i've done it with a friend


Who knows what will happen or how it will end, but please know this.
I’m coming back to Ballarat, to my father’s house.
I have found a place of light in the darkness.
I have found my home.
Thank you for caring, and for being my friend.
For the first time in a very long time, this feels like the beginning and not the end.
Yours, with much affection, Lucien. [x]


Losing My Religion - R.E.M (x)

Ego - Rag’n’Bone Man (x)

Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash (x)

One Week - Barenaked Ladies (x)

Lowlife - That Poppy (x)

Don’t Let Your Enemies Become Friends - The Spill Canvas (x

Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine (x

Smother Me - The Used (x)

Praise You - Hannah Grace (x)

I’m so frustrated over people (including actual official content creators) prioritizing a ~funny joke~ over what’s literally, canonly, on screen when it comes to Luke’s whining over the power converters line. Literally said on screen, not just “read between the lines”.

Because it’s not cute, or funny, when you have Luke go “oh I never picked up that last shipment from Tosche station” in Heir to the Jedi when Owen, literally after Luke’s whining says “you can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.” It’s not about the power converters.




How hard is it to remember this was said?

How hard is it to read what’s literally said on screen, right out loud, and maybe think for half a second beyond ~lol Luke’s whiny and doesn’t want to work~ and realise that if it actually was about power converters, it’d be part of Luke’s chores and he’d be sent to get them (maybe with a comment of “don’t stay there too long, you waste enough time with your friends as it is”).

I cannot believe this isn’t just a lol funny joke in fandom but now in an actual book. Of course that just makes at least that exchange non-canon because that’s not what the scene in ANH is about but I am so bitter and tired over Owen’s follow-up line being ignored/forgotten.

list of weird shit keith kogane did before joining voltron
  • ate an entire tangerine without breaking it into pieces or peeling it, just to see if he could make matt cry
  • got drunk for the first time at the age of 16 when a girl kept buying him drinks and he didn’t know how to mention he wasn’t into women so he just drank and let the girl talk until he shouted “I LIKE MEN” at threw up
  • was out with shiro and found an electric car charger and pretended to electrocute himself by touching the socket and going “ZZZZZ” which sent shiro into DadMode
  • found an empty bleach bottle, cleaned it, filled it with paint and left it under the kitchen sink. 6 months later shiro discovered and keith denied it was him-he’d honestly forgotten
  • was using a knife to cut his toe nails and accidentally lost his pinky
  • switched out the coffee in the staff room at this secondary school for decaf and watched as the students were all sent home for the day
  • accidentally threw a piece of paper that bounced off the bin and hit a student in the eye-lance mcclain never forgave him
  • held his breath for long enough to convice a kid he could live without breathing, was actually breathing the entire time
  • ran a deviantart where he just drew art of naruto/sasuke and sonic ocs
  • cried at the ending of muriel’s wedding
  • got kicked out the garrison because his teacher said “i’m sorry would you like the teach this class?” and did a better job explaining the thermodynaics of a rocket propelled vehicle breaching the planet’s atmosphere than he did
  • built a shack by hand in the middle of a desert and realised that there was a less crappy shack just a couple miles away that didn’t drip and was bigger than a box
  • managed to get electricity in the middle of a desert just so he could play guitar hero
  • shrunk his jacket in the wash but continued to wear it because shiro laughed at him
  • spent 12 months alone without any friends or family desperately searching for shiro with only the faint feeling of the blue lion for comfort
  • cried at night knowing that maybe if he’d acted different someone alive would still love him
  • built a rad rocket motorbike and painted it his jacket’s colour for the aesthetic
  • blew up a mountainside to distract a group of scientists from a random ufo crash he saw
  • met four people at said ufo crash site he would come to love as family
  • Gon: hey, Killua, how close was I to dying?
  • Killua: well, let's just say I thought you were a... "Goner"
  • *does a sick flip kick into the sunset while wearing some swaggerific shades*

Entering the house owned by a friend working in the private sector, the grad student anxiously reassesses many of his life choices.


The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.


Pokedex Holders Bio: Yellow The Healer

every sectional i've ever been in tag yourself
  • the idiot: forgot their music, looking off of someone else
  • the freshman: constantly playing pep tunes
  • the worrier: "guys can we please practice we have like two weeks"
  • the arts-credit: texting their friends in another class
  • the socialite: texting their friends in another section
  • the leader: manages to get the group focussed, only reason anything gets done. there is never more than one of these
  • the student: ignoring everyone else, practicing by them self. perfect
  • the tumblr: wont shut up, tries to convince everyone they're high
  • the bard: takes every opportunity for Story Time
  • person f: *absent*
Sanders Sides as Things My Friends Have Said
  • Roman: I have too much swagger for the dagger~
  • Logan: I don't have history this year. I'd rather take calculus and computer science.
  • Virgil: I'm only a little dead on the inside, so that's an improvement.
  • Patton: I don't have an adult-ish signature :(