i've fallen over the edge

  • Aries: The remnants of my childhood flashed before my eyes; reminding me of how far I've come to and how far I've fallen over the edge.
  • Taurus: S/he wanted to get hurt so much that the pain s/he felt was an addiction s/he couldn't overcome. S/he was addicted and the abundance of pain s/he wanted was terrifying.
  • Gemini: The two faces of them scared them so much they ran to their own safe haven; the corner of their mind.
  • Cancer: S/he couldn't cry. S/he's had so much that s/he just gave up and sat quiet as s/he was supposed to.
  • Leo: The pain s/he felt inside hurt so much s/he felt it on the outside too. S/he was too far from being saved and nobody could help her now.
  • Virgo: It was terrifying to see them in the mirror and describe themself with the word 'monster'.
  • Scorpio: S/he held their emotions so tight they rotted slowly.
  • Sagittarius: The rebel inside of them was aching to get out and get out it did.
  • Capricorn: The lies s/he heard was way too much and thus to solve it, s/he got detached.
  • Aquarius: S/he was betrayed so much s/he forgot how to trust and didn't even trust themself.
  • Pisces: S/he lost themself to the monster inside.