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Endless gifs of Lance; 3/∞

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your art is so lovely and pretty and i would love to be able to draw like you! i was wondering how you picked out colours for line art though? i've noticed that it's not the same colour throughout the whole drawing, and i can't figure out a) how you do it and b) how you get it to be so nicely complimentary of the other colours you use

Hi and thanks a lot! It’s actually really simple! It’s basically just a mix of colored lines and black lines! I usually only use black for the outlines though. I really like doing this because it adds some dimension while still being subtle. As for how to do it you just need to create a new layer on top of your lineart and clip it to it. Then you just add color and it won’t go outside of the lines.

  •  The 1st picture is what the artwork looks like with all black lines.
  • The 2nd picture shows what it looks like after I’ve colored some of the lines. 

As for how I pick the colors it’s really simple too! Just pick a darker shade of what’s inside the lines. So brown for skin,dark green for leaves and so on. (btw the artwork shown here is going up tonight,it’s already in my queue,it’s supposed to match that other witch I posted the other day)

Here’s also a pic of the layers in case you’re still confused on how to do it:


Men of Easy Company -  #14 Darrell ‘Shifty’ Powers

“Don’t mean to interrupt you, sir, I just wanted to um… say goodbye. You know, you was… You was, uh… Well, it’s been a long time. […] Yes, sir. I gathered up my loot, pistols mainly, paper works all done. I even got my back-pay in my pocket. Back… Back home in Virginia… Well… I just don’t rightly know how I’m gonna explain all this. I’ve seen… I’ve seen…”


bunch of andreil (+ a bonus andrew|renee) wips in varying states of completion

(@spanglebangle​ it only took like 6 months ahhh)


Julies, I’m sorry. Look, I really am, believe me. But you’ve just confessed in front of everyone. I really am going to have to tell the police.

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Hey would you mind doing Cosette in 18 for that colour pallette request thing? Also how did you manage to get that {yeah can I get uuuuuhhh} in those small letters bc I've been trying to get it but idk hwo, Thanks!

dark haired cosette, bc we don’t see a lot of her

also, i couldn’t figure it out either, i had to google ““uhhhhh can i get uhhhh” meme” and i now have it copied in my notes lmao. s o yeah lmao

[colour palette challenge]

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I didn't see this in the art advice tag so sorry if you've answered this before and I'm just blind lol, but how does one use a clipping mask/layer? I've sorta figured out how to add them, but I don't know where to go from there. (p.s. I love your art style so much, it's so pretty and inspiring ahh)

Hey sorry for late reply!! 

So I’m going to answer this with Fire Alpaca, but the principle is the same in Photoshop/most other programs that involve clipped layers. 

Basically all clipping a layer to another layer means is that any colour applied to the clipped layer ONLY shows up on the layer it’s clipped to. So for example you can shade a layer - say clothing - like crazy outside of the boundary of your actual clothes layer but then just clip it to the actual clothing. See below: 

It’s a very useful feature!!! 

YuuMika Holidays Day 5: Skate/Fun in the Snow

b/c sometimes when you’re trying to help people ice skate you fall over and then end up on top of each other and wow you really haven’t taken enough time to appreciate how pretty their eyes are, or just them in general, so clearly now of all times is the best time to appreciate them even though it’s really cold

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Hi there! I discovered you through your PH colourings and frankly I've fallen in love with your colourings, I honestly look up to you and always eagerly await your newest work! I can't call myself an artist but I've been attempting to colour manga panels in Photoshop. But there's one thing I can't quite figure out, I was hoping that maybe you'd have some tips? How do you colour in the lines of the lineart so that it's not black? (The lineart is pre-made) Thanks in advance! :)

Thank you! ^^

You can lock lineart layer to recolor it (I use ru-version of Photoshop, but button the same)

I’m bad in working with vector tool in Photoshop, but you can rasterize the lines (layer) and recolor it by lock (if you use Pen Tool). Or it’s possible to recolor the lines in settings of Pen Tool.

