i've been working on this for like 2 weeks

Another Star Trek portrait practice, haha.

I’m not super crazy about how this one turned out, and while I could work on it more, I’d rather just do a new better Spock portrait later. (I mostly just wanted to draw him in that outfit he wears when he first shows up on the Enterprise in The Motion Picture, ya know what I’m sayin’?)

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I need some advice, I've been working at my job for 2 years and 3/4 months ago we got a new manager. He's brilliant at the job but a few members of staff left because he wasn't our old boss. I'd been thinking about changing jobs, but 2 weeks after he arrived he asked me about a promotion, so i said yes. Since then, when i ask he says he needs to talk to the AM about it but hes spoken with him multiple times since. I feel like he's makin a false promise to stop me from leaving, what should i do?

Ask him again and tell him he has a deadline to make a decision before you look for another job.


Been on my healthy diet (cutting carbs and some dairy for stomach problems) and I've noticed a big change already! I'm overall happier more energetic and ready for the day! I work out about 1.5-2 hours everyday and feel like I'm starting to balance friends, studying, and getting enough sleep!

One of the best weeks I’ve had so far this semester! Not eating out (except on special occasions), no carbs, little/to no dairy (for stomach problems), everyday exercise, studying, hanging out with friends etc! Also exciting news I might join a sorority❤️

Things I should be doing:

  • making the next text post meme
  • getting screenshots for future text post memes
  • working on one of the other 500+ b.a.p projects i have
  • organising my blog tags like i said i would 2 weeks ago
  • look for a theme for the blog and make a page detailing tags
  • going through my tumblr bookmarks bcs they’re making my browser lag
  • finish writing the chicken post that’s been in my drafts for 3 weeks
  • prepare for the b.a.p concert in poland
  • literally anything

Things I am doing:

  • looking at pictures of hedgehogs
  • that’s all

So, a while back I’d decided that my 2.0 model of EOS would eventually end up getting married, but I could never figure out exactly who she’d choose. And, after a recent ask got me thinking about it again in a roundabout fashion, I ended up sketching up some ideas and putting together a character (or at least the start of one). Meet Eugene Quincy Michaud, medical student/eventual doctor, dungeons and dragons fan (he plays a paladin), and all-around short, grumpy, tsundere dude.

They don’t get married until after he gets his M.D. and he moves to the island soon after, taking EOS’s last name of Tracy (since frankly I have a very hard time seeing EOS with a last name that ISN’T Tracy). Eugene becomes a sort of live-in doctor, taking care of injuries the team brings back from missions and lingering effects of John being up in space so much, as well as helping with Grandma Tracy (who I imagine must still be around since 2060’s medicine is certainly far advanced from our own), and eventually taking care of any possible children that he and EOS end up adopting. And even though he never goes on missions, I’m certain he ends up getting martial arts training from Kayo, just in case of an emergency. (He’s also nearsighted but wears contacts instead of glasses most of the time.)

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I work in a smallish inbound call centre with about 20 agents and I swear to God it feels like the Hunger Games in here! We've had 4 people quit, with another 2 taken off inbound calls for some other campaign for new customers all in under 2 weeks. As a result, I've been working 10 and a half hour days, as well as another 4 hours on Saturday to cover the gaps and I'm exhausted. Please send help!


waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’

And it was all yellow.

Taking a break from work while watching gameplay walkthroughs o<-<

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I got a new job at a restaurant. I've only had my 4 training days and like 2 regular days. But I'm just feeling like I'm not cut out for it..? It might just be because I got the job LITERALLY TWO WEEKS before Easter and my first week of actually working involves me working Easter so it's been super busy. But I dunno. I just don't know

i’ve sorta been m.i.a for a while, where my fics are concerned, but my laptop went in for repairs (again!) nearly 2 weeks ago. i’m actually due to get it back tomorrow, though, and i have a few things planned for arbour day, but if you have any specific tree related prompts (is that a thing?) that you want me to write, feel free to prompt me.

spoiler: loving can hurt may be updated on arbor day.

I had work from 9-1 today and when I got home I started workin on my botwoot drawing

2:45 work texted me asking if my 2-6 shift tomorrow could be changed to a 9:30-6

At 3:20 work called me and asked if I could come back in to close tonight, 4-9

I said yes to both cuz I need to start saving for a place of my own but :’) I had 8 hours for this week on Sunday, and now I have 25 ½ hours…………

They really need to keep a consistent schedule Jesus Christ I’m dying here

okay, so our internet hasn’t been working properly for like 1-2 weeks now and *deep sigh* let me just….

it’s not completely unusable, but it just dies every few minutes. it’s unstable. it’s annoying as hell. but I can still kind of do stuff on the majority of the sites I spend most of my online endeavors on, so I can go to youtube, google, twitter and reddit and it’s… bearable. netflix and tumblr, aka the two sites I spend the most time on, however… they just kill the internet. when I try to watch something on netflix it works for like a minute (if that) then the quality goes bad, then you get the loading/buffering thing, and finally, the ‘internet connectivity problem’ error. and then there’s tumblr. oh boy, tumblr… 10 seconds max and BOOM, dead. nothing works anymore, the whole dash is just empty because the pictures won’t load. and after this happens a few times, there’s just no point in even trying anymore and you just spare yourself the disappointment and subsequent aggravation.

