i've decided that's our ship name

Guys, guys, guys.


So, this is how it went down. There were about 10 of us that got there early (like, before 2:30), and so the boys were coming in for sound checking. I had already met Nathan and Tom (cuties!), and so, now, JMD was coming over. And I had been pretty quiet with Nathan and Tom, since I was shy (my first time meeting them), but since this was my second time meeting JMD, so, I mentioned it to him, and was like, “I met you last time coming through, and gosh, I just think you’re a poetic genius.” And he was just like, “I’m not, really.” and I was like, “to me, you are. I love the way you write.” and he smiled and was like, “I guess one day, I’ll write a limerick or something for you.” *melt* then I asked about his sister, and he told me that she was fine, and that she did her project every year. Then, I was like, “it was great meeting you again,” and a friend of mine, was like, “yeah, she’s like, in love with you.” To which Johnny smiled and looked at me and said, “yeah, well, maybe I’m in love with her too and just don’t know it yet.” and I smiled and he asked me for my CD booklet again, and said, “since you’re a special fan, I’ll make it a special signing.” and added on a “Love from…” to it. :)

guys, i can’t even with him.

Then, later, he put on some sunglasses, and a fan teased him saying, “oh, are you trying to hide from us?” and he was like, “no, i just like these glasses!” to which I said, “They look really good on you.” and he couldn’t hear, and was like, “excuse me?” to which someone replied, “She’s hitting on you! She thinks you look very good in them.” to which he said, “Oh! This has only happened once before. I don’t know what to do. You’re very pretty.”

yes. so, that is it. :)

JMD owes me a limerick and I could possibly be the love of his life. Who knows. I mean, I ship us.