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Totty fixing Ichi’s tie and flattening his hair whenever they go out to formal parties.

Totty and Jyushi helping Ichi name his cats.

Totty finding funny cat videos on his phone and showing Ichi.

Ichi having conversations with Totty about his friends and hangouts because he’s the only one who doesn’t jump down Totty’s throat begging to be introduced to them.

Totty trying to help Ichi think more positively and have a softer approach so he can make friends on his own.

Totty asking Ichi for his opinion on various things because he appreciates his brutal honesty when he needs to hear it.

Totty being annoyed when he finds cat hair all over his clothes but always remembering to be gentle when picking the cats up or moving them off of his things.

Ichi teasing Totty because it’s easy and Totty teasing him back because he knows how to annoy him.

Totty rescuing Ichi whenever Jyushi ties him to his bat.

Totty latching onto Jyushi for comfort whenever Ichi tells him a spooky story.

Ichi acting grim and solemn on purpose just to mess with Totty.

Ichi actually smiling when Totty takes selfies with him. Totty asks permission to upload the pics and shows him how many likes the pictures get. Ichi secretly feels good about it.

Ichi teaching Totty how to pitch properly so he can play baseball whenever Jyushi asks.

Totty and Ichi sniggering behind Karamatsu’s back.

Totty convincing Ichi not to go through with certain horrible pranks on Karamatsu.

Totty deciding to allow it when Karamatsu walks in wearing rhinestone cowboy boots.

Ichi and Totty replacing the ero pages in Oso’s magazines with clippings from Karamatsu’s photobook. Both of them consider seeking counselling when Oso laughs at it.

Ichi and Totty laughing wholeheartedly at good jokes.

Totty or Ichi making faces behind Choro’s back when he’s busy lecturing everyone.

Totty and Ichi being the quickest of the six to make up after a fight.

A Writer’s PSA

Firstly: I just saw an interesting post made by @caplanbuckybarnes (who I can’t tag, but that’s okay), that inspired both anger and relief in me at once. I was compelled to type out this PSA.

Secondly: I am tagging everyone who has asked to be tagged in The Irrelevance of Napoli SO YOU CAN SEE HOW GODDAMN AWESOME THEY ARE BEFORE I START THIS. 

@thecrownedrose @persephone-is-here-omg @find-me-here2 @captainamerotica @redgillan @angryschnauzer @ursulaismymiddlename @rebelslicious @kittykitty-mewmeww @erisjade @siren-kitten-his @buckyappreciationsociety @kozmicrock @aingealcethlenn @rachelle-on-the-run @thewinterswimmer @vaisabu @inside-lizzys-head @angryschnauzer @melconnor2007 

Thirdly: I am doing this more for the sake of my upcoming fic, Cherchez la Femme, which I have been working on for MONTHS–probably since Septemberish–than I am for Napoli. Also doing this for the sake of other authors who may feel this way, but don’t want to say anything for fear of making people mad. I personally am tired of dealing with my own anxiety about this subject, so I’m getting this off my chest. 


 I am exceedingly frustrated by the majority of attitudes (or non attitudes) I see towards anything that is not a one-shot on here. ESPECIALLY if it’s smut.

I like smut. I love smut. I’ve read some really good smut on here. But… that’s not all I’ve read on here. When I first got on Tumblr, I found some really unique and interesting fics, and I got very invested in them. But lately, the majority of what I’ve been seeing on this site is the same damn thing, over and over and over again. Smut one shots, no plot, no character development, no nothing. Those fics I was invested in were discontinued (temporarily, I hope) in favor of smut one shots, which, like I said, I don’t mind, but ya know… I also do.

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. 

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. And many of them do write more than smut one shots. But I have seen two (2) of the multi-part fics I follow being seriously reblogged. That’s out of A LOT that I happen to read and like. One of my favorites got put on hiatus because there were no reads on the most recent chapter at the time.

Tumblr, seriously, what is going on? Like, I recognize that we all want to imagine ourselves having sex with some version of Sebastian Stan (ME TOO, I AM NOT EXCLUDING MYSELF FROM THAT GROUP) but some of these people have worked ages, ages on these fics. With well-developed characters and plot and settings and serious issues that are worked through. THESE PEOPLE I READ SHOULD WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT AND GET PUBLISHED. In my world, they would. Because they are that good.