it started a bit longer ago actually when the internet company did some software or firmware update and a lot of other people had problems with that too so they set it back to the old version so then it worked fine again, however, now we got a new router that doesn’t work with that older version. anyway, that seems like it should be the problem, right? there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do about it, they can’t figure out what’s wrong or how to fix it apparently. so last week they sent a guy who measured something with the phone lines which was all fine so they decided to send someone from ‘second level’ (wow much advance) and that’s happening later today (I’m 85% sure they won’t find anything either)

but here’s the thing. last night, I had an idea - an epiphany, if you will. I knew who the culprit was. because this wasn’t an unfamiliar problem to me. no, it had happened before. in our old home, after we had changed internet providers. you see, back then they had told us we need a ‘repeater’ - a device you plug in, which strengthens, or as its name suggests, repeats the signal. and after months of pent up anger, months of being unable to fully stay in touch with the things I loved so dearly, I found out that this gadget, which had been sitting right there outside of my room, this accessory, which was supposed to stand by my side in the fight against disconnection, had betrayed me. I knew what I had to do. with a firm grip, I pulled it from the socket, draining it from its source of life. the problem had disappeared. evil had been defeated. all was good. then, approximately one year ago when we relocated, my mother had introduced a new, somewhat similar device - the repeater’s older brother, if you will - the powerline adapter.  there were three of them. reminiscent of the pain and the anguish its predecessor had caused me, I did not want to associate with this new appliance. but I had no choice. and much to my surprise, it proved itself to be a worthy accomplice. until now. at dusk, I went on a mission to test my theory. my mother had been skeptical when I told her about my plan, but I knew I had to follow my heart. with determined steps, I marched from the comfort of my bed and headed into battle. I defeated them, all three of them, just like I had their brother. afterwards I dove into the depths of tumblr and opened the flix of net. the quality? clear as a blue sky on a summer’s day. no interruptions. everything was the way it was supposed to be. I was right.

so anyway, since my mom still isn’t convinced that there’s a problem with those dumbass things, I unplugged all of them and now I’m sitting in the dining room with fully functional internet, proving my point. and then tomorrow when she has to work from home she can see for herself that I’m right. the problem is, the router is in the basement (and apparently that’s the only place it can be, idk I don’t understand how shit works) and the signal isn’t strong enough for me to connect to it from my room, so I kind of need the powerline adapter up there… I don’t think the internet company is gonna be able to do much with this information and I’m not getting my hopes up. I feel like for the last two years or so, ever since we switched providers really, we’ve constantly had internet problems, but apparently they’re the only option we have up here. the universe just doesn’t want me to have good internet, I guess. welp.

I’ve been trying to stay up to date with twitter, but twitter is :/ so let me just get a few things out real quick


ok I’m done now. if anyone read all of that, hi what’s up, hope you have a nice day and good wifi, here, have a virtual cookie.

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My new boss has assured me I'd get more hours in march. When we picked up. It's almost May and I work 10 hrs a week. All I'm asking for is 20hrs. I went from working 40 plus on average(before the transfer, different state so different location)I'd like what I do. Its easy. But I can get paid more and get more hours at another place. They treat me like I dont know anything even though I've been with company almost 2 years. At least if your gonna make me get 10hrs, let me have the weekends off

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Oko I just spammed you like wow x3 really random message for yah: your art is great, amazingg and fluffy af like everyone said looks squishy I wanna hug it uwu, hope you having a nice weekend!! Keep doing what you love!! You cool artist and wonderful person❤️

Thank you!! I finished all my uni work ahead of time so now I can chill and draw again yay! Thank you for this message you beautiful being!

in the next like 2 weeks I’m finishing up some things and like saying goodbye to people and things at my current school and it’s so weird ?? I don’t have to keep saying “yeah I’ll do that lol” for these people anymore and volunteering for all kinds of stuff,,, like my work here is done it’s time to move on and learn new things and meet new people and yikes!!!! it’s weird!

How last week's conversation may have gone. I've been chuckling at this for days.

Jack: “Detention 2’s in your Dropbox.”

Robin: “Cool. Didn’t do anything dumb like twitch again did you? Tumblr lost its collective shit yesterday.”

Jack: “Ummmm… no…”

Robin: “…What did you do?”

Jack: “Ima need you work overtime…”

Settling a bet with myself.

I’ve been working for maybe about 6 months now on the Property Of Hate fandub. I’ve wanted to have at least 5 episodes ready to go before I start uploading. 2 weeks ago, I released the 1st episode.

 Now, I’ve always expected it to not have a great turnout in terms of views since it’s not exactly a very popular comic as far as I’ve seen but that wasn’t really an issue back when I was just working on it. But now, somehow, something changed in my head. Seeing how bad it did compared to the usual thing I do, which are Overwatch dubs, I’ve lost quite a bit of motivation to keep working on it. 

So here’s what I’ve been fighting with myself over:

A part of me wants to keep it going as a passion project since doing exclusively Overwatch dubs are still just a coin flip whether it does well or not. It’s never been consistent anyway. Or…

Just go back to doing exclusively Overwatch dubs. Even if each video IS a coin flip. The weakest ones I’ve done still did WAY better than the other stuff I’ve done. I wanna expand more into other fandoms but maybe I should just stick to what’s been working.