i've been writing a fic about this but my muse is stubborn *pouts*


Merlin AU | Doctor Who

When he was seven years old, Merlin DuLac met his imaginary friend, the Doctor.
The night before his best friend’s wedding, he ran away with him.

Something happened, time seemed to have forgotten the legends.
At the time of the last of the Time Lords’ greatest need, the Once and Future King and his Warlock will rise again.
Silence is falling. But even with the cracks spreading through time and space, two sides of the same coin will always find each other.

Because that is who they were. The Boy who waited and the Lone King.

“Why do they call you Emrys?” the Doctor frowned.

“I guess Merlin was a bit too legendary,” Emrys rolled his eyes.

“I loved Merlin, Merlin is a brilliant name.”

“Merlin was a seven year old skinny child.”

“And Emrys is a grumpy old man with a beard. Beards are not cool.”