And yet, they get almost no recognition. And it frustrates me, and scares me, and makes me really, really sad. Some might say, “Tumblr is more (something else) than fanfic for me”–which is fine. Please engage in whatever joy may have brought you to Tumblr. But also remember that for others, it IS about fanfic, and they enjoy doing that just as much as you enjoy doing whatever you do. So hit the like button every once in a while. Read more fics of your favorite characters. Some might say, “I have –something that gives me a shorter attention span–, I can’t remember what happened before this chapter/can’t concentrate enough to get through a whole fic in the time I have”–in which case, you are fine, don’t worry about it, not a big deal. Some of you may say, “Works in progress are annoying, I hate waiting for new parts to come out”–and trust me, I’m right there with you. I’m waiting on a few new parts for fics myself (I’m also waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s next Outlander book, goddammit), but that doesn’t stop me from reading and commenting on the parts that are there! Tell the author that you have something to look forward to until the next part comes out! Also, TELL THE AUTHOR IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THEM TO COMPLETE IT, or ask to be tagged in the final masterlist! We won’t mind if you do it that way! Some of you may just hate longer fics and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. In which case, whatever floats your boat.

I’m not getting on anyone in the above paragraph to suddenly change your preferences and start reading fics with more than two parts. What I am saying, though, is if you consume, but don’t comment AND reblog (or at least tag and reblog), or if you don’t consume at all and blatantly ignore what authors are putting out there… come on, guys. We put our heart and souls into this stuff. Some of the stuff we write is taken from real life. Some people don’t have anything but their writing to help them get through what may be a really bad stage. Likes, comments, reblogs–writers need these. We don’t all have to be JK Rowling here, but we do hope to see that someone smiles or laughs, or cries, or feels in some way with our fics. 

One of my friends on here was very sad a couple of days ago because she was getting very few notes on even her one-shots, or reblogs with no comments. She has 700+ followers and a taglist that’s a mile long. It made me sad for her, and I can’t even hug her because she lives far away from me. Readers, you don’t have to comment or reblog every chapter of a fic that’s been written, it’s really okay if you don’t, but let the reader know that you like it and acknowledge the work that’s been done. 

I’m still relatively tiny on here, and I definitely need to follow more blogs, so I will now go looking. But, indulge me for a second: If, when I publish Cherchez, I deem it as not getting enough notes, I will make a goddamn video of myself deleting the thing off my computer and burning the damn notebooks. I started by writing this stuff for me. Napoli ended up being about someone I know who recently died. Cherchez was what I wrote when I was coming out of a breakdown. So yes, I write for myself. But as soon as I put it up here, it becomes yours. You consume it, you feel because of it. So really, guys, read all the smut you want. I know I’m going to. But read more than smut, too.


Someone who is a teeny bit oversmutted

(If you want to, you can check my tags for more info)

anonymous asked:

Hi geniewithwifi! I'm relatively new to the Arrow fandom and only started out reading fanfiction recently, and my friend recommended your stories to me. I've been thoroughly enjoying all of your fanfics, and just wanted to say you are an amazing writer! I'm now looking for more fanfiction to read, but wanted to ask, if you had to pick ten Arrow fanfiction writers you'd recommend to me to read their work, what would the list be? Thank you for all the wonderfulness you write, and in advance!

Anon, you are either trying to kill me or get me sent a lot of hate mail, I’m not sure which. TEN? Only TEN!? That’s practically impossible. I’m just going to make a list and that’s the number that it will be.

First off it depends on what you like. Authors have their niche that they like to enjoy writing. I tend to be on the AU side, but I write canon as well. And then sometimes, an author will write only two stories and they’re both really good, but I forget about them because they no longer write Olicity Fanfiction.

And If I make a list, I’m gonna miss them, and they will see this because Murphy’s law, and then they’ll wonder “why didn’t Genie mention me?” see how dangerous this is? But I’ll humor you, but please know that this list isn’t exhaustive, there are amazing writers out there that I’ve forgotten or haven’t read; or that others enjoy and I don’t. This is very subjective and I”m honored that you asked me. 

These authors are in no particular order (re alphabetical) and on here because I’ve read almost every single one of their fics. 


