i've figured out how to colour


Men of Easy Company -  #14 Darrell ‘Shifty’ Powers

“Don’t mean to interrupt you, sir, I just wanted to um… say goodbye. You know, you was… You was, uh… Well, it’s been a long time. […] Yes, sir. I gathered up my loot, pistols mainly, paper works all done. I even got my back-pay in my pocket. Back… Back home in Virginia… Well… I just don’t rightly know how I’m gonna explain all this. I’ve seen… I’ve seen…”

I want to make a modern Bewitched reboot

Nicole Beharie as Samantha Waters, the young witch who runs a small antique shop and consults.

John Cho as Darren Stevens the Advertising designer. (And probably founder of Clients from hell)

And Nichelle Nicols as Samantha’s mother Endora.

The Story sets in New York begining with the two working for the same client. They begin dating and Sam tries to figure out how to tell him she is a witch.

Other reoccurring characters are Samantha’s friends Esmerelda(name pending) who is a witch who can’t do magic, Lin (a familiar who turns into a cat), and then the regulars Larry Tate, Lois tate, aunt clara, Serena, and later on little Tabitha.

I’m trying to figure out how painting colours and light work and it’s a mess and i don’t know what the fuck is happening when i do it haha. Like i don’t “understand” what i’m doing which is really frustrating ??? But I guess it’s a problem that can and will only be solved with practise and exercises !

Also to motivate myself keep up my daily drawing warmup/practise thingie I’m thinking about making a “digital sketchbook” with all the stuff i will have in 6 month or a year so that people can buy it (sth like 0+* or 1+$ price mayb) ?