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I've been struggling with my anxiety a lot more than usual lately could you maybe write a quick anxiety headcanon for Yuuri please i think it might make me feel a little better

I’m basing these off of my own anxiety disorder+my experience with medicine.)) This ended up really long because I have a lot of feelings (ha) about mental health. I hope they help <3

  • Yuuri had his first panic attack in school on a way too hot day. It was one of those days were everything was too slow, too hazy, and he just couldn’t concentrate. He was on the verge of falling asleep when his teacher slammed a book on the desk to wake up the class. The mix of haziness and sudden alertness pushed him to the brink of…something. He couldn’t breath, the room was spinning, the words were dropping off the page of his book, and the kid next to him was sent to get the nurse. 
    • The nurse said: “You had a panic attack. It’s normal and everyone has one eventually. Don’t worry.” 
    • Don’t worry, huh? 

  • Yuuri’s second panic attack came when the Onsen hit a snag in finances. His parents always kept the talk of money away from him and Mari. Yuuri was up later than usual doing his homework in the family’s backroom when he heard his parents talking. 
    • They talk about how Yuuri’s coach is asking for more, and working it into the budget. It won’t be too much, but all that Yuuri hears is how he was draining them dry. How his “hobby” as the other kids called it was ruining them. All so he can place mid pack at a local competition. It wasn’t worth it. 
    • Yuuri dropped the pencil to cover the gasp his mouth made. He was shaking so hard the table jerked and the loud whine of wood on flooring made his parents stop. The moment his father saw him he was being scooped up into arms, his mother’s hands pushing back his bangs. 
    • “Shush baby, oh don’t worry. It’s ok. It’s ok. We’ll handle it you have nothing to worry about.” 
    • His parents smelled like the oils of the baths, and it helped take the edge out of the panic. They let him stay home from school the next day, and the moment Yuuri could he started working at the rink along with skating. Even if it was a little spare cash, he could never fight the guilt 
  • “Anxiety disorder” was something Yuuri never heard until he was in a cramped doctor’s office. The same one he went too since he could barely reach the table. The doctor explained it to him, how his body was in a constant fight or flight, how he HAD options besides just “dealing with it.” Yuuri thought of skating and how it would affect it. 
    • The first set made him gain weight and lose energy. His sister was the one who made him stop taking it after he spent nearly a week in his room, phone off, and coach on the verge of quitting. 
    • The next pills still made him tired but he could push through it…but spinning made him too nauseous to finish practice. 
    • The last ones were a perfect match. They went with a smaller dose for everyday, and an as needed for worse days. It wasn’t perfect, but he was better. 
  • In Detroit he met Phichit who he found out had days he couldn’t leave his dorm too. Where depression pills could only do so much, and when ADHD made the days slink by too fast and slow at the same time. How they started taking their pills together, and pushed each other through the worst of it. 
    • Phichit was there when Yuuri got his heart broken for the first time. When he was too shaky to ride home on the bus from the library so he let him sob into his shoulders between dusty book shelves. 
    • Yuuri was there when the world was a little too rough and Phichit admitted his fears of never being the hero his country wants. Of never being the skater he in their dreams.  How useless it all felt.
  • Victor gets a crash course on anxiety. Like…CRASH COURSE
    • When he wakes up next to Yuuri shaking, clenching his jaw, and shifting in his sleep he immediately wakes him up which makes him go from panic asleep to panic attack. He learns that it’s a slow process of drawing Yuuri to real life vs jumping him. 
    • During an attack don’t touch him, afterwards let him cling. 
    • He loves the smell of the bath oils the Katsukis send them from home so Victor makes a bath once he’s ok to be left alone.
    •  Let’s Yuuri soak while he sits on the toilet holding his hand. 
    • Brushing his fingers through his hair. Murmuring how much he loves him, and pushing through the self berate his mind is already doing. 
    • Victor keeps a bottle of his pills on his person and learns the signs. Knows not to hover, and not to act like Yuuri is a child. Let him come to him afterwards, and if anything just check in.