This is a must read series. It’s not your typical Olicity fic, but it’s Next Gen, and Jon is a little shit and I absolutely adore Abby. You’ll look at it and say… but Oliver’s not the Arrow? What is this? AND THEN YOU’LL BE SCREAMING FOR MORE BY THE END OF IT.

Start Here: Legacy Series


Lexi writes a lot of AU fics; and I’m not talking coffeeshop AU. I’m talking full blown she created a new species MULTIPLE times and makes it work. Find her HERE


anth has been here forever. She tends to write a lot of Canon and Alternative Canon, so check her out. Her tropes series is a good one, as well as the devil’s backbone. Find here HERE


I love her AU’s. THere’s the spy one oh i love that one.  They’re mostly one shots but I love them all. Find her HERE


BRE WRITE EVERYTHING. Okay. You want smut? BRE. You want Bratva? BRE. You want ghosts? BRE. You want canon? BRE. 

Find her here


bri writes typical AU’s (not extreme like Lexi) and I love her Across the Highs, the lows, and the inbetweens. Find her HERE


Sammy writes EVERYTHING. She’s also considered among the Queens of Evil. (She will kill people. Watch out for that). Her Icing on the Cake right now IS SO ADORABLE. FIND HER HERE


I BOW DOWN TO MACHA. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE MACHA. REad it all. Read everything. DOn’t stop. Read Velocity. Read E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Find her HERE


Dettiot is a really great author, i’ve really enjoyed all her multichapters. Find her HERE


Janis has figureheaded FICoN. You don’t know what that is? you’ll soon find out. Ask ANYONE. Find her here


Masque writes along the same lines as Lexi, with super extreme AU’s with badass Felicity most of the time. Her tamest one is Technical Assistance, which is a season 1 rewrite with Felicity falling in love with the Hood. READ THEM ALL. 


Hope’s specialty is Fix-it fics. Didn’t like how an episode turned out? She’ll fix it for you!  They’re really short and sweet. The first Olicity fanfic I ever read was a hope’s and it was her “Not Just a Close Shave.” Find her HERE


Okay. Tina is smutty I’ll tell you that. I haven’t read Oliver on Vacation, but Felicity’s Sweet Revenge is really smutty. The one I am enjoying, however, the one that I drop everything to read when she posts is A SOUL LOST AT SEA. O.M.G. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ONE IT’S FANTASTIC AND SWOONWORTHY AND GUh. READ IT. 


I’ve read all of Rosie’s. She writes smut as well as some canon and AU. Her writing is exceptional and it’s worth a recommendation. She writes Felicity so damn well. AND SHE NEEDS TO UPDATE THE NEW NORMAL BEFORE I GO CRAZY Find her HERE 


Fina! My gosh Fina tries to kill you with her masterpieces that aren’t done, but what is there is like a Mona Lisa. They’re excellent. However, if unfinish fics turn you off, I’ll be careful what you start. Because every single fic you want her to finish, it’s that good. HERE


she’s thelittlegreennotebook on AO3, and she’s underappreciated by the fandom. I personally love her oneshots. She has a Felicity Darhk one, and my personal fav–   The One You Can’t Repair. FInd her HERE


Nic is my beta and my BFF so JUST READ HER. Once More is great and finished, her steampunk AU is GETTING SO GOOD. Find her here


Her two that I can pull off the top of my head is Into You like a Train, and The Way it was Supposed to Be: HERE


Carla IS AMAZING. She has really awesome multichapers, including a Pride and Predjudice fic. Her millitary one will make you cry tears. FIND HERE 


MORGAN HAS SOME OF THE BEST FICS. I’ve read every single one of them. Find her HERE


He deserves a shot at being happy is the best season 2 rewrite. The end. 

Find her HERE


INDECENT PROPOSAL. Guys, this is as close to canon characterization as I’ve been able to find in Fanfiction. She has Oliver and Felicity’s relationship down to a T. There’s a section in there, (chapter 3 i think) that is the EPITOME of OLICITY. Find her HERE


READ ALL OF MATTY’S. The Phoenix, the Albatross, the Firebird. (I personally do not rec The Predator because I have not read it, and refuse to read it until Matty finishes her other fic, or until predator is complete. That’s just my weird quirk, so go ahead and be obsessed with it like everyone else)  READ HER HERE


HER ALSAHHIM ONE IS KILLING ME. She has another one which I follow with Felicity an ARGUS agent and Oliver who’s been missing for five years . READ HERE


Masquerade and the Mermaid’s Kiss are the best mentioned, as well as Two Men, Same Name written with dettiot HERE IS MORE OF HER


I love her xmen and City of Fallen Heroes. Find more of her HERE


HER WWII OLIVER AND MATH FELICITY ARE ADORABLE AND I NEED MORE OF THEM. Her swooner series is also amazing. I don’t know her on tumblr but go give her my love if you do! 

