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Y’all I almost started crying at the end of Thomas’ pride video because I haven’t heard someone say “I love you” to me for about two years and it just… it really meant a lot. I know it was just a thing at the end of a video, but hearing someone say it, especially in regards to sexuality/gender id, was something I really needed to hear. So yeah. 

hhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH I got my new desktop in the mail today!!!!! ;;;w;;;

I wanna make myself a really cool new wallpaper for it,,,so,,,maybe stream tomorrow sometime?? After I get it all set up tonight w Sai n’ stuff?? ;o;

#717 - 12. 403 words so far! may be able to finish chapter if i remember to eat. also started looking into research for new project. this makes 3 long-form projects i want to do/finish. soon. at some point. end me.

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Jack gets angry because Ralph lets Piggy (who's name is Peter I've decided. Ralph and Simon are the only ones who call him that and even then it when no one else is around) cut his hair because he doesn't completely trust Jack with anything sharp behind him and Jack is so pissed and tries to prove he's trustworthy but low and behold, it blows up in his face EVERYTIME. Brings him food that isn't pig meat, turns out to cause vomiting. Tries to be nice to the kids, ends up scaring them super bad.

bad mom jack i Lov ei tt

ralph had to go to the ER afterwards

(for reserve)

He’s gotten so much better. And Jack knows it. He lets himself think it, and isn’t even scared of the thought anymore. 

There’s the tightness in his mom’s smile that he doesn’t see much, these days. His dad put his arm around him over Christmas without hesitation, like he wasn’t afraid anymore that every move might shatter his son. Jack is better, is a better captain, a better player, makes his pb&j sandwiches and watches Bitty sing his way around the kitchen, and feels stronger. Stronger than he was this time last semester, this time last year, certainly this time five years ago. 

There’s still so much that he’s afraid of, of course. But he’s getting better. And he knows it. 

And he’s actually at a party, and even got a beer and didn’t immediately chase it with anything else, and is truly enjoying just talking with Bittle. And then Kent Parson is standing in front of him. And Jack doesn’t remember anything anymore, so caught between surprise and relief because there he is. And anger, because there he is. And fear, because Jack is so much better. But there are things he hasn’t tested himself against yet. 

But maybe. Maybe now, he wants to. 

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Okay, Skype, Fitz, Jemma


(either that or literally everyone on the team at some point has had her name autocorrected to that and fitzsimmons find it utterly hilarious

also sorry I find autocorrect both hilarious and evil). 

Husband: Leopold ‘science scruff’ Fitz.

Bestie: Skye. (Missing the Skye to my Simmons right now).

Sister: Jemma. But actually I am Jemma. Soooooo. 

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