If someone uses SAI you can recolor your linearts by 2 easy ways.
1) by ‘lock’

2) by tool ‘Color’

I was going to say “remember when I used to make busts” but I only like 100 followers back when I did that somewhat frequently so I guess not? (in case you’re curious) Anyway I’ve always been too afraid to paint them, but today I came across some pictures I made of them “interacting” and figured I could colour the picture digitally. So here ya go, heh.

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How do you do Ryans hair? I've tried and tried but can't get it right. (also your art is amazing! My favorite style yet.)

uhh well this isn’t really the best way of explaining it. And it’s kind of all over the place, gomen <m>;;;

But I tried to section off the hair with colour so you can kinda get a visual on how it’s placed. hope this helps a little!

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hi! I'm sorry to bug you I was just wondering if you had any sort of tutorial for how you did this? post/126684208460/things-could-get-a-little-messy it's gorgeous and I've been trying to figure out how to do coloring like that for ages

You’re not bugging me at all :) I don’t have a tutorial and I deleted my PSD for some unknown reason (I never delete my psds???? I think I had a brain melt or something) but it’s super easy!!


I don’t share colourings but with this gif

I just upped the blues with a LOT of selective colouring layers (my usual order is curves, sometimes a levels layer, brightness and contrast and then all the others) This doesn’t have many vibrance layers btw! Maybe I put one on there but I don’t think I did any vibrance layers actually (this is where saving PSDs would’ve been useful, I apologise for being an idiot). This psd is super great!! I usually don’t use psds made by other people because I like making colourings but with a couple of adjustments you’ll get similar colouring and it’s hella pretty.


For this one I coloured the gif (see above) and then on top of all the layers I put the pink layer. There are already a couple of tutorials on how to do this so I recommend you check out this one and this one.

What I also do is I add additional layers that I hide on the first few frames. This allows me to cover up the tiny edges that appear when she moves. You can see in the first tutorial I recommended that after Elizabeth moves there’s a tiny edge around her chin. If you find this annoying in your own gifs (like I do) use the additional hidden layers to add some more pink to later frames. Now this takes FOREVER. Seriously. I don’t know how long this gif took me but you can’t do this in five minutes.

Here have an example. If you have a gif that moves a little bit like this one you can’t just put a colour layer on top of it because it looks terrible. 

Sorry for the watermark but I might be using this for a future gifset ;) What I now do is (whilst on the first frame!) make a couple of layers above the greenish colour layer (like 5/6) and hide them. 

I now click every single frame individually to add additional brush layers to hide any flaws:

You can see I use one of the hidden layers to put a tiny bit next to the top left of her hair :)

I pretty much do this for all the layers. If she doesn’t move much you can usually reuse the layers. 

I hope this gif makes this a little bit clearer :) I end up with this

Now it looks a bit weird but just edit it some more until it looks relatively normal. (I basically repeat the step above but with more detail)


Finally all the other ones. I used pretty much the same colouring and techniques above but because there’s a gradient layer (or layers) on top of everything you can be a bit less precise. Just pick two colours you like and make a gradient map and pick a scene with a nice light or dark background because gradients work better on those.

with just the colouring

with brush layer

And finally the gradient!  

Hope this helped :)

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Quick question: how DO you do the multi-colored lineart thing like in that print of link that you did? If you don't feel like explaining can you point me in the right direction? Sorry to bother you~ ((I've been trying to figure it out for a while and I haven't found anything))


hit that button ON YOUR LINEART LAYER

the magical magic of preserve opacity

I want to make a modern Bewitched reboot

Nicole Beharie as Samantha Waters, the young witch who runs a small antique shop and consults.

John Cho as Darren Stevens the Advertising designer. (And probably founder of Clients from hell)

And Nichelle Nicols as Samantha’s mother Endora.

The Story sets in New York begining with the two working for the same client. They begin dating and Sam tries to figure out how to tell him she is a witch.

Other reoccurring characters are Samantha’s friends Esmerelda(name pending) who is a witch who can’t do magic, Lin (a familiar who turns into a cat), and then the regulars Larry Tate, Lois tate, aunt clara, Serena, and later on little Tabitha.