."
  • "He literally gives zero fucks about his students and it pisses off every nerve in my body."
  • "Look, as long as my GPA is at least a 2.0 I'm fine, okay."
  • "Thank God that bitch is graduating, if I had to deal with her again next semester I was going to stab someone."
  • "That presentation is only worth fifty points, as long as I nail the final I can afford to just not do it."
  • "I'm just gonna take a magic 8 ball with me when I take my finals and use it to decide how I should answer shit."
  • "He's my favorite professor, why isn't he teaching anything else next semester?"
  • "Stab me in the eye and I'll buy you dinner."
  • "I mean, I've already cried twice today and I'm dead inside, but yeah, finals are going fine."
  • "They should be required to give us ice cream and Kleenex when we hand in our finals."
  • "I'm just going to throw my computer out the window and pretend I don't have a paper to finish writing."
  • "She is so getting a bad review on ratemyprofessor."
  • "I literally don't care about anything anymore. Pass, fail, demon sacrifice, nothing matters and nothing is real and I'm really sad and tired right now."

anonymous asked:

Have you read the last chapter because JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I am so fucking pissed, I want both Bum's uncle AND Sangwoo dead, I want Sangwoo to be fucking destroyed now that Bum did what he did and I want to see him fucked up and broken, I hate him and what he's doing, all his stupid mind games, what the fuck did he expect Bum to do? I swear to god I'm so angry I literally punched my wall and hurt my hand because even though he's a fictional character I've never hated anyone this fucking much

I just finished. I’m seething from the seams, I’m so mad I’m smiling. 

@ KS characters:

So my blog has mainly been running on a queue and I haven’t been really present myself but I just finished the last of my summer coursework and I put in my two weeks notice for one of my jobs and my last day for it is next week so I’ll be around and able to create content more!

please remind me to only draw frisk with darla dimple legs

Will Graham & Hannibal Are Dead

“Do you think death could possibly be a boat?”

Oh yes, I’ve written it. With deep apologies to Tom Stoppard. And Bryan Fuller. And punctuation. I used all of you to hell. But mostly Stoppard, thank you for a good third of this dialogue u are a tru bro.

1743 words, rated H for Hands

It was grey.

The sky was grey, and the sea. Hannibal’s stubble, too, that was grey, which was surprising. Will had never seen him unshaven, hadn’t even imagined it. That was a good sign, he felt, that maybe this was all real — the boat, the grey sky and the grey sea. Hannibal.

He stared at Hannibal’s grey cheek, this one piece of strangeness like an anchor in all the rest of it. He stared a bit longer, just for good measure. Will’s own cheek was stitched and sore and tight in the breeze. That was another good sign. I wouldn’t imagine myself in pain, Will thought.

That’s not true, Will thought.

He looked away at the waves.

Will’s stitches stood out stark in the grey light, a crimson black slice beneath his cheekbone. Hannibal knew it ached, he could tell by the way Will held his jaw. I wouldn’t imagine him in pain, Hannibal thought.

That’s a good sign, he thought.

He looked at Will, looking at the waves, and pretended that were true.

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fallen empire | for a family at war; an empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. but one which crumbles from within? that’s dead. forever.