i've been working on it over a long time okay

alright guys my queue is now empty, content on here from now on is gonna be the following!!

  • stuff i make (themes, fics, graphics, headcanons/meta, photography)
  • resources (coding, writing help, wallpapers, icons, etc.)
  • d.gray-man (graphics, fanart, fics, general content)

it’s gonna be quieter here for the most part (especially since dgm hasn’t updated properly.. in nearly a year.. i cry..) but in particular the next few days while i make a new theme for my blog + clean things up a bit.

if you’re sad the multifandom personal mess on here is gone, you’re more than welcome to ask for my new personal blog (which is where all of that nonsense can now be found) !! i’m gonna be reasonably selective about who follows me over there for the moment, but may be less strict about it in the future depending on how i feel.

i hope you can continue supporting me here, and thank you for being understanding while i try and figure out what the heck i’m doing with myself