THIS IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST. Because I read more than just all these authors. These are the ones I’ve read almost everything by and came to my head quickly. I love all fanfiction authors, and you know if I’m reading your fics or not because I do comment on them. 

Peace out and keep writing!!

I’m sorry I’ve not posted much art recently - I’ve been very busy behind the scenes with zine work and commissions, with not a lot of time for anything else ;;

Please bear with me while I work through my commitments! <3

floatingheadcomics  asked:

Any tips on colouring faces? Like you, I've been drawing for years now but only recently have I started going into the technicalities of it. I'm self taught and hope to get as good as you :) thank you for inspiring me and others just like myself. Love your art (duhh) <3

Oh gosh, coloring is my weakest point honestly. And I’m especially bad with faces D:

Errr, the most I can suggest is studying the anatomy and planes of the face. Knowing how the face works really helps you properly place shadows and highlights and brings a lot of depth to your art, especially with soft shading.

Here’s some crappy example sheet thingys I made eons ago so you can kind of see what I’m talking about:

[ Yellow: lights / Red: shadows / Blue: lol idk why I made it blue but it’s just more shadows ]

In terms of cel/hard shading, I suggest keeping it simple. Overall it depends on your art style and preferences, but personally speaking my art looks like crap when I go overboard with hard shading. Someone like Danica Sills is quite excellent at it though; I def recommend watching some of her videos for reference.

Also this might be obvious but it’s really important to know where you want your light source to be when it comes to coloring/shading. Is the light hitting your character from the top left?? Straight on??? From behind??? This drastically changes how you shade and also affects the mood of your art.

As for colors themselves, don’t just shade with a black/grey or darker color of the skin. Try nudging the color to a more warm or cool tone. Example:

As you can see the face has more life to it with a pinkish shade vs. just a darker orange. Also its very subtle but even the highlight is moved to yellow instead of beige. Basically I pick my base color and then go slightly up the color-wheel for hightlights and down the wheel for shadows.

Besides this I don’t really know what else to say??? I’m sorry, this is all terribly unhelpful :/

I HIGHLY recommend watching tutorials/speedpaints on YouTube, that’s where I’ve learned how to do most of this stuff. I can’t remember any videos I’ve watched on coloring skin, but somebody like Sycra probably has one (his video’s in general have helped me improve A LOT).

Thank you for your kind words! :’D And good luck on your art journey! Being self taught is really difficult, but there’s plenty of resources for us online to learn from so there’s nothing holding you back. I hope you have fun and find success in all your endeavors <3<3

Idk when it happened, but I reached 500 followers! I never expected to even have 10 followers lol, so although I know it’s not huge, it’s very exciting for me! I’m much too lazy to make a banner and i’m too disorganized to a do a proper follow forever, so here are just some blogs that I love dearly <3 


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anyways, thanks for sticking around with me! i’ve been through a lot of fandoms and i really only started making content recently, so it’s nice ot know some hard work has paid off! 

love y’all <3 


anonymous asked:

Hi so. I'm sure you get this all the time but uh what's the fastest way to get rid of pimples? I've been slathering them in aloe gel

