i've fallen in love * *

so anyways, JD was totally right, Veronica graduates college and marries a lawyer. funnily enough, Heather Mcnamara pulls an Elle Woods and becomes a super successful lawyer and marries her high school sweetheart. 

what I’m saying is Veronica and Heather love each other and get married and live happily ever after okay

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i once found this girl on tinder that looked exactly like me. apparently she'd been using my selfies to catfish old creepy guys into sending her money on paypal. i confronted her about it and fast forward 4 years i've fallen hard and im gonna ask her to marry me tonight. what if i mess up???? holy shit

I???????????? this sounds deadass so wild like some crazy ass fanfiction?????? good luck my guy you’ve got this let me know how it goes!!!!!!!!

  • Yoonbum: There's this guy I like. But I'm too shy to go up & talk to him so I've been obsessively following him on social media...also I'm a guy so I don't think he'll like me b/c all I ever see him w/ is girls.
  • Yoonbum: *breaks into house & sees someone tied up in the basement* He's crazy!...(but I've committed to this crush & dammit I'm gonna have him.)
  • Sangwoo: This fucker's crazier than I am...I like him!

(I’m blaming @siderealsandman for this. I saw your post and I didn’t literally add everyone in, but like… I had to share it okay?)

What if Adrien inherits his dad’s mansion and just fills it with everyone he loves.

Like first it’s his best friends (Nino, Alya, and Mari). Then Chloe and Sabrina just kinda start kicking it there until he just gives them each a room. Then everyone else just has a standard room that’s ‘theirs’ and they come and go as they please.

All the regulars have an understanding that everyone loves everyone else a certain way and it’s not weird if one week Adrien and Mari are close and then the next Mari’s with Chloe and Adrien’s with Nino. Also everyone has their own boundaries that are respected. So no one would push two or more people together unless it’s what they want.

Basically I just want all of them to be happy and to have fun game nights where everyone’s required to hang out no matter how busy they are. And pillow forts. And Adrien being surrounded by infinite amounts of love. And an open-door policy where anyone can come and join in or be invited…

I just want everyone to be loved okay?!

The angel is still getting used to his new body. He feels soft, fragile, weak. He can only assume the human he calls his lover is even more so. He touches them gently, afraid that his former strength might return and that they might break under his hands. He learns that it will not, that he will be painfully soft and weak for as long as this life lasts.

It is not so bad, he thinks after a while. He has learned that the teeth and nails of his new body are strong enough to sate him, and he takes comfort in knowing that they are happy to bear the marks of his discovery. He whispers his pride to his beloved, “You have been claimed by an angel.”

His curiosity gets the better of him sometimes. He wants to know more, to explore the limits of this body that still feels foreign to him. So he whispers again, still afraid his voice will deafen them, “Teach me.”

He will not speak of Heaven often. The memories haunt him at night, plaguing him while he sleeps. He complains of pains in his spine where he is still convinced wings should be. His beloved asks what troubles him, and he cannot find the words to explain the true extent of the ache. After a moment, he whispers, “It hurts.”

In the quiet moments, he muses on a word that has always bothered him. Curled against the soft form of the human he loves, he remembers the association of it with pain and resentment. He remembers how it can mean something beautiful to a human. It is still quiet. His beloved sleeps, soft limbs entangled with his, radiant in that fragile, wonderful human way he has come to adore. He whispers a realization to them:

“I would fall a thousand times to fall in love with you.”

“No, Shouta you need to say it with more confidence!”
“With more confidence… Hizashi, who was this going to again? Why do I have to do this…?”
“Just do it please? I’ll handle your class so you can sleep. Do this for me?”
“Jeez…. what was the line again? French… french girls?? What…”

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yes I know Valentine’s came and left but !! h-here!!

I hope I’m not being pushy, but this has been the funniest Valentine’s Day I’ve seen in a while and I feel like I’m speaking for the most people who follow you guys x’)

So thank you, keep being your funny selves, and pls accept this!

Me a month ago: Why are so many people reblogging pictures of Korean actors wth where is the Star Wars?

Me now: If you think losing 10 followers will prevent me from reblogging everything with Gong Yoo and So Ji Sub you are missssstaken

Okay so I may be getting into a dead fandom here but DEAF WEST SPRING AWAKENING is a thing that exists and it’s beautiful and glorious and I love it to death

But right “The Word of Your Body Reprise” makes me sob so hard because when they say “Oh, you’re gonna be wounded/Oh, you’re gonna be my wound” (specifically Ernst the emotion and conflict on his face was so clear) I immediately thought how yes, loving each other could be their downfall because it was fucking ILLEGAL to be GAY

And it hurts so much to think about how that out of the three (sort of) couples they’re the only ones with a relatively happy ending, you know how rare it is to see that

Anyway I now love this show more than life itself and the whole thing makes me cry