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wowwww those fluffy prompts are so good for patater like... “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes" but with Tater trying to wear Kent's clothes or “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon" and it is Tater saying it to Kent aawwwww Also who doesnt love their relationship for this dynamic: "You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”

AU where Kent is Professor Parson the hot accounting professor with a chili pepper on fire rating on RateMyProfessor. His students adore him and are intimidated by him at the same time, and half the class is practically in love with him (there may or may not have been several incidents where a student undid one button on her blouse before going up and talking to him). The students know that Professor Parson is helpful during office hours (even though he’ll definitely chirp you a little if it’s obvious you didn’t listen in lecture), quick-witted, interesting, handsome, always dresses nicely for lectures (literally no one misses the sight of his ass in those dark-wash jeans), has a cat named after himself, used to play hockey before pursuing his accounting degree and probably still does as a hobby now (he’s even played with hockey legend Jack Zimmermann before!!), and loves the Las Vegas Aces and begrudgingly tolerates the Providence Falconers. They also know that he is most likely very, very married. 

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Dissolve Me - c.h.

summary: Calum’s not getting over you as easily as he thought you would. The nights are the hardest for both of you, and you’re both stuck in a nighttime routine of reliving your breakup.

word count: 2,044

a/n: I’ve been slowly adding to this in my drafts since I started this blog. It’s based off the song Dissolve Me by alt-J.

Now dissolve me
Two tabs on your tongue

It keeps him up at night. The memories flicking behind his eyes like a projector every time he closes them. Hazy summer days, a mess of limbs and sheets. Rough hands on soft skin. The flutter of eyelashes against his neck and the sound of your sighs. Your eyes full of tears and the hurt in your strained voice. Calum presses his hands to eyes eyes for a moment before grabbing the bottle of sleeping pills that had recently become a necessary part of his nighttime routine. He tells himself he won’t need them every night. But even when he’s dead tired and all he can think about is collapsing in bed, when the time comes to fall asleep, you’re all he sees. He shakes out two tablets, placing them under his tongue before lying down. He contemplates a water stain on the ceiling as he waits for the medicine to seep into his bloodstream and bring him much needed sleep. Unconsciousness would be a better way to describe it as he rarely woke up feeling rested. It’s been four weeks, he should be over this already, over you. But he isn’t. Nowhere close. He doesn’t know why ending things has taken such a toll on him. This was the exact reason he chose to do it, to avoid getting hurt or hurting you. He started feeling too much, and that scared the hell out of him. Calum didn’t get invested; he had no interest in being tied down. He had tried the long-term relationship thing a few times before, and it wasn’t his thing. It made him feIt trapped, suffocated. But that’s exactly what you had wanted. Stabilty. Something constant and conventional. Something he couldn’t give to you. So he left. It made perfect sense at the time. So why was he so miserable now?

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Hello my darling ! I nearly missed your giveaway, I've just learned about it now, so I though I would give it a try ♥ And actually, I'd love to see a exR wedding ? Because I've never read one, only proposals but never THE THING. With stress ! and fluff ! and whatever you want. Good luck with everything, you're great :> (i literally check your fic tag everyday)

e/R | wedding day

“I don’t care,” says Enjolras, and regrets it the moment the words fall out of his mouth.

Grantaire, hand outstretched with a book of colour schemes for the reception, only hesitates for a moment. “Alright. I’ll pick something we’ll both like then,” he says, and his voice doesn’t even quaver. Fuck. Enjolras has really fucked up if Grantaire’s had so much practice that Enjolras can’t tell if he’s lying or not anymore.

“Grantaire,” says Enjolras, hoping, willing Grantaire to understand him. “It’s not – I do care, I just –” He scrubs at his face with one hand.

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This is all human cause there are children involved.

When Rebekah had come to him at sixteen, pregnant and kicked out of the family home, Klaus had known there wasn’t much else for him to do but step up and become the brother that she needed. He had made it clear though that he expected her to finish school, to be an active parent and to make sure that her priorities were straight once she had told him she wanted to keep the baby. It wasn’t just to prove to their parents that they could make it just fine out in the world without them but the giant fuck you that the two of them being successful in business and family life was something neither of the siblings could pass up.

Rebekah had graduated high school and was currently in her second year of community college. Usually she was the one who participated in Luke’s preschool functions but it was finals week and there was no way she could make it to the annual field day that the school was having. Thankfully all Klaus had to do was ensure Luke had the required towel and was sufficiently dressed and sunscreened when he dropped him off in the morning and then pick him back up three hours later when the event was over. THAT he could do. He had no plans to stay and be a volunteer, Rebekah had done enough of that over the school year that they weren’t going to be expecting him to.

Which was why he showed up in his business attire with Luke in tow at the front of the school with the other ninety or so parents and children waiting to be signed in for the day. It was double the usual amount of children being there at the time but Klaus was impressed with the way that the teachers and aides seemed to be checking to make sure kids had everything they needed, got the kids signed in, put the volunteers to work and had the kids parcelled into groups for the day. It went far smoother than anything he remembered from his school days or even business functions he’d attended.

“Ms. Caroline!” Luke called out, waving frantically at someone and Klaus turned his attention toward where his nephew was looking. 

Thank god he was wearing sunglasses because there was no way he could stop himself from looking the young woman over who was currently bent down, adding some more water bottles into a cooler. It had to be illegal to wear those shorts with those legs because Klaus couldn’t seem to stop staring at them until she turned around at the mention of her name and he noted the fact that she was wearing one of the school’s t-shirts designating her as either one of the teachers or assistants. Was it his fault that she seemed to fill that out really well too?

“Hi Luke,” Caroline greeted with a bright smile and then a hug as the little boy practically crashed into her arms. “You must be the infamous uncle that we’re always hearing about.”

“Klaus Mikaelson.” He offered his hand, wanting nothing more than to be able to touch her, to feel her skin and considering the situation they were currently in a handshake was going to have to do. For the moment anyway.

“Caroline Forbes. Luke’s teacher.” Klaus didn’t think he had ever seen someone smile quite like she did before though the one she had offered him was nothing like the one she had directed toward his nephew. The genuineness wasn’t quite there that time, it was more polite than anything, and he felt himself wanting to earn one of the other ones. “I hope Rebekah isn’t stressing too much. I remember finals week but she’s been working hard all year. She’s got this.”

“It’s her last one today but I am sure she’ll be delighted to hear that you’ve said that.” Klaus followed her over to the clipboard sign in, Luke skipping at his side.

“She’ll do great. You just need to sign him in here,” Caroline handed him the board and took Luke’s towel from him. “And you guys have already written his name on it so you’re ahead of the game. And I see you’ve brought a Baymax one.”

“Oooh! Oooh! Watch what we can do, Ms. Caroline!” Luke pulled on Klaus’ shirt and the two proceeded to do the handshake from the movie, earning another of those coveted smiles from her.

“You can go join Max’s group for today, Luke,” Caroline told the little boy who happily took off toward his best friend, leaving the two adults to finish up. “Pick up is at 11 and I’ll have him and a few of the others at the gate ready to go.”

“I’ll be volunteering, love,” Klaus told her, trying not to show his shock when he realized what he’d just said.

“Are you sure?” Caroline looked him over, no doubt noting the suit he was wearing that really wasn’t field day attire.

“There’s absolutely nothing else that I’d like to do today,” Klaus told her, even more surprised at how much he meant it.

Caroline handed him another clipboard and had him sign up on it as well before the gate was finally closed. “I’ll show you to your station then.”

“How long have you been teaching?” Klaus asked, as they headed toward the field that was already set up for the day, the children sitting in rows and eager to start the day.

“It’s my first year,” Caroline told him before stopping at the slip’n’slide. “So this will be yours to monitor. Do I have to explain how it works to you?”

“I remember this from my childhood, sweetheart, but thank you.” Klaus removed his jacket and hung it up on the fence behind him, noting that she had been watching him rather intently do that before looking away.

“There’s water in the white ice chest and popsicles in the green one. The kids will be going to those as stations but feel free to get one whenever you need one. We’re doing seven minute rotations and you won’t have kids for two of them,” Caroline told him. “Just wave one of us down if you need help but me and the other teachers plus the assistants will be moving around to oversee everything.”

Klaus nodded and watched her walk away, still grateful for the sunglasses he was wearing.

The first group of kids arrived at his station and stared at the slip’n’slide before looking at him. “What do we gotta do?” one of the boys asked and Klaus tried to explain it but they simply stared at him, not really understanding.

He didn’t think his instructions were all that difficult but he could see Caroline watching and figured that this was definitely a way to make a decent impression on her. Even if his dignity might be taking a nose dive.

“Like this,” Klaus told them and proceeded to run and then slide across the grass on the wet slip’n’slide, completely wetting his suit. He stood up at the end, the children were laughing and lining up to do the same, but it was Caroline’s reaction that he was focused on the most.

She was smiling, one of those genuine, beautiful ones that had been directed at Luke and Klaus felt his heart squeeze tightly at that, wanting more of them.

Three hours later and Klaus was thoroughly exhausted. His suit was definitely ruined from how often he’d needed to show the damn station but when Caroline slid her number over to him on a scrap of paper when he signed Luke out it was definitely worth it.