theres so way you can get rid of pimples in a day, its a step by step process that takes months. I would first start working on your diet, try to eat as vegan as possible, as little fried food as possible and avoid diary and sugar. Also drink 2L water a day, and what ive recently been doing is incorporating a Litre of fresh squeezed juice into my diet and it helped my skin a lot. And sleep enough, or as much as you can, you need it. Stress also causes breakouts so be careful with that, you can try meditation to help lower your stress level. Then onto skincare, first eliminate everything in your routine that has irritating ingredients (i posted a list earlier in my #skincare tag) Im on benzoyl peroxide gel and its honestly helped me a lot. African black soap helped me too but its drying as fuck and can overexfoliate your skin if you use it too much, so be careful with that. Tea tree oil is a #staple, i put a drop on a wet cotton pad and tone my face with it. Green tea is also good for calming the skin and getting you rid of redness, i tone with that too, and drink it. When it comes to masks; clay masks are the best. Look for 100% pure clay masks; those in a powder with no other igredients than the clay. My favorite one is green clay, if your skin is more sensitive and dry i would reccomend red, pink or white clay. besides that dont exfoliate with physical exfoliators, use a chemical one instead like the 10% lactic acid from The Ordinary. If you got more money get some paulas choice skincare,it will save your life especially the BHA exfoliator.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm using medibang paint pro on the PC, and I've recently been working on a bundle of characters who have outfits with scales on them. Lots and lots of fish style scales. So I was hoping if you knew of any easier way than just drawing them individually on the character. Like, is there a way to copy and paste, but change the direction and bend them to fit more naturally on the curvature of the body? Thanks!

Hi Anonymous!

Edit: Faster tip at the bottom. We have the best community!

Have you seen this great video by Astrid saphire showing how to copy and change the shape of an eye? It’s a great reference! Check the person’s video out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLzASL80YSY


Disclaimer: Hope this will help on your quest! Let’s use a fish instead of a person since it’s unclear what your clothes per say will look like. 

Here’s our start. We’re going to use the SelectionPen Tool and color the outside of the scale. (Click Select Eraser tool to fix). Next, you’re going to CNTRL+C (Command+C for Mac users) and then paste with CNTRL+V (Command+V). This scale will appear on a different layer. 

Congrats! You’ve made another scale! Now the next thing to do is to move it. Select the Move Tool and put it where you like.

Then if you need to change the shape, click Select at the top of the window and then Transform. This will give you a box to change the shape and direction. (Hover over the lines on the box to get an arrow going in a semi circle). After you’re finished moving the scale then select Enter.

You may need to copy and paste a new scale with the steps above or use the pen/eraser in between to clean up your lines (just click outside the white to get rid of Selection) but at least they’ll be fairly uniform and won’t take long tooooooo long to do.

Recommendation: If you want to keep them on separate layers then go for it, but if you’d like the scales to be on one layer, then select Layer at the top of the page (while you’re on the layer above the one you’d like to merge to and then select Merge Down. This will merge the scale layer with the one underneath it.

Repeat until you’re done!

More info on layers: https://medibangpaint.com/en/use/2015/03/manuals2-2/

Hope this helps!

The MediBang Team

Edit: The scales will be uniform, but it may still take some time to do. If you find a faster way let the MediBang community know!

EDIT: Tip! enteirory says: They could also draw and paint a 5-6 scale clump, then copypaste them over and over and use the free transform and mesh transform tools to make them conform to the contour they want. Will definitely be a lot faster than doing them individually.

Good luck on your scales!

anonymous asked:

I've been working at a local restaurant for the past few months and recently a girl who's in my grade started working there (maybe two weeks ago). She's been getting way more hours than me. I worked TWO this week and she worked FOUR. Next week is busy because it's homecoming so I only work one day, understandable. She works two. I understand she doesn't have social anxiety like me, but I've been getting used to the place and can do a lot more. I don't want to bring it up either.

gabbees  asked:

You probably won't see or respond to this but you replied to an ask I sent before I changed my url about losing my will to live & it meant a lot to me. I've looked up to you for a while and your kind words really touched me. When I sent that I didn't think you'd ever get to see it! I'm still going through a rough time, but I'm still working on me!! So thank you so much again for your words of encouragement, you're such a sweetheart and I hope life has been kind to you recently! Much love xo 💕🎉

Thanks for saying hello… we all go through rough times… I’m going through one myself. We all need to do a little work on ourselves sometimes.

Good luck on the journey.

anonymous asked:

I'm a manager at my job & basically run the store I work at & I've had a lot of personal stuff happen recently. My mothers having major surgery, family member passing away suddenly, other family member having serious health issues & I must say I'm very happy with how wonderful the owners & my bosses have been helping me out with all of it & helping me get days off I need & it's just taken so much stress away from it all. I'm so happy I work for such awesome people.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've been a traditional artist for years, and only very recently attempted digital drawing with a tablet. I apologize if someone's already asked this, but what sort of brushes do you use to get that 'sketchy pencil' look? Your art is absolutely lovely, by the way! Thank you!

