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idk about you, but the Lazy Town fandom is like the sweetest fandom ever?? Everybody is openly shipping Sportarobbie , sharing headcanons , and most of all : the fanart. We’re posting little doodles made in margins, crappy frist-time drawings , overall cute little things and it’s just SO GOOD?
Lazy Town is bring back beauty in 2016 I swear


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Something I don’t really get is how Bravat expected to go into the Phantomhive Music Hall without being noticed.

Did he just think “oh I’ll change my clothes and take the stars off my hair and walk in” and think it was going to work??

And he was surprised when they spotted him in the crowd?


Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions below.

Draco Malfoy in my Sunday outfit (aka the I need to hibernate look)

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Bitty didn’t speak. He was a siren, a creature whose voice is the downfall of others, who can drive men and women into madness with a single word. As a child, his request for candy resulted in every person in earshot rushing to the nearest store, loading their arms with sweets to satisfy him. The novelty waned quickly into a curse, for he never knew who truly cared for him and who was responding only to his voice.

By the time he started at Samwell, he had gone three years without saying a word, and he was happy to let his classmates believe he was incapable of speech. His teammates took signing classes to understand him, and rallied around him when a professor told him he had no medical reason to skip his oral exam.

He had friends. For the first time in his life he knew the people that surrounded him liked him for him, that made him stifle his laughter into his fist, that cheered as he attempted spins in his bulky hockey skates.

He believed that someone could love him of their own accord. Every time he locked eyes with Jack and shared a secretive smile, or crashed into him after a goal, Bitty let himself think that, just maybe, Jack could feel an attraction that had nothing to do with Bitty’s voice. Bitty’s stomach leaped every time it crossed his mind.

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It’s okay to be slow when you’re making art.

So I kind of wanted to make a post about this.

I know some of you look around, and you see all these artists making such beautiful art in time spans of like an hour or a few hours, and then you look at your work and you get so demoralized because you’re taking so long.

I’m here to tell you that that’s perfectly okay. You’re not other artists. You are you, and your work defines you. If you need to take 10 hours, or even days to complete your art piece, it is okay, because it’s yours. You’re doing your best to make your art what you want it to be, and just because you can’t do it in a few hours like other artists do, it doesn’t make the value of your work any less. In fact, your patience and perseverance is absolutely admirable.

Take your time. You’re using your hands to create something that you love. Don’t let the people around you that you see hinder that in any way. You will definitely get faster in time, but if you give up now, thinking that you’ll always be this slow when you make art, you’ll never reach that stage. This applies not only to art, but also to other skills that you’re trying to pick up.

So look at what you yourself are doing, instead of looking around at others. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy yourself in the process of creation and learning! :)

Cinderella AU where Yuuri Katsuki, who has self esteem and anxiety issues got his wish granted to spend an evening with the kingdom’s prince, Viktor Nikiforov, at his own birthday ball.

Bonus Viktor after Yuuri left; 

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

It’s been a while


So I participated in @lesmiserablessecretsanta, and I got @flowerjolras! Since you seem to enjoy both ballet and mermaids, I came up with this AU, featuring merman R and fire magic using dancer Enj. Which is probably an overly complicated mess, but I hope you like it anyway?

Featuring my probably not very good image choices (I was having a really hard time finding images this time, I’m sorry) and lyrics lovingly jacked from the Disney Little Mermaid stage version, because it seemed like a good idea.

There’s a ramble about the story I had in mind under the cut, if you’re interested. And happy holidays!

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so I saw screencaps of Elliott as a spouse floating around with event dialogue (WHICH WAS ADORABLE), and this came to mind to me when playing through the game again:

Sebastian accepting your flower dance proposal when he has at least 4 hearts with you. he is happy. hopeful. charming.

Sebastian accepting your flower dance proposal when he’s your husband and Hates Dancing (But Tolerates It For You And Probably Secretly Loves It)

never over the mint yoongles

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I’m sorry Jazz, we both now both your parents don’t quite got the same level of restraint you do, but don’t worry they’re still being supes gentle UvU