Thank you, it means a lot that you like my work! I use Shiyoon Kim’s brushes, which you can buy here

anonymous asked:

Recently I've been working out a lot. Ppl ask me what's been motivating me and I always say "oh I just wanna be healthy!" No. Really, y'all have just written about Clarke in love with Lexa's abs so much that now I'm just like "bitch I'm gonna get abs like Lexa and all the ladies"

Hsau out here changing lives

lillianaprucha  asked:

hey sorry to bother you again, I've noticed my style of photography has been changing a lot recently and it's really affecting the amount of people that view my work. Do you have any advice?

First of all: Congratulations! Congratulations that you realized a change in the style of your photography. Not because one style is better than another, but because there was a change. Change is vital. A change means progress. A change means that you developed and evolved. That your view is now different than it used to be. And that is always a great thing.
And that even not matter if YOU or any other person like this “new” way better than the old way.
Whenever we learn something new, the “old” way is not lost. It is still there. You can always get back to that. It is like buying a new tool. You still have the old ones in your toolbox and can always get back to them, but you also have something new to work with.
And you changed your style for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not something you did consciously. Maybe you were just bored with what you did so far and wanted to try something new. Maybe you - as I mentioned - started to see other things. And that is always good.
I can only speak for myself, of course, but looking at the reactions of an “audience” is a double edged sword. Do they react the way you expect them to react? Well, that is a great thing. Because you obviously reached your goal. If they don’t react the way we expect them to (or hope for that they will) this can be indeed a downer. Sometimes reactions might be overly positive, which is thrilling and a great push. Sometimes reactions can be negative, which can be disheartening.
In the end, it all comes down to one single little thing: Expectations. If the reactions meet or exceed our expectations: Awesome. If they don’t… not so cool. So you have to ask yourself that one question: What do I want? What is the goal of my blog/my photography?
Please an audience or doing what _I_ want to do - what pleases me?
Reactions on the web (and especially on Tumblr) are unpredictable. I’ve been posting my own photos here for now more than four years. And not one single photo got the reactions I expected. Some photos that I almost didn’t post went “through the roof”, others that I considered to be “really good” and that I was really proud of hardly caught any attention at all.
People follow blogs for a reason: Usually because they like what they see there. Some people follow because they expect a refollow (or because they expect any other benefits) and don’t really care for your work. Which kind of followers do you want?
Post what YOU love, what YOU have fun with creating. Those people who like exactly that, they will find you. And these are the ones that will stick with your blog and will support you.
If your style changed, then the type of followers will change. Inevitably. But that will take a bit. The most important thing about this all is consistency. Keep on doing what YOU love. Interact with people, be part of this amazing community of photogs on Tumblr. And the followership of your blog, the attention for and the interaction with your photos will not only stay consistent but also grow.

- Pete

(Edit: I thought this was sent to my personal blog :/ Damned combined inboxes. Please excuse, we usually don’t answer asks like these openly on PWS)

anonymous asked:

hey! recently, i've been seeing people portraying chuuya as a courtesan quite a lot and that makes me wonder, was chuuya really a courtesan in his early days with kouyou? because i searched up the meaning of 'courtesan' and it meant prostitute...

No, he’s not! It probably started because Kouyou was implied to be his caretaker/mentor and it’s commonly-accepted fanon that Kouyou works in Yokohama’s red light district because of the way she talks and her whole get-up made to resemble an oiran’s. Even so, there’s no canon evidence that she runs a brothel or is a courtesan, so it’s just one of the things that fandom as a collective headcanons.

anonymous asked:

Had a lady come up to the rill and ask what pins would be good for using on stretch fabrics. Since I've been working with stretch fabrics a lot recently I showed her the pins I use because they work really well. She then proceeded to complain about the price (like $6 something CAD) but still bought them? Like why complain and then still buy them?


Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted anything in a long time and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been in a lot of plays recently along with school and work, I hope to get back on track once this last play is over!
In the meantime, here are some full pictures of my Chrom cosplay and my friends who cosplayed Robin and Lucina! Feel free to ask any questions you may have about any of my cosplays or any tips in general! Thank you